Abduction 7


::Fifteen seconds earlier::

Logan glanced at Michelle, she dropped the plate she was carrying. It shattered into a million pieces

"Michelle, what's wrong?" Logan was getting scared. He kneeled down in front of her and shook her shoulders to get a response from her

Logan heard a small dripping noise. He glanced down and discovered a small puddle forming at Michelle's feet

"Oh my God" He whispered

"Logan, is everything ok?" Asha asked frowning


Max ran out of the office yelling "LOGAN! Logan I..."

Max glanced from Asha to Logan to Michelle and back to Asha

"YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH!!!" Max launched herself at Asha, knocking her to the ground.

Logan watched her do this and only took Michelle's hand and pulled her out of the way

Max punched Asha on the face, on the stomach, on the face again. She was not doing it in a trained, orderly way, she was just trying to hurt the kidnapper of her baby.

Asha tried to fight back but Max was moving at an unbelievable speed. Logan had never seen her move that way.

Max grabbed Asha from the floor and threw her into a wall, then she pressed her arm to Asha's throat and pushed.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right here and now." Max whispered to her.

Asha grunted and Max loosened her grip enough for Asha to speak "Because if you do, you'll never know who sent me."

Max gripped Asha harder for a second, then she released her.

Asha fell in a heap on the floor.


"Yes Michelle?"

Michelle slowly and carefully walked up to Max and hid behind her "Can I kick her?"

Max nodded

Michelle stepped up to Asha and glared at her.

"Max, I don't think Michelle..." Logan started to say but Max silenced him with a look.

Asha lifted her head to look at Michelle, her nose and mouth where bloody and she seemed to be in a lot of pain.

"Michelle, sweetie I"

"DON'T TALK TO HER!" Max screamed.

"Mommy?" Joshua was standing outside his room, he was nearly in tears. Logan ran to him and picked him up, shielding him from the scene in the living room.

Michelle had not moved, she was standing a foot away from Asha, totally frozen.

"Little girl, I know you don't want to hurt me! You're a kid! I never meant to hurt you..."

Michelle kicked Asha on the face, she passed out immediately.

"Michelle?" Max whispered.

The little girl turned around to face her mother. She was crying.

Max knelt down and opened her arms. Michelle ran to her embrace and sobbed until exhaustion took over and she fell asleep in Max's arms.


When Asha woke up she found herself painfully tied to a chair and surrounded.

"Good, you're awake!" Alec smiled at her, but it was not a friendly smile, it was a powerful one.

"You know, you should've known better than to mess with our sister." Krit crossed his arms.

"Now you're throat deep in shit." Syl finished.

Asha shuddered involuntarily, she had seen what Max could do on her own but had absolutely no desire of finding out what her family was capable of doing.

"You better cooperate with us missy or you'll find yourself in a lot of pain." Jace came up from behind and stood next to Alec.

"Ok, ok. I'll tell you everything I know." Asha managed to say.


"I'll be back later to pick you up ok babies?" Max asked her two oldest kids.

"Mommy, why can'd we shtay at home with you? Joshua asked.

"Mommy needs to take care of some things, she doesn't want us to see nor be around for." Michelle calmly explained her brother.

Max smiled a very sad smile, she realized how much her daughter had gone through just by listening to her speak. She no longer spoke like the innocent four year old, she spoke like an adult.

"Cindy, take good care of our babies. I left you some bottles in the fridge." Original Cindy was carrying Ian while Kendra held Aubrey in her arms.

"Sure thing Boo, go take care of your problems." Cindy gave Max an awkward hug.

"Max, we should go. Asha might be waking up any minute." Logan touched Max on the shoulder.

"Yeah." Max kissed her four kids lightly on the lips and headed out.

On the ride home Logan tried to talk to her.

"Max... what you let Michelle do today..."

"It was the right thing Logan, she needed to get even with the woman who tortured her."

Logan sighed "Max she's four years old! We agreed not to encourage her animal instincts."

Logan, Michelle was angry and scared!"

"Michelle showed absolutely no compassion for another human being!" Logan replied.

"Yeah well neither did Asha! An eye for and eye!"

"I will NOT raise my child as a monster!"

As soon as Logan had said those words he wished he could take them back.

Max stared at him with her mouth open for a moment "Stop the car."


"Stop the damn car!"

Logan pulled over and Max jumped out, she walked the rest of the way home.


"Max, so nice of you to join us! We where just about to beat Asha senseless just for the pleasure of it!" Alec smiled at her.

"Where's Logan?"

"He came in and went straight to his room." Syl told her.

"Ok, let's get started." Max grabbed a knife from the kitchen and walked up to Asha

"Hum Max, shouldn't we get Logan?" Alec asked but Max ignored him so he went to get Logan.

"Ok Asha, we'll start easy. Tell me, why did you kidnap my daughter?" Max asked calmly, tossing the knife in the air and catching it by the handle.

"The S1W wasn't doing so well, we needed the money."

"You got paid to kidnap my child?" Logan asked from the doorway.

"I was going to get 90 thousand dollars if I obtained the locations of the freaks who escaped on 2009, I would've gotten an extra million for Michelle's body."

Jace whistled under her breath "Why? Why this child? Why the 09 escapees?"

"They wouldn't say, all I know is that there's something special about Michelle."

"That much is obvious." Syl whispered sarcastically. "I can't believe he would go so low."

"Who?" Krit asked.

"Lydecker? Who else would pull something like this off? He was probably trying to get his job back or something!"

"No" Asha said.

"No? What do you mean no?"

"Her last name was not Lydecker."

"Her?" Jace asked.

"He's a she?" Alec frowned.

Asha took a deep breath "She gave me her name over the phone. Her name is Refro."


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