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I sat on the couch reading 'The Catcher and The Rye' for what must have been the hundredth time, trying not to concentrate on the fact that Alice and Bella were in the kitchen giggling and whispering. I was trying to pretend like I didn't care what they were whispering about, but I did. What the fuck could be so controversial that they had to whisper? Maybe it was something they didn't want me overhearing.

Obviously or they wouldn't be whispering, dumb shit.

I wondered briefly where Holden, our toddler, was before remembering that she was having Rose and Em watch him this weekend so I could relax on my birthday. I had been hoping that it somehow meant that I was going to get raunchy sex over every available surface, but apparently when she said "relax", for the first time in our relationship she meant just that.

Relax, Jasper, relax. I closed my eyes and tried to force myself to calm down a bit. When I got overly anxious I knew that the cravings for meth would kick in; it had been two years, but I still occasionally had cravings. When I opened my eyes I did my best to focus on my book instead of on the two girls whispering my kitchen - to no avail. Apparently J.D. Salinger just couldn't hold my attention the way Alice did.

As if she heard my inner thoughts, Alice appeared from the kitchen. "Hey babe," she greeted me as she made herself comfortable on my lap.

"Hey." I laid the book down on the end table and wrapped my arms around her.

She kissed along my jaw as one of her hands wove itself into my hair. "Did I ever tell you how sexy you are when you're reading?" she whispered in my ear before nipping at it.

"No, ma'am..." I breathed.

"Incredibly sexy," she purred.

"You're sexy." I ran my hand up her thigh. "Very sexy."

She moved my hand to her inner thigh as she smiled seductively at me. "I know something you'd find sexier."

"Yeah?" I nipped at her lips.

She pushed my hand farther up under her skirt, a slight smirk on her face as I touched my own personal heaven. Fuck. No. Panties. I groaned as my fingers brushed against her slit. "Oh yeah," she breathed. "Something I know you've wanted for a very long time, Jazzy."

My brain wasn't fully functioning at this point. "What's that, Kitten?"

"A little show... staring two beautiful ladies and you."

My heavy lidded eyes snapped open as I regarded her. "Seriously?"

She bit her lip and nodded. "I think you've waited long enough."

Fuck yes, I have! I felt my lips curl up as I leaned forward to kiss her. "You're the most amazing wife on the planet," I breathed before kissing her hard on the lips. Alice was finally going to make good on her little promise from years ago. I couldn't believe I got to be the lucky bastard in on things this time. Eat your heart out Eddie.

She pulled away slightly before looking at me. "Don't call me amazing yet. I have one teeny tiny stipulation about tonight's festivities."

I quirked an eyebrow at her. "And that is?"

"This," she said, grabbing my dick. "Is mine. I already told Bella and she understands."

"I'm all yours baby, you know that," I whispered in her ear.

She nodded and kissed me firmly. "And I, yours. Even after death."

I nodded in agreement before looking at Bella who was standing awkwardly by the couch. "So where do I get my present?"

"That is your call. Right, Bella?" Alice looked at her friend, who nodded.

"We're just the entertainment," Bella added with a small smile before looking down.

"Well, I don't care as long as y'all are comfortable."

"Bed," the girls said in unison, followed by the giggles.

"Alrigh' then," I looked back at my kitten and gently pushed her off my lap and stood. "Ladies first."

Alice winked at me before turning and taking her friend's hand, both leading the way. I openly stared at the two asses that swayed gently in front of me, Bella's ass was a little larger than Alice's, but it wasn't bad. Alice's ass was round and full and firm - she hated the fact that it had gotten larger after having Holden, but I didn't mind one bit.

Once inside the bedroom, I sat at the head of the bed while the girls smiled at me from the foot. "I wanna watch." I winked and put my hands behind my head, leaning back against the headboard.

Alice smirked at me before turning her attention on Bella. She cupped Bella's face, slowly kissing her, both girls making sure to show off that their tongues were touching. I shifted so I could adjust my rapidly growing cock in my pants.

Bella moved to kiss Alice's neck and shoulders, slowly removing the straps of her dress from her and letting her body become exposed. I couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer, "Damn, baby, you look so good naked... How's she taste, Bella?"

Alice bit her lip as Bella licked along her collarbone. "Like the sweetest fruit imaginable," Bella answered as she groped at the now exposed tits, making my Kitten moan softly. "You still want to see my head between her thighs, Jazz?" Bella asked, placing her hands on Alice's hips as she teased her nipple with her tongue.

"Yes," I breathed rather huskily. My cock was straining against my zipper already - I had no idea what I was going to do when I finally saw my girl get off on another girl's face.

Something must have sparked in Alice, because suddenly she pulled Bella up to her, where she kissed her hard, walking her backwards to the bed. She broke the kiss, her midnight blue eyes flashing to mine, before returning her attention to Bella.

"Sit," Alice commanded, smiling when Bella did as told. My girl took the opportunity to straddle Bella as she began to remove her dress, laying her back once the fabric was gone.

"What are you doin', kitten?"

She looked up at me with a sheepish smile. "Bella was overdressed."

"Come here," I wiggled my finger at her. She quickly obliged, crawling her way to me. I kissed her lightly on the lips before turning her and moving her so she was reclining against my stomach. "Bella get up here too."

I heard Alice huff slightly, obviously annoyed with the fact that I wanted her to give up control, as Bella made her way to us. "You ever eaten pussy before?" I asked once Bella reached us and noticed how Alice squirmed in anticipation, they had hooked up before, but I had the feeling that my little Kitten was more of the instigator of that one. God, this was going to be good.

Bella shook her head as she ran her hands along Alice's legs. "She was happy to give, but never received."

That sounded very much like my Kitten - she was so giving. I nuzzled Alice's neck and spoke against her skin to Bella, "Lick her clit slowly, I wanna see her go crazy."

Alice whimpered, moving her ass against me as Bella nodded and positioned herself. I placed my cheek against Alice's and whispered in her ear, "Be a good girl and you'll get rewarded."

She moved her face to look at me. Just as she was about to say something, I could see Bella's tongue make contact with Alice, making her gasp and bite her lip.

"You know, Kitten... I think it's polite to pay attention to the person who is giving you oral gratification." I licked the outside of her ear, smirking as I watched Bella's tongue slowly lap at Alice's clit.

Alice moaned, her head falling against my shoulder as her eyes fluttered shut. My hands reached down and grabbed her full tits, pinching her taut nipples between my thumb and forefinger. "Lick a little harder," I instructed as I looked into Bella's brown eyes. "But stay slow."

Like an eager young student, Bella did just as she was told, taking a long, slow and firm lick across Alice's clit, making Alice lift her hips slightly of the bed. "There we go," I said. "You like that, Kitten?"

"Uh huh," she panted, moaning a bit louder as Bella repeated her earlier action.

"Tell her how much you like it, baby." I pinched her nipples.

"More," she gasped, moving her hand to Bella's hair. Fuck. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning myself when I saw her do that.

I pulled her hands away from Bella's hair. "Just enjoy it," I breathed into her ear. She whimpered in protest, trying to grind her hips into Bella's face. Bella moved an arm over Alice to hold her in place as I watched her drag her tongue even slower, from top to bottom before circling Alice's clit.

"How does it feel?"

She made a whining noise in response. "Please..." Alice whimpered.

"Please what?" I tightened my grip on her wrists when I felt her struggle.

"Faster," she breathed.

"How badly do you want her to go faster?" I whispered in her ear. Alice hissed before moaning a throaty "yes". I glanced down and noticed that Bella had begun lapping at Alice's clit in a frenzy. My cock twitched in my jeans at the sight, but I reached down and pulled her up by her hair. "Did I tell you to go faster, Bella?"

"No," Bella answered softly before biting her lip.

I let go of her hair. "I am the birthday boy and I get what I want." I smirked at Bella. "Dip your tongue into her and tell me how wet she is."

Bella moved back down, again teasing Alice before dipping her tongue between her folds. I heard Bella moan appreciatively, followed by the feeling of Alice's nails on my jeans.

"She's so wet," Bella finally said, slowly licking her lips.

I ran one of my hands slowly down Alice's sternum. "Lick her slowly, and then suck on her clit..."

Alice moaned, arching her back as Bella latched on to her clit. "You like that, huh, baby?" I asked as I squeezed her breasts once again.

"Yes," she panted, using her free hand to tangle in Bella's hair again.

"No grabbing, Alice..." I chided as I pulled her hand away. "I was really enjoying playing with your tits," I playfully slapped one with my free hand before grabbing her other hand. "But you are being very bad."

"Are you gonna spank me, Jazzy?" she purred.

"I'll do more than spank you..." I growled into her ear. I looked back down and noticed that Bella was rubbing her thighs together. "Finger yourself, Bella, show us how much you're enjoying this."

That got Kitten's attention as her eyes snapped open to watch as Bella did as she was told. "Fuck!" Alice moaned.

"You wanna taste her?" I ran my nose along her neck.

She nodded. "She tastes good, babe..."

"Let her lick your fingers off, Bella..." I ordered.

Bella pumped her fingers twice more before removing them and teasing Alice, letting her get a taste before pulling them back.

"Tease," growled Alice, who was promptly rewarded with Bella's fingers. Alice sucked greedily on them, moaning in approval as she cleaned the juices off. When she was done, Bella returned to fucking herself as she licked and sucked at my girl.

"I can't wait to fuck the shit out of you," I growled in Alice's ear as I rubbed my denim covered cock against the small of her back. She moaned in agreement, wiggling her hand free again, only this time to tangle it in my hair.

"Make her cum," I barked at Bella before attacking Alice's neck with my mouth. Alice tugged at my hair as her breathing sped up. Bella used everything she knew, sucking and nibbling at Alice's clit and fucking her with her tongue.

Soon Alice was gasping for air, her body trembling as she came around Bella's tongue. I held her as she calmed down, not even having to instruct Bella to clean Alice up. Alice's grip on my hair loosened, followed by her soft chuckle.

Bella sat back on her knees, smiling at my girl before blushing. Alice moved in my arms to face me, gently kissing me as her hands began to unbutton my jeans.

"That would have been amazing if my lips were wrapped around your cock, you know," she said softly. I moaned and nodded in agreement. She slid her hand down the front of my boxers. "What do you want next, birthday boy?"

"Head," I groaned as she cupped my balls.

"Two-for-one, or just me?" she asked.

"I don't care baby - whatever you want to do." Secretly I was kind of hoping for a two-for-one - I had never gotten that before.

Alice looked over her shoulder at Bella before nodding her head and returning her gaze on me. "Gotta get your pants off, babe." I quirked an eyebrow at her and felt my stomach do a small excited flip as I pulled off my boxers and jeans. I felt a little smug when I saw Bella gape at me.

"Wow..." she breathed, making Alice giggle.

"Told you so," she said smugly.

"Bragging about my cock again, baby?" I asked as I leaned forward to kiss her.

She smiled against my lips before pulling back. "Always. You know how much I love your cock."

"It wants a kiss," I teased.

"Does it now?" she asked while grabbing Bella's hand. She licked her palm before guiding her as to where to place her hand. "What do you think, Bee... think we should give him a special birthday kiss?"

"If that's what he wants," Bella said with a nod.

"Yes," I hissed. Please God, I need some sort of relief. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt Alice's lips wrap around the head of my cock, sucking lightly, and then I felt a foreign tongue run along the base. My hips bucked up and I almost groaned in disappointment when I felt them move their mouths, however I wasn't disappointed for long. My eyes shot open when I felt them reattach their mouths to my cock and saw that they were now kissing the tip together.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned, fisting their hair in each hand. They continued like that, their tongues swirling around the head as they tasted me and each other.

The sound of an unfamiliar moan sending vibrations through my cock made me look down to where Kitten had her fingers teasing Bella's pussy.

"That's so fucking hot..." I noticed Bella wink at Alice before my girl pulled away and Bella, ohmygod. I made a low guttural sound as Bella took me into her throat and Alice began licking my nuts.

They continued like that for a bit, slowly working me into a frenzy before they switched, Bella massaging while Alice licked and teased me like a damned Popsicle. I could feel the tension building in my nuts and knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

Alice pushed Bella's hands away before positioning herself better. Bella disappeared behind Alice who pushed her ass towards her before looking at me and winking. I bit my lip, knowing what was coming. I moaned loudly and came as she went all the way down on me, touching her nose to the skin of my lower abdomen.

I lay back onto the bed peacefully, relishing the feel of Alice's lips as she released me. "I love you so much, Kitten..." I groaned, fisting her hair and pulling her to my mouth to kiss her hungrily.

The kiss was broken when I felt unknown fingers run along my side, lifting the hem of my shirt. "Hey!" I slapped Bella's hand away almost instinctively.

"Sorry," Bella squeaked as Alice rolled her eyes.

"Rule Number One, Bella," Alice sighed.

"Yeah... I forgot, sorry..."

I quirked an eyebrow at Alice. "Rule Number One?"

"Only I get to strip you," she explained. "'Cause you know how I have this weird kink to grab your shirt all rough like when you're fucking me."

I knew she had lied about that for my sake, but I still found what she said hot and nodded as I pushed my shirt down more. "What do you ladies have planned next?"

"Babe, haven't you figured this out yet?" Alice asked with a wry smile.

"Yeah, it's your night to call the shots, Jazz," Bella added.

"We're your playthings for the night." Alice grinned.

I quirked my eyebrow up. That was a very interesting idea - my playthings eh? "Maybe y'all could eat each other out?" I offered.

"Is that what you want?" Alice asked as she started to kiss my jaw. I put her hand on my barely half-a chubby.

"Until I'm ready for more." I nodded.

She nodded before kissing my ear. "I love you, Jasper," she whispered, before pushing Bella onto her back. I watched as my girl climbed over her, her lips kissing every inch of her friend before whispering something in her ear.

It was Bella's turn to push Alice back. They moved so they were beside me. Alice locking eyes with me before they fluttered closed as she moaned softly at Bella's touch. The girls were putting on a show, their hands slowly exploring each other as their lips and tongues danced together.

Moans and gasps filled the air and soon enough Bella was sitting on Alice's face while her head was between Alice's thighs again. I could feel my cock growing and springing back to life as I watched them, listening to their satisfied moans, slurps and mmm's.

Alice moved, freeing her arm so she could use her fingers to get Bella off. The added effect made Bella wiggle more and Alice moan louder. I reached down and stroked myself slowly, letting my cock fill as I enjoyed the sight of the two girls together. After a few minutes the girls were really working themselves up and I found myself groping and pinching their breasts.

"God, I wanna fuck you so hard, baby," I groaned. She moaned and bucked her hips in response. I'll take that as a 'I want you to fuck me, too'. "Roll over, ladies. Y'all can entertain each other while I fuck my wife."

The girls stopped what they were doing, each one moving to my instructions - not before playfully biting each other first. Bella lay under Alice, nipping at her inner thighs as Alice wiggled her ass at me.

"Y'all just love to tease, don't you?" I moved so I was behind Alice's ass, cupping her hips as I ran my thumbs over her sexy as fuck back dimples.

"You love it when we tease, Jasper." Alice purred before getting back to work on her friend. I didn't respond; instead, I lined up and filled her in one hard thrust.

"Fuck," I groaned, waiting for a second as I felt Alice's walls constrict around me and Bella's tongue flick against where we were joined. I fucked Alice hard and fast, her moans muffled by Bella's pussy. It was like a dream come true and I never wanted the night to end.

I moaned and thrust deep when I felt Bella's tongue on my balls. I reached forward and grabbed Alice's silky hair, pulling it and making her arch her back and explode around me. I pushed my hips against her soft yet firm ass a few times, letting her calm down from the power of her orgasm before pulling out.

Alice moved off of Bella, laying down next to her and looking at me. "You didn't cum yet," she stated.

"I wanna eat some pussy, too." I gave her a wry smile.

She raised her eyebrow at me before smirking, giving Bella one last long lick between her thighs. Bella moaned, her hand grabbing Alice's hair, making Alice chuckle before sitting up.

"Wanna work your magic on her, babe?"

"If you feel like sharing my magic tongue." I leaned down and kissed her, savoring the feel of her against my lips and the sweet smell of her that permeated the air.

She hummed against my lips before pulling away. "I think I can share this once," she said with a wink. "Is that all that you want, Jasper?" she asked as her hand started to stroke my cock. "Just some pussy in your face?"

I moaned and bit my lip. "No ma'am... I wanna fuck you..."

"Your wish..." she started.

"Our command," Bella finished. I grinned as my wifey pushed me on my back, kissing me before she straddled my cock. While facing each other Bella straddled my face as Alice slowly lowered herself on my cock, making my eyes roll into the back of my head. Bella pinched my nipple through my shirt to remind me of what I had asked for and I got to work.

All I could think was pussy: pussy on my cock and pussy in my face. I was fairly sure that the girls were kissing and pleasing each other over me and the image it conjured up was hot enough to make me cum. Luckily I was able to hold off until both the girls got off, then I pushed Bella off of me and flipped Alice so that she was on her back. I finished off by burying myself as far as I could inside of her, the sounds of her screams barely coming through my blinding orgasm.

When I came to I was laying on Alice's chest, nuzzling one of her tits as she ran her fingers through my hair and tried to catch her breath.

"I love you," I whispered against her breast.

"I love you, too." She tugged my hair gently to get me to move up to her lips. Instead of kissing me, she ran her tongue along my ear lobe. "I have something for you later, if you're up to it," she whispered.

"I'm always up for anything," I whispered back, wondering what she had planned for me.

"Good," she smiled. "But first, I need a nap," she giggled out before reaching out and grabbing Bella's hand. "You still alive over there, Bee?" Bella grinned and nodded.

I had no idea what Alice had planned for later, but I knew this birthday was going to be hard to top. I smiled to myself and leaned against my wife's chest, happy and complete.

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