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Goku's pov

"Ne, Sanzo, where are we?" I asked curiously. I stood there beside my new guardian, staring up at the large building in front of me.

It's facade was was smooth and white, with many windows upon rows and rows of floor. The entrance to the building was possibly the coolest door I've ever seen. It spun around in a circle instead of opening and closing!

But, the place gave me an odd feeling. There were people coming in and out riding on wheelchairs or crutches. Women were carrying newly born infants, and the sick were rushing in as fast as an ill person could.

"We're at a hospital.'' Sanzo replied nonchalantly. I gave him a confused look.

"Why? Am I sick?" He shook his head. ''No.''

I raised an eyebrow. "Are you sick?" He groaned angrily at the many questions.

"Yes, sick of your questions! Just shut up, and follow me!" He commanded as he began walking away. I followed obediantly, not wanting to be left behind.

Inside, the building looked just as large as it did on the outside. People were rushing and bustling by, without so much as a glance at us. There were those in uniforms, and those dressed casually. Afraid if I strared too long I'd be lost in the crowd, I stayed with Sanzo. He walked as if there were no people at all.

Finally, we found our way out of the maze of people into a less populated area. We crossed a long corridor, took two lefts, one right, then crossed another hallway, turned to take the last right, and finally arrived at an area with many doors.

"Where are we?" I asked, taking in a view of my surrounding.

"The lower west wing. This is where people go for check-ups, physicals, shots; kind of like a family clinic.'' Sanzo explained.

"So...why am I here exactly?" He glanced at me for a moment before exhaling a small sigh.

''It seems you don't have any past medical records. Therefore, we're here to make sure you're healthy and all that shit, so you can register for school.'' The blond man explained.

"Oh..." I gnawed at my lip nervously, wandering if I should risk angering him by asking another question. " hurt?''

"Does it matter?'' Sanzo huffed. I stared at the ground for a minute, pondered it, then decided to answer.

"No, I guess not. But I would rather know, just so I know what I'm in for.'' I answered calmly.

''You mean to say, you'd rather have the truth, than a lie to give you a false sense of comfort?" His voice was less annoyed now, almost curious. I didn't quite understand what he said, but I suppose I didn't have to. I understood enough of it.

"Yeah." I replied. And the strangest thing happened when I answered. A small smile, crept its way onto Sanzo's face. I made a mental note, to remember what the smile looked like with no malicious intent behind it.

Sanzo lead us through a cream-colored door, bringing us into a large waiting room. The walls were a light peach color, the carpet a teal shade. There was a desk, in the shape of a half circle, propped up against the wall and a woman sitting at it, reading some kind of document.

The room was modestly decorated with potted ferns or flowers, or framed pictures of fruit or trees. A coffee table was placed near the center of the room, magazines of all sorts sprawled on top of it.

Chairs were lined up against two of the walls, some people seated in them. A plump woman sitting beside a young boy and girl, most likely her children. There was also a young demon couple, hands intertwined, having a quiet conversation. And lastly, an old man, reading a newspaper silently.

"I need to talk to the receptionist. Go take a seat.'' He ordered quietly. I nodded, choosing the seat one down from the old man.

I watched the two small children as they played with a rag doll and a toy truck. They giggled happily, occasionally making loud noises, where then their mother would softly ''shh'' them. I smiled softly at their innocent play.

''Hey you -- boy!" I turned my head at the voice and found the old man looking at me.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Would you happen to know what the time is?" My brow furrowed at the question. I looked up at the wall across from us, and noticed a clock. There, the little hand near the twelve and the big hand on the five.

''It's about noon.'' I answered. The old man smiled and gave me polite, ''Thank you,'' before turning back to his paper. Curiosity over took me, so I decided to bother him with a question.

''How come you couldn't just look at the clock?" I questioned.

''Because, my eyes don't work as well as they use to.'' He replied without even looking up from his paper.

"How come?" This time he did lower his paper.

"You ask a lot of questions.'' I smiled sheepishly at his comment. "Yeah, I get that a lot.''

"Well, who ever said that was a bad thing? Curiosity is something I admire in a young person.'' My eyes widened in surprise.

''When you're as old as I am, you know so many things already. But when you're young, your curiosity is vivid, and there are so many questions for you to ask.''

''Wow, that was cool! I like you Jiji-san!" The old man's pale face lit up with a genuine smile. The many wrinkles on his face increased as the corners of his mouth tugged upwards.

''How old are you anyway, Jiji-san?'' I questioned. The old man chuckled.

"My, you know it's rude to ask such a thing? But if you must know,'' I listened intently, ''I'm thousands of years old.''

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head, before I laughed. ''That's funny, old man.'' I said. The old man gave me an amused smile of his own.

''Who said I was kidding?'' My smile faded and I gave the strange man a confused look.

"What do you mean-?"

"Goku!" Sanzo called. I whipped my face around and saw the blond hovering near me.

"Come on, saru. It's time to go. What the hell were you doing anyway?" He asked.

"Oh, I was talking to- Huh?'' The seat it was...empty! Where did the old man go?!

What the fuck?!

"Oi! Goku, what are ya' doing?'' Sanzo's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

''Er...I was....It doesn't matter. Let's go!" I said, quickly. Am I insane, or what? Must have been something I ate.

Sanzo stared at me oddly, before shrugging indifferently, a gesture that said 'I don't want to know.' He called me to follow him, and so I did, pushing thoughts of the strange -- possibly imaginary -- old man to the back of my mind.

Somewhere in the heavens....

"Ah ha ha ha!'' The old man cackled. ''That was certainly most enjoyable.''

"M'lady, I don't really approve of your antics.'' A man next to the ''old man'' commented, clearly displeasured by ''his'' course of actions.

"Oh, you're no fun, Jiroushin.'' With that, a large puff of smoke emitted from the elder, changing him back to his original form. Or her, for that matter.

"Konzeon-sama, you should be more careful with such things.'' Jiroshin said.

"It's not as if anyone could recognize me in disguise. Besides, that the most fun I've had in centuries!'' The goddess chuckled. Her faithful subordinate sweat dropped.

"If you say so, M'lady.'' He said begrudgingly. The Merciful Goddess sat down in her favorite chair. The spot right over her water lotus pond, where she could watch over the people of earth. Her usual source of entertainment.

"Besides, I had a reason for doing so. I wanted to check up on the little monkey. He looks like he's gotten maybe a bit taller, ne?" She asked.

Jiroushin sighed. "To be honest, I can't believe five hundred years have passed.'' Konzeon nodded in agreement.

''Times have changed. And although all the events that took place those hundred years ago remain unknown, eventually he's bound to remember something...''

Jiroushin gasped. ''M'lady, what would happen if that boy remembered what took place?" The goddess shook her head.

''I'm not sure. But do not fear; he won't remember any time soon. Besides, he's got new guardians to look after him.'' At the last part, Konzeon smiled.

"Ah, yes. It's been five hundred years since I've had these four to entertain me. It will be quite...interesting.''

"Whatever you say, Kanzeon-sama.'' Jiroushin huffed. The Merciful Goddess now directed her attention at the pond, where the beautiful blossoms were in everlasting bloom.

However in the lower world, it was not the season for flowers. No, it was becoming colder and colder down there. And soon the land would be blanketed in a field of white ash, glistening in the moonlight.

Konzeon couldn't wait for the first snowfall. People would run through the deep piles of white, rushing back to the warmth of their home. Infants would stare in awe as the snowflakes would tickled their soft skin. And the children would laugh and play while joyously basking in the white wonderland.

Yes, it would be a fine winter. She could hardly wait to see what Goku's reaction would be. After all there was no snow in heaven, but there certainly was plenty down there.

Back at the hospital....

"Hello, there. I'm Doctor Ming. And you are?" I smiled politely at the woman before me.

"I'm Son Goku. Nice to meet you!'' The woman in front of me was fairly pretty. A young girl in her twenties, with brown hair neatly tied in a bun, and brown eyes. An average human I suppose.

Sanzo had led of here after my strange encounter in the waiting room. He explained how a doctor person would come to examine me to make sure that I wasn't sick. He assured me it wasn't supposed to hurt, and I trusted him.

"Alright, now I need to fill out a form for you. So, I'll have to ask you some questions, 'kay?" I glanced over at Sanzo who stood two feet away, and he nodded. ''Okay." I agreed.

''Your full name is Son Goku, correct?" I nodded. She eyed me up and down for a moment before gazing at me with an odd look in her eyes.

''What race are you? Demon, human, half-breed?'' I thought for a moment. I definitely wasn't a half-breed like Gojyo; my hair wasn't red like his. And I looked human like Sanzo but, so did Hakkai. They had explained to me how Hakkai was a demon but wore a limiter so he looked human. And the diadem on my forehead...

''Demon.'' I replied after some careful thinking. She gave me an uneasy look, and got the feeling that she didn't exactly like the sound of that. But why? ''How often do you wear your limiter?"

"Always.'' I answered immediately. ''I never take it off.'' And I never will. I just...shouldn't.The woman's smile returned upon hearing that and she muttered a faint, ''Good,'' under her breath. Then her gaze turned over to Sanzo.

"I'm guessing you're not his biological father, Sanzo-sama?" She asked. Sanzo shook his head negatively. ''I'm his legal guardian.''

"Ah.'' She proceeded to scribble a few things on her paper before setting down the clipboard.

"We'll need a DNA sample now...'' And without another word or warning she plucked a hair right out of my head.

''What the hell-?!" Suddenly I was whacked in the head with that damn fan. ''Quiet, baka-saru!" Dr. Ming smiled, apparently oblivious to child abuse.

"Not to worry, it was only a piece of your hair. Now, all we need is a blood sample.'' I did not like the sound of that.

The doctor reassured me that it didn't hurt and Sanzo said the same. I certainly had doubts though when she started coming towards me with a fucking needle! As much as I wanted to run I forced myself to stay put. After all, her and Sanzo said it would be fine and I trust- OW! Ow, fucking ow!!!

"Ah! Sanzo you damn liar it did hurt!" I yelled accusingly at the shrugging priest. Dr. Ming's voice brought me out of my mental thoughts of the evil, lying monk. Who if didn't kind of scare me or have a fan and gun, would be getting his ass kicked!

''....In about an hour the results should be here. Until then, just remain here. I'll be back as soon as I can.'' And with that, the woman left taking the needle-of-doom with her.

''So....Sanzo, what are we gonna do for an hour?" The blond heaved a sigh, his eyes glancing towards the wall clock.

''Well, the hospital doesn't allow smoking on the premises, so you're going to sit there and be quiet.'' I made a face at the unreasonable command.

"But that's boring! Let's play a game!" I declared excitedly.

"I said no-''

"I spy with my little eye...'' Sigh. ''...something droopy.''

''T'ch. I give up. What is it?"

"Your eyes.'' Sanzo was not amused.

''Hysterical. Now shut up, or you'll have to talk through a hole in your throat.'' I gulped, absentmindedly rubbing my unmarred neck. Remembering the bullet holes in Hakkai's wall, I decided I didn't feel like eating out a straw today, thank you very much.

"Fine, fine. Geez..." I mumbled with a yawn. I was kind of tired. Sanzo had woken me up early today. He said that I'd better get used to it, since I'd be starting school on Tuesday, which was a day from now.

My eyes slowly fell closed, allowing my mind to drift off just a bit. There was barely any noise in the room, no beeping of machinery, no clanking of tools. With no noise besides my own heartbeat to hear, I fell into a light state of slumber.


''Oi, monkey! Wake up!'' Sanzo's voice awoke me immediately, seeing as I wasn't in that deep of a slumber. I yawned quietly and stretched, feeling more energized than before.

The click of door opening alerted me that someone was here. She was most likely here with my results. For some reason, my heart sped up just little faster. What if they find something weird about me? What if there's something wrong with me?

''Well, I'm back with your results Goku. Are you ready to hear them?" I nodded, though I wasn't really sure of anything right now.

''Son Goku. Approximately age: 12. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Golden. Blood type: O. And we found that your birthdate should be around the 5th of April. And we've already measured your weight and height. Needless to say, you're perfectly healthy for a boy your age.'' She said while smiling.

I released an breath of relief I didn't even know I was holding. I was fine she said! Healthy even! I was so overjoyed I could-....Eat! Yeah, maybe Sanzo will take me somewhere!

Sanzo and the doctor talked a while longer, before she gave him a stack of papers and said her goodbyes. We left the room, Sanzo grumbling all the way about some ''freakin' expensive bill.'' Apparently, you have to pay a bill when you go to the doctor. And apparently, Sanzo doesn't like paying them.

When we left the hospital, I asked Sanzo where we were going now. His answer was simply: "We're going shopping.''

Shopping? Hm...I guess that sounded okay. Besides, it didn't sound half as scary as 'school' did.

Sanzo's pov

It didn't take long to drive to the mall. In fact, we probably could've walked from the hospital. I found it ironic that the two establishments were so close to each other. Then again, it wasn't surprising.

I really wasn't that partial to the mall at all. The shopping, eating, loud noises, annoying people - it just never really appealed to me. But I was in a bit of a bind. Basically, the kid had nothing. Or more specifically, no clothes.

And Hakkai mentioned something about it before: ''You know, he's gonna need some clothes. None of yours really fit him, and if he's staying with you, might as well buy him some.''

Which was right. But damnit, I hated fucking people. And the mall was just stuffed with fucking people. Yet, here I am, leading the clueless monkey into the irritating hellhole. Just. Freaking. Awsome.

I should've made the kappa take him. Gojyo was more of a mall person than I, or Hakkai. It was one of his usual spots to pick up (get rejected by) chics. Then again, maybe that was ther reason I didn't ask him to take Goku. He wouldn't be the best influence on a very impressionable kid.

"Ne, Sanzo, this place is huge!" The saru exclaimed. He was utterly fascinated with such a place. The fascination will probably ware off after he sees the bathroom.

''Yes, it is. This is the mall. A loud place, filled with many shops and people. So make sure to stay close-'' Just before finishing the sentence, I whipped a hand out to grab the boy's hair, as he attempted to run off in a random direction.

''What did I just say?!" I scolded, as the boy whined for me to let go of his hair. I released my grip, while the boy cursed me under his breath.

''Alright, geez! So, where are we going anyway?" He questioned. I shrugged, walking at a steady pace, making sure to keep the careless child close by. People passed by without a second glance at us, but still, you had to be careful.

''I don;t care. We're here to buy you clothes, so you can pick the store.'' I watched as the boy's eyes lit up with excitement and astonishment. Then he smiled, grabbed my wrist, yanking me forward.

''C'mon Sanzo! This way!" He exclaimed. I was about to protest, and whack the kid on the head, but I hesitating in grabbing my trust fan. For some reason, I decided to let it slide. Don't get the wrong idea; I'm not going soft. I don't know why I let it go. Must have something to do with his genuine excitement and glorious smile.

The saru pointed and peeked at many stores, but finally decided on one called, ''Crimson Streak.'' We went inside, and to my relief it was indeed a clothing store. Many teens, adults, and kids were browsing, buying, or just plain hanging out in the crowded store.

''Well, we're here. Pick out stuff you like. Pants, shirts, coats, shoes - whatever.'' He looked around the store, glancing at the items on the racks and the people going through them. Suddenly, his smile fell and he turned to look at me.

''But...I don't have any money.'' Goku admitted. I sighed, and pulled out my wallet. Slipping a hand inside, I pulled out my gold master card. Showing it to the boy, he stared at me quizzically.

''This is a credit card. I can use it to buy your clothes with.'' I explained. I got it from my one of my bosses, ''The Three Aspects.'' I guess it was a perk of being a Sanzo priest. Though, I still had to pay part of the bill on it.

''Really? Cool!" The grin was now back on his face, as he rushed off to look at the store's merchandise. He searched through the racks, shelves, and was seeming to enjoy himself.

I was a bit uncomfortable, my trade mark sour look of indifference plastered over my countenance. But, the kid was happy, so I suppose it was fine. I kept an eye on the saru as he bounced around the area, just to make sure he stayed out of trouble.

"Excuse me -- Sanzo-sama?" A feminine voice from my left asked. I turned to see a young woman, standing beside me. She had long, light purple (almost blue) hair with ember/orangish eyes. Maybe around my age or younger; for some reason a little familiar.

''Is there something you need?" I asked in a bored tone. She smirked, apparently amused by my reaction.

''My, you're much more polite during your services. I go to the temple; I'm Chunhua.'' She introduced. Ah, so that's where I've seen her before. Explains things.

''So, what is there something you want?" I asked again. What? I wasn't a people person.

''Well, it's not everyday you see a Sanzo priest in a store like this. Tell me, what brings ya' here?" The woman, Chunhua, asked. I shrugged, glancing at the monkey who was looking through some hoodies. Chunhua followed my gaze and smiled upon seeing the boy.

''Ah, I see. He's cute, isn't he? Are you his father?" I shook my head, indicating no. She tired guessing again: "Brother?"

"No." I answered. ''I'm his guardian, foster parent if you like.'' I explained finally. She nodded in understanding, leaving the matter to rest. I guess she got the hint that it was personal.

''I'm actually here with my sister. She's over there.'' She pointed a finger towards a young girl, around Goku's age, with light reddish hair tied back into two braids. Bright blue eyes were gazing at some magazine cover. I wonder if she'd be in Goku's class?

''She goes to the middle school?" I asked. Chunhua nodded. ''How is it there?" The girl shrugged.

''It's a good school, no worries. Donghua is in seventh grade, and my other sister Quinhua is a senior. And Xiahua graduated two years ago. I have three sisters.'' She explained.

''How do you deal with all their shit?" I muttered, not in my head, but aloud. She laughed, seeming to find it amusing.

''Oh, they can be annoying alright. All kids can. That's just how it is. But hey, the kid doesn't look so bad. What's his name anyway?"

"Goku.'' I replied, mentally asking myself why I was in a conversation with a stranger.

''Goku... Well, if he's starting soon, I'll ask Donghua to keep an eye out for him.'' Suddenly, a perky young voice called: "Onee-chan!" Most likely the woman's sister. She said her goodbyes, and left to see her sister. I'll probably see her at the temple again.

My own brat started to call me too. ''Sanzo!'' The saru exclaimed, nearly colliding into me. I grasped him by the shoulder just before he could crash us bother into the ground.

''Watch where you're going, baka-saru! And keep it down.'' He grinned, holding out a pile of clothes atop his arms.

''Look what I got!" He proclaimed, ignoring my earlier warnings. I looked down at the large amount of clothes he had picked out.

There were four pairs of jeans, two regular pairs, one black, and one green. Sweatpants, and dark blue capris. Two muscle shirts, one gray the other white. Five T-shirts: a black, a white, a red, an orange, and a purple; some with writing or designs on them. A long sleeved shirt with a picture of steaming meat buns, that read: ''Got buns?"(Ironic). A plain gray sweatshirt, and two designed hoodies. To top it all off a pair of black and silver sneakers.

Shit, this will be expensive. I thought silently. But before I could voice my complaint, Goku pleaded: ''So, can I get it all Sanzo? Please...'' He stared up at me with those bright golden orbs of his. My usual response might have been to whack him over the head, but somehow I lost my will to strike.

Those sunlight hues bore into my will, and forced their way through my soul. Yet, he still had that dumb expression of an innocent child on his face. Kami, what a dangerous combination. And at that moment, not even I, could compete with such a look.

''Fine.'' I finally said, allowing him a victory. But I didn't do it because of ''the look.'' The kid needed clothes. At least, that's what I told myself.

"Yay! Thanks, Sanzo!" He cried happily. I sighed, and led him towards the checkout. Somehow, a small smile had crept it's way onto my face as the monkey rambled on about some random shit. Dammit...I'm really screwed now.

The kid was starting to grow on me.

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-The girl, Chunhua, and her sisters are from episode 19 of Saiyuki. We might see a little more of them later.

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