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Summary: Max and Logan's child has been kidnapped, there's a way to get her back but at what prize?

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Logan sat in front of his computer and rubbed his forehead. He had finally managed to quiet down the kids and was hoping for a moment of peace

He decided to check his mail and look for information on the hack he was working on.

Logan discovered that he had an awful lot of new mails. Being a parent had turned out to be harder than he thought but he wouldn't trade it for the world

The newest message was from his friend Asha, he opened it and scanned through it quickly. it said:

Dear Logan:
I know you hate when we talk about personal stuff on the phone, I know when we talk on the phone it's about business stuff but I really want to get to know you better and spend some time with you.
I need a place to hide for a while, would you mind if I drop by your place? Maybe you can get Eyes Only to fix me up with a place to stay or... if it isn't too much trouble, maybe I could stay with you?
I hope you're ok with this. If you aren't please contact me before Wednesday

Thank you


Logan sighed and rubbed his forehead even harder, it was Thursday already, no chance of contacting her now. He didn't mind her dropping by but he had never gotten around to telling her that he was married and had kids. He just hoped it wouldn't be a problem


Logan got up to answer the doorbell only to discover Asha with a small bag by her feet waiting on the hall

"Hey" Logan opened the door wider to let her in

"Hi" Asha's voice was hoarse and barely understandable. She looked around his apartment "Did you get my message?"

"Yeah, I did. Are you ok?" Logan motioned for her to sit on the couch

"Sore throat"

"Oh. Want something to drink?"

"Anything with alcohol would be nice" Asha was wearing a small dark blue skirt and a tight black shirt. She crossed her legs, revealing even more of her thighs

Logan grabbed a ring of keys from the coffee table and unlocked the wine cabinet. Asha thought it was a little weird but ignored it

Logan poured her a glass of white wine and poured himself a little bit as well, he took both glasses to the couch and handed one to Asha before sitting down next to her

Almost immediately she scooted closer to him and he shifted uncomfortably

"So, Asha, what have you been up to this last few years?" Logan tried to fill the uncomfortable silence

"Not much, a couple of fights, looking for the right man, although maybe it's true what they say, the answers to our problems can be staring at us right in the face"

Logan looked away quickly and coughed loudly. At that exact moment the door slammed open and a bunch of bags with feet came in

"Max?" Logan stood up, he was so grateful for her showing up

"Sorry for kicking the door open but I didn't feel like putting down the bags"

Logan took a bunch of bags from her, revealing her beautiful face and straight long hair. He leaned forward and kissed her quickly

"Hmm, give me another one" Max closed her eyes

Logan chuckled and kissed her again, a little bit more deeply this time

"Hum Max, this is Asha" Logan said

"Oh hi! I would shake your hand but..." Max walked over to the kitchen counter behind Logan and they both set the bags down

"I'm late. I'm late aren't I?" Max asked Logan

Logan glanced at his watch "Well yes but I haven't had any problems"

"Excuse me" Max said to Asha and left the room

"You picked a young girl, how old is she?" Asha asked Logan as soon as Max was gone

"24" Logan answered

"Logan Logan Logan, you're over a decade older than her! Don't you think it's time for you to find a mature girl, settle down"

"Oh Max is..."

"I mean, what is Max to you?"

"DADEEEE!" Michelle screamed from her room

"She's the mother of my children" Logan answered with a smile

Max came back to the room, she was carrying two babies. It was only then that Asha noticed the rings on her finger

"Dad, mommy, Josh is eating my crayons and writing on the wall with his tongue" A beautiful four year old girl with dark curly hair and huge blue eyes wearing jeans and a black tee shirt that said 'No Angel' on it ran out of one of the rooms

"Joshua Alexander Cale! Get in here right now!" Max raised her voice

"Sweetie, could you take Aubrey for a sec?" Max handed Logan one of the babies, she had blond hair and piercing blue eyes

A small two year old with messy curly blond hair and green-blue eyes walked into the living room "What mommy?" his baby voice sounded adorable but he had a guilty look on his face

"Were you eating Michelle's crayons?" Max lifted her shirt and Logan reached out to help her unhook her bra.


"Open your mouth"

Josh did as he was told, his tongue and teeth were painted with the colors of the rainbow

"Dey ar MY crayons!" Joshua fought back

"You know what? You can keep the crayons because tomorrow Dad is going to buy me a brand new box" Michelle taunted him

Joshua considered his options for a second "You can keep da old crayons, I want da new ones!" And with that he ran back to his room

"Wash your teeth!" Logan yelled after him

"You are a very clever little girl aren't you?" Asha, who had recovered enough to speak told Michelle

"Well, it's basic children psychology. I just offered something better in return for my things" The four year old informed her

Max, who was breastfeeding the other baby chuckled

"Oh, Asha. Excuse my rudeness. That's Michelle, she's four. The hyperactive kid that was here a moment ago is Joshua Alexander, he's two. And this" He pointed to the babies in his and Max's arms "Are Aubrey" He pointed to the girl "and Ian" He pointed to the dark haired boy with dark brown eyes attached to Max's breast "They are three months old"

"They're beautiful" Asha said sincerely "I just wish you had told me earlier. I made a fool of myself"

"It's ok" Logan shrugged

"Mommy, what did you buy for dinner?" Michelle asked

"Go see" Max pointed to the bags on the counter

"Which bag?"

"The one that's moving" Max smiled

Michelle ran to the kitchen and climbed a stool to reach the bag, she reached in and shrieked

"A fresh chicken! Mommy please, can I kill it?" Michelle begged

Max turned to Logan, Michelle's genetics, just like her brothers as far as they could tell, were the same as her mothers, she was stronger, faster and smarter, but she also had the impulse to kill. Max and Logan had decided a while ago that ignoring that fact was only going to make things worse. Michelle just had to learn to control herself and to tell the difference between right and wrong

"Hum... sure sweetie, just use your hands, I don't want you handling sharp objects ok? And don't make a mess"

Michelle squeaked with delight and took the chicken out of it's cage

Asha wondered what the little girl was planning on doing

Michelle wrapped her left arm around the chicken to hold it still and with her tiny right hand she gripped it's neck

"She isn't really going to do it is she?" Asha asked Logan in a low but still hoarse voice


"Michelle is a... very strong little girl" Logan tried to explain without going into detail

Aubrey squirmed a little in his arms and her lower lip trembled

"Max, I think Aubrey is hungry"

Max handed Ian to Logan and took Aubrey

They heard a shriek coming from Joshua's room "Daddy! Come look at the sparks coming out of the playstation!"

Logan was on his feet immediately

"Here" He handed Ian to Asha and ran to his son's room

Asha looked down at the beautiful boy in her arms

Ian raised his pudgy little hand and placed it on Asha's cheek. Asha smiled and rocked the boy a little

The baby's eyes went as big as saucers. His face turned red and his little fist shook


Asha was mortified, one moment the baby was fine and the next...

Michelle climbed down from the stool and reached out for her baby brother

Asha hesitated "Hum, the baby is very heavy, are you sure you can carry him?"

Michelle tapped her foot against the floor in exasperation "In case you hadn't noticed" She took Ian from Asha with no problem at all "I'm not your average girl"

Max chuckled again "Michelle, be nice! It's gonna be hell on earth when she becomes a teenager"

"Yeah" Asha quietly said

The four year old patted Ian's back with practiced ease until he burped, then she set him down on a playpen that had been stored in Logan's office and handed him a ring of plastic keys

Ian quieted down immediately And Michelle smiled. Asha was awed by the strength and intelligence of the girl

"Everything is fine" Logan walked into the living room, dragging Joshua by the arm "Now Joshua Alexander apologize to your sister for ruining her new playstation"

"He did WHAT?" Michelle screeched "You little piece of..."

"Watch your mouth young lady! Or you won't be hanging out with my friends any more" Max admonished her "Joshua, apologize"

Josh bit his lip and smiled "NO" He giggled and ran away from his father

"Joshua Alexander, you're not getting any dinner until you apologize to your sister!" Max insisted

Joshua stopped and for a second Max thought he was going to apologize but then he grinned and yelled "NO" He laughed and ran around the living room again

"Why did our kids have to inherit my attitude? Why oh why can't they be calm like their father?" Max wondered jokingly

Logan smiled. He stuck out his foot when Josh was just about to run past him. Joshua crashed softly against Logan's leg and he bent over immediately to pick his son up.

"What would be the fun in that?" Logan held the little boy by his feet "Now apologize to your sister"

Joshua's face turned red from hanging upside down "Soddy sis" He said in a quiet voice

"It's ok, it's not like I needed that thing to survive or anything. Just ask before using any of my stuff next time alright?"


Logan set his kid down and he ran back to the room he was sharing with Michelle for a while. Max and Logan had decided to keep the two babies in one room for a while and then just having a boys room and a girls room

Max finished nursing Aubrey and settled her down next to her brother

Logan came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist

"So Asha, you can stay here tonight and I can arrange something for you tomorrow ok?"

"Hum, I think I should just go you know? I have a few friends here in Seattle that I would love to visit and your house seems pretty full"

Logan had been hoping she would say that "Well, ok but you have to stay for dinner"

"Oh I don't know"

"Stay! Logan is an amazing cook" Max tried to convince her

"Well... alright"

Logan left to start dinner, leaving Max and Asha alone to make conversation.

They chatted for a long time, about how difficult Max's first pregnancy had been and how easy the other two were. They talked about Asha's group and how difficult things were for them right then

"Dinner's ready!" Logan announced almost an hour later "Go help your brother clean up" He told Michelle, who had been helping him with the cooking


Dinner went by uneventfully and Asha insisted on leaving immediately after.

Logan walked her to the door

"I'll call you tomorrow to tell you about the arrangements"

"Ok" Asha hesitated for a second "Logan, I'm really happy for you. You've got yourself a beautiful family and an amazing wife. I hope you know just how lucky you are"

"I do" Logan smiled

Asha stood on tiptoes and kissed Logan on the cheek "Goodbye"

"Yeah, bye" Logan waited until she got into the elevator before going back inside


After the kids had gone to bed Logan followed Max to their bedroom. He discovered that she had lighted candles all over the room


"Yeah?" Max turned around to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck

"You think the twins are going to sleep through the night?"

"Probably not, but they will sleep for at least an hour"

"And what do you think we can do in that hour?" Logan smiled, edging towards the bed

The back of Max's legs hit the edge of the bed and she fell, taking Logan with her

"I'm sure you can come up with something" Max kissed him passionately and he responded eagerly

He kissed his way down her neck and scraped her flesh with his teeth, making her sigh and giggle at the sensations cursing through her body


"Sir, where are you going?"

"I have some business to attend Lydia"

"When will you be back?"

"I don't know. Soon hopefully"

"Well, is there any way I can contact you if something comes up?"

"Just use the cell phone. I've got to go, I have a plane to catch"

Donald Lydecker grabbed his suitcase and left his office in a hurry


Michelle was sound asleep, her fluffy gray bunny next to her. She had had some trouble going to sleep, since her mommy was laughing in her room. Michelle wondered what jokes was her dad telling mommy to make her laugh so hard

Joshua snored lightly next to her

Suddenly Michelle was yanked awake by a strong arm and her mouth was covered by a gloved hand

She gasped and tried to free herself but her captor was too strong

"Shh, don't make a noise" A male voice told her

"Michelle? That you?" Joshua's sleepy voice asked

"Tell him to go back to sleep" The man's whisper was almost inaudible "You scream, and your brother dies"

He uncovered her mouth slowly

"Everything's fine Josh, go back to sleep"

"Dids you have a scary dream? Want to shleep with me?"

"No, just go back to sleep"

"Aight" Josh yawned and rolled on his back

The stranger picked Michelle up and headed for the door

'I have to do something, I need to warn my parents' Michelle thought and then she did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed her bunny and ripped it's head off

Her attacker was startled by the sudden noise but he kept walking. Michelle dropped the bunny's head by the door and hoped that her parents would understand what she was trying to tell them


"Michelle! Breakfast!" Logan yelled from the kitchen

"She's not up yet?" Max asked coming out of their room, her hair dripping wet

"Oh she better be up. Michelle you're going to be late for school!"

Josh walked out of his room, his hair a complete mess and his eyes still half closed

"Josh, where's your sister?"

"Batrom I gess" Josh's baby voice answered

"I'll go get the paper" Max walked to the door "Michelle, if you're not ready in..."

Max stopped, she gasped

"What's wrong angel?" Logan asked

"She's gone"

He dropped the bowl he had been using, it shattered into a million pieces "What do you mean she's gone?"

Max held up the bunny's head and threw it at Logan before running around the apartment, looking in every room

"Michelle!" Max and Logan called out together, they searched every room

The twins were awoken by all the yelling and were now wailing. Joshua was near tears as well

Finally Max collapsed on the couch, Logan sat down next to her

"Oh my god, Logan she's been kidnapped!"

The phone rang then, and the tow of them stared at each other before diving for it


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