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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Sometime in the middle of the night I had found my way back into Edward's room. Last night had been, hot. Very hot. Even if we didn't get as far as I'm sure he wanted. But hey, at least he got off right?

Currently he was snoring softly next to me. His face was buried into his pillow with one arm under it, the other on my hip. I slid out from under him trying not to wake him up. I quickly ran to his bathroom.

After using the toilet and washing my hands and face, I peeked out to see him still asleep. So I grabbed my toothbrush and started to brush my teeth thinking about the last few days. Slowly, Edward and I were taking whatever it was we were doing a little bit farther every day and if we were to continue at this rate, maybe whatever this sexual tension between us was could be resolved by sometime next week?

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Holy fuck, next week?! Isn't that too soon? I rolled my eyes at myself. Compared to how things went with a certain someone else, this was a snail's pace for me.

I spit in the sink, looking up to see Edward joining me in the bathroom. I tried to keep my eyes on the faucet and let him clean his teeth on his own. Of course my resolve broke when I started to remember the things we had done the night before. I was curious about how he felt about it and kept sneaking glances at him.

Of course the minute our eyes locked, we both blushed and looked away.

I finished brushing my teeth first and rinsed my brush and face off really quick. Edward was still brushing his teeth.

So how do I say, 'thanks for fingering me I needed the release to help me sleep,' without sounding like a total bitch? Either way I was gonna come out sounding callous.

He finished up what he was doing before smirking at me and loosely wrapping his arms around my neck. "I don't have to work today."

I smiled up at him, maybe things weren't gonna be weird. Right? "Well, how do you wanna spend your day off?"

He tried to give me a confidant smile but I saw through it. "I want to spend it with you, just you. Nobody else." He said.

Just me huh? I thought as I bit into my lip. "Well... we could watch movies or something." That's something friends can do without being sexual right?

"Yeah, we could." If it wasn't so obvious that he was trying to be cool about this, I would have laughed at how he was acting. "We could… watch them in my bed?"

I nodded and smiled as I took his hand in mine, leading him towards the bed. "Come on, you get first pick since it's your day off"

I teased Edward for a few minutes about his choice '9 Songs', after all the back of the DVD made it sound like an explicit sex movie without screaming porn, but it wasn't like that. It was in fact, a movie about different British Bands. Very cool movie actually.

But of course we didn't finish watching it because we were busy teasing each other. It started off with me pulling a Meg Ryan and faking an orgasm and he laughed and tried to tell me to hush so he could watch the movie. Then as I started to get engrossed, he started brushing his fingers over my breasts. I was really fighting with myself not to let him win in the teasing.

But then he added kissing. Christ he knew me too well cause he started kissing along my neck and collar bone as his hands went under my shirt. Finally I had enough of the teasing and made my way on top of him. He helped me remove my shirt before he assaulted my nipples.

I wove my fingers into his hair, tugging it up to get him to stop lavishing my breasts with attention. I pushed him back and ran my tongue from his earlobe to his neck, nipping and kissing at the flesh. His hands cupped my ass, massaging it as I kissed down his chest. He let go of me and rested his hands on either side of him.

As kissed my way lower I looked up at him through my lashes, my nails dragging along the waist band of his boxer briefs. He smirked at me before biting his lip as I started to pull his briefs down. Once they were removed I took his cock in my hand and wiped the pre-cum on the head with my thumb, then I stroked him a few times.

I watched as his eyes fluttered for a moment and smirked at his reaction. "Edward, watch me." I demanded before dragging my tongue along the underside of his shaft. He moaned but opened his eyes.

When our eyes locked, I wrapped my lips around him; I was determined to make him watch my every movement. The deeper I took him in my mouth, the harder he fought to keep eye contact.

He was a good boy, watching me as I bobbed along his length, swirling my tongue and humming around him. I'm a pretty good judge of what guys like and I knew one trick that would send him into ecstasy.

I gently drug my teeth along his length as I pulled up a little before sliding back down. Edward thrust his hips in response while fisting the sheets. I repeated the move one more time making Edward moan 'oh shit', just before he came in my mouth.

Once I sucked him clean, I kissed my way back up to his chest and smiled at him. "Worth the wait?" I teased.

He nodded slowly as he pushed me onto my back. "That was fantastic."

Edward's hand slid down my body, working its way into my panties. I shifted my hips to give him better access. He gently bit down on my nipple and tugged just as his fingers entered my core. He started a steady rhythm with his finger adding another as he pumped into me.

His thumb rubbed at my clit, circling slowly as his fingers thrust into me fast and hard. Then as he slowed his hand, his thumb would increase it's pace. It was fantastic, but it wasn't until I was close to cumming that he pulled his fingers out.

He looked at me, his eyes smoldering with desire making my heart hammer in my chest. Was it from Edward's ministrations or the fact that we might take this even further I didn't know.

He moved along side my body, kissing my deeply. His tongue dancing with mine as his hand massaged my pussy. He pulled away, us both panting as we stared at each other.

"I want to taste you Alice," he whispered huskily. While that was nothing like Jaspers voice, it still had the same affect on me. I nodded silently and watched as he removed my panties, smiling at me as he pulled me towards the edge of the bed.

Once he was satisfied with our position, he moved closer. So close, I could feel his warm breath fan over me. "I've dreamed of tasting you." He said as he licked his lips. On instinct, I found my own tongue mimic his, while wondering who this confidant man was.

I felt his tongue slide to my clit, drawing lazy circles around it. My head lolled back; of course he would go their first.

"Look at me Alice," he demanded. I snapped my head down to see him watching me as his tongue continued to play with me, teasing and taunting. But finally he slid his tongue deep into me, curling and twisting as he fucked me with it.

I ran my hand through his hair, tugging on it as I watched him. Fucking hottest shit ever.

He would alternate between fucking me to licking at my clit. When he sucked my clit into his mouth and nibbled, that was when I felt the tightly wound coil being released.

"Oh God," I moaned falling flat against the bed, as I trembled with the orgasm and gasped for air. I hadn't had a release like that in a few days.


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Bella had never given herself an orgasm. That was just wrong on so many levels. I offered as her friend to walk her through it, there's nothing wrong with that right?

"Go to my room and strip down. I'm gonna tell Ed we're going to bed," I told her as we reached the third floor landing. She nodded and went towards my rooms as I headed to Ed's. I waited until I heard the click of my door before going into Ed's room.

That's right, I didn't knock.

Ed was resting against his head board in just his lounge pants as he typed away at his laptop. He smirked when I walked in but didn't say anything to me.

"Surfing the net for porn?" I teased.

"You wish," he said looking at me through his lashes.

"Like we need porn," I retorted, sticking my tongue out at him.

"You here for a nightcap," he asked as he winked at me.

I smirked in response. "Actually, no, I came in here to inform you that Bella and I are going to bed..."

"Together?" he asked while smirking.

I nodded as I turned towards the door. That was after all why I emphasized that we were going to bed. As I reached the door I looked at him over my shoulder. "Yep, we're just so tired from all the dancing..." I watched as he licked his lips, obviously remembering our earlier show. "Sweet dreams Eddie"

"Sweet dreams, sweetheart."

I closed the door enough to make him think that it was closed all the way, but I knew he would hear everything that went on in my room.

Yes, I'm being evil. I am using the fact that I am teaching my best friend how to double click her mouse while thinking of Freak Boy and making sure he hears every moan she makes.

I'm a freaking genius!

When I went in my room Bella was laying in bed chewing her lip and staring at the ceiling. I left the door partially open, hoping Ed would fall right into my trap. I turned my attention back to Bella. She was lying under the sheet, strategically placed to hide everything but still let me know that she had in fact stripped down.

"You nervous Bee?" I asked her as I moved towards the bed. She looked at me and smiled.

"Not really, cause we've totally made out before, but at the same time yes?" She laughed nervously.

"Well, what would make you more comfortable? Cause this doesn't work when you're stressed out."

She laughed a bit more naturally at that. "Just get over here Alice."

I laughed with her before crawling onto the bed to lie next to her. She exhaled deeply before turning to look at me. "I feel under dressed," she teased tugging at my shorts.

"I can fix that you know?" I watched as she chewed her lip and nodded. I rolled onto my back and took the shorts off tossing them over to the hamper. "Better, or do you want the shirt off too?"

"No, no, that's fine. I think." She said.

I did my best to calm her down, get her mind off what she was about to do. Soon she was visibly relaxed and I began telling her what she should do. With her eyes closed, I instructed her to think of Ed, imagine her hand was his. I watched as she tried gently touching her stomach, getting used to her touch before she started her way up to her breasts.

Once she got comfortable with herself, she applied more pressure to her touches, softly calling his name as she fondled her breasts.

I would be lying if I said that didn't make me want to touch myself too, but this isn't about me, this is about Bella.

When I felt she'd had enough teasing, I slowly took her hand in mine, guiding it down past her naval.

"Touch yourself the way you imagine Edward doing it," I said softly, letting go of her hand and watching her face. She stopped and turned her head to look at me, her brown eyes dark with lust and desire.

"Kiss me," she requested. Her voice was one I wasn't used to hearing on her as the sultriness of it beckoned me like I was in a trance.

I moved closer to her, capturing her lips with my own. My hand moved on its own volition, cupping her tit in my hand and massaging it as my thumb ran over her pert nipple. She moaned into the kiss as her hand fisted into my hair.

I moved so our legs were intertwined as our kiss deepened. Our hands exploring the curves of our bodies, our tongues teased each other's. I broke our kiss, moving my lips down the expanse of her neck as her hands tugged at my shirt. I pulled myself up on to my knees and she rubbed her thigh into my wet panties.

"Bee," I chided as I removed my shirt making her giggle. When I tossed my shirt to the side she sat up and started kissing at my neck and collarbone, biting me and making me moan.

Holy shit, I think we are about to cross a line I wasn't anticipating.

I pushed her back onto the bed, laying myself between her legs. Again we lost ourselves in kisses and touches, grinding against each other for friction to satisfy the desire that was becoming too all consuming.

I explored her body with my mouth; licking and nibbling at her tits, sucking on her nipple, making her moan and writhe beneath me. The more she moaned, the more I wanted to make her come undone.

"What would you want him to do now Bella?" I asked her as my hand slid between us, cupping her very wet center and massaging it. She bit her lip and looked at me, earning her a smirk. "It helps with the fantasy Bella, close your eyes and picture him," I purred as I ran the tip of my middle finger along her slit, stopping at her clit. She bit her lip harder and blushed. "What would Edward do Bella?"

She covered her face with her hands and started to giggle, so I removed my hand. She uncovered her face before letting out a big gust of air. "I would want him to do whatever he wants," she said smirking at me.

I rolled my eyes and smirked back, "Well I would think he would like to fuck you. But it's your choice," I told her as I dragged my fingers along her inner thigh. "Fingers… Or tongue?" I asked as I licked a circle around her nipple.

"Oh God… tongue…" she moaned.

I wonder what Jazzy would do… I thought briefly, but decided that now was not the best time to think of him.

I slid my way back down between Bella's legs, looking over my left shoulder as I pulled my hair to the right one. There standing in the shadows of the door was Edward. He took the bait. Good. I smirked at him before returning my attention to Bella.

I lowered my face, listening as she gasped as my breath washed over her. I flattened my tongue against her lower lips, licking her from the bottom up before letting the tip of my tongue slide between her slit; teasing her. She bent on leg at the knee as her legs fell wider apart in response.

Sure this was my first time attempting to eat a girl out, so I had no clue what I was doing. But given the many hours of experience I had with Jasper, I decided to go with what I liked.

I started with teasing her, dragging my tongue along her slit and nibbling on her lips. I could hear her moaning slightly as if she was unsure if she should.

That reminded me of Ed telling me to watch him as he fucked me with his tongue. "Bella," I said pulling back while I dragged a finger along her folds, barely entering her but still enough to feel how excited she was.

She moaned in response. "Bella, watch me." I watched as she sat herself up on her elbows to look at me. "I want you to watch me fuck you with my tongue," I tried to say in a demanding way like Ed did. It appeared to work 'cause she bit on her lip and nodded slightly.

I parted her lips with my fingers while slowly dragging my tongue against her, letting her get accustomed to me being there. I flicked my tongue along her clit a few times and by the time her hips bucked in response I knew she was okay with me there.

I started to fuck her slowly with my tongue, wiggling and rolling it inside of her warmth. She moaned and wiggled around me, all of it making me more determined. I licked at her clit again before sucking it into my mouth. All the while her eyes locked on mine.

Slowly I pushed my two middle fingers into her, pumping slow and deliberate as I nibbled at her clit. That made her lose her balance and fall flat against the bed, as she rocked her hips into my thrusts. Pumping them a little faster made her cry out more.

Hearing her moan my name like that was… fucking hot! Now I knew how Jasper felt.

I curled my fingers up slightly as I pulled them out making her groan in pleasure, before thrusting back in. My tongue and fingers working at the same frenzied pace as she started to pant and tremble around me.

I kissed my way back up to her lips, my fingers thrusting as my thumb rubbed her. After her tongue explored her taste in my mouth, I kissed my way to her ear lobe, sucking it into my mouth.

"Do you feel it Bella?" I whispered as I kissed down her neck. "The knot that feels like it's gonna burst?" She moaned and nodded her head as her hand cupped mine, both of us fucking her now. "Let it." I told her before capturing her lips again and positioning myself so I was directly over her.

The motion of both our hands working together as our hips ground together was what pushed her over the edge. I felt her clench around our fingers as her breathing seemed to stop. I pulled away slightly to watch her face as she came. Her eyelashes fanned across her cheeks as her swollen lips formed a slight 'o' in shape.

Once her wave of ecstasy wore out, she bit her lip and slowly opened her eyes. I smiled at her waiting for her to say something first.

"We are so doing that again," she informed me as she started to giggle, causing me to giggle with her.


I was awoken by the soft tickling of Ed's hair against my neck as he kissed at my shoulders and collarbone. His hand was already making its way under the waist band of my pajama shorts. I smiled and reached behind me to grab his hair.

"Good morning Edward," I said softly as he moved his kisses up my neck. He pushed me closer to him, his erect cock making itself known as I rubbed my ass against him.

He moaned against my skin, his mouth and hands working me into a frenzy as we stripped each other of our clothes, our touches and kisses becoming more urgent. He shifted his weight so he was on top of me, his tongue lavishing at my nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

I shifted my hips, the feeling of his cock teasing my slit. I knew he felt how wet I was. Our eyes locked and I could see he wanted this. Fuck in a way I wanted it too. I guided him up towards me so I could kiss him. His lips slowly captured mine, as if he was afraid of me. I kissed him harder as I squeezed my eyes shut, blocking everything that I could out.

I could hear him talking to me as he kissed his way across my shoulders and collarbone, but I was ignoring him. A part of me screaming at him to shut up and just fuck me, while my heart broke.

You can do this Alice. You know Edward wants you, you know he cares about you.

This is wrong.

Just relax it won't hurt… much, the voice of James floated into my thoughts just as I felt the tip of Edward's cock enter me.

"No!" I shouted startling him. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me in shock. "Fuck, sorry. I can't. I just…" Whatever apology I was trying to muster up to Edward was completely lost because for the first time in the two weeks he and I had been fooling around I broke down.

Edward moved to my side, wrapping his arms around me as I rolled into a ball. I couldn't face him as I cried. I'm not who he needs, he's not who I need.

"I'm sorry," I said meekly. Edward just kissed my shoulder and said it was okay. Little did he know; I wasn't apologizing to him.

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