Hey! This is dragongirl5k5 here, welcoming you to my new story! Yes, my first chapter story that will feature many chapters to come!

This is an AU, but also has some of the original characteristics of Saiyuki. Pairings, are undecided. I am a bit of a yaoi fan, but I don't think I really see any in this story. Unless a lot of people request it, but this isn't really a romance story. There will be couples and hinting but....eh I guess we'll see *wink*

Tell me what you think of it. Does the plot sound okay, is the writing okay. I apologize for any mistakes I missed. And basically, I just hope you enjoy the story. Reviews would be wonderful! No flames.

The title of this story is, Amarante. Which is a Japanese name which means, Flower that never fades.

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You... Yes, you. Are you listening? Because I'm here to give you a warning. Why?

Well, are you the kind who likes normal, average stories with a happy ending? If you are then first may I say, what a bore. And also that this story is not for you.

Also if you're the kind who enjoys a story about a man and woman deeply in love, then leave as well. This is not about a young woman or a charming prince. In fact....This is about a little golden-eyed monkey.

But, I'm getting too far ahead of myself, aren't I? Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. This is a tale of tragedy and angst. Of loss and sorrow. Of humor and friendship. And also pain and love.

So, now that you've heard that have you decided to stay? Those of you that have, great! It will be quite a show no doubt. I'm sure of that.

Now, before you get depressed, do not fear. This will be enjoyable as well as suspenseful. There will definitely be plenty of humor to please you.

But please, if you would, heed my warnings. For, this is no ordinary fairytale. Ah, but that's because it isn't a fairytale at all. This is a true story. Yes, seriously, I swear it to the Gods.

But, I guess that's a little redundant for the Merciful Goddess to say such a thing, isn't it? Ha! As I was saying...

Do not take this the wrong way, 'cause I'm not telling you to not read this. I'm merely warning all the light-hearted fantasy lovers. I actually hope you choose to, since it shall be very intriguing. This story will probably be a great way to rid yourself of the prolonging boredom....

To some boredom is an enemy, but that's only for those who never change. And things that never change are just so dull...

I remember saying that to someone once.....Ah, but once again I'm moving ahead of myself. That is all in the past. Even though pasts.... can have mighty affects on someones future. Of course, you have complete control over your own destiny. And yet...

...Somethings never fade.

But, now that I've told you this, and you've decided to stay.... Are you ready punks?

_Konzeon Bosatsu_

This takes place in a world very different from others. A world where demons aren't always the evil ones, and the Gods will judge anyone beneath them.

Yes, this is a world where demons and humans co-exist with each other. And they have for hundreds of years. Of course, things aren't always peaceful with such diversity.

But, even so, people go on with their normal lives. Civilization has thrived, creating cities, cars, towns, and schools. It's very rare to come across one of the old, small villages unless you're in a very rural area.

Science has greatly improved, and the use of magic has decreased. Those who have the power to use it feel no need to do so. And those without do not feel loss or envy at all.

Most children of today have forgotten the old ways. Only stories from their grandparents and old legends give them a sense of what is was like. In many ways the world has changed.

And in others, it hasn't. Religion is still held highly in the eyes of people, and is still practiced as it was. People got to temples monthly, weekly, or even daily. Monks and priests will still live there chanting there prayers to the Gods and deceased.

The people themselves haven't changed much either. After living together for so long they have become more tolerable than they had been before. Yet, even though some will never admit it, they still like to think their kind is the superior one.

Humans are still pejudice of the other species, but have become more accepting of their differences. Most say they want to live peacefully even though peace is simply not in their nature.

Half demons are not as taboo as they once were and are more common now, and less hated. Although it's still very hard for the half breeds with two bloods running through their veins.

Demons used to be savage and stuck-up. They believed they were the better and stronger species by nature. And the human's prejudice only made them angrier. They wanted to prove just how much better they were.

But, eventually they would have to come to a truce. An agreement where they could live together without constant bloodshed. Everyone was skeptical about settling, after the years of war and loss.

Wounds were reluctant to heal, and trust had become a foreign thing. After many years though, people began to accept it and were able to live with one another.

And now, the children of the new generation can still somewhat feel their ancestors scorn and fear about those different from them. To most though, a friend is a friend. Today, a human and demon child being schoolmate may be a little uncommon, but not forbidden.

Many priests have said, "All those are equal in the eyes of Kami-sama." While that may be true, what does that exactly prove? That just means we're all beneath the holiness of Gods. That doesn't stop those who set out to prove who or what is better.

I often wonder if the three species ever realized how much alike they are? Or if they ever will...

But, enough on that subject.

We find our story taking place in Kozakura, Kosuke in the country of China. Kozakura is the city and Kosuke is one of the parts that the country is made up of.

Kozakura is a city with a population of about 20,000. Forty three percent are humans, twenty percent are half demons, and thirty seven percent are demons. North of the city is a wide range of wild forest and fields.

East of the city is the town of Hanae. It's about two miles from the city and has a population of roughly 3,800. Many people that worked in the city lived there or visited there often.

To the west of Kozakura is a long interstate road that goes from the east to the west. They say if you travel all the way to the end of it, you'll reach the great city of Shangri-La. A sanctuary of sorts, with a mystical past.

And to the south of the city is the Jin River. But, if you cross the river and go through a small sections of woods, you'll come to a clearing that plays host to the Gyumaoh Mansion.

It was named that because a great, powerful, and wealthy demon lord used to live there. But, long ago he was killed by a God because of his ruthless killing and devouring of humans.

And now it is occupied by the family he left behind. His wife, apparently died some time ago, so the mansion is owned by his lover Gyokomen. Also his two children live there as well. No one knows too much about them, but they are farily biased towards the demon race.

Demons, humans, half breeds all living together. While the Gods, Kami-sama, and Satan all judge from their pedastals. Heaven and Earth, Earth and Hell. Hell and Heaven.

But, what if....there was something in between? What if there was something that could pass for a human, but wasn't? What if it's true form was a demon, but not quite so? What if it was equal to the heavens, but as ghastly as Hell?

Could there be such a creature? A creature born from not a man and a woman, but from the Earth? A monster that became a symbol of chaos. A creature that was forced to carry many sins on his shoulder. To live a cursed and hated existence, that would be his fate.

And what if it was he and had already been born five hundred years ago. The only people who knew this are the residents of Heaven and Hell. To the people of the middle world, he was a legend. Someone that once might have been real and was now a story used to scare or excite young children.

But most, didn't know that this person had ever existed. And even less knew that he was still alive. If you knew that....what would you imagine he looked like? Would you picture a hideous creature? Or an evil monster?

Well, could you....? Imagine a young boy that was wild and monkey-like, with a truly kind heart. A boy with shimmering golden eyes and a pure, innocent smile. The kind of smile that saints and sinners alike crave.

What would you do if you met such a child? What would you do?

What if you were a blond haired priest with a bad personality? Or a gambling, ladies man with red hair and eyes? Or a school teacher with nice emerald eyes? And what if they all had terrible pasts?

And that is where our story begins. On a cloudy day, when one priest was walking home to avoid the rain. Little did he know that his and three other lives were about to change....

Ok, so that was the prologue. How'd I do? I just wanted to give some back round detail since this is an AU.

1) The beginning is Kanzeon Bosatsu speaking. I just thought it would be fun to do something in the beginning with her. And after that it's in no one's pov really.

2) There will be OCs in this story to fill in some parts. I wanna keep most in the storyline though. So, if there's any Saiyuki character you want to see in this story, leave a comment and I'll put 'em in. They may have a small part or a large part. It depends.

Name Meanings:

Kozakura- Little Cherry Tree

Kosuke- Rising Sun

Hanae- Blossom