Babysitting Wolverine and Sabretooth

Summary: Origin version of Sabretooth… What if both Wolverine and Sabretooth were transformed into children and it's up to the X-Men to look after two feral children and find a way to turn them back into adults.

Warnings: OOC due to this being my first attempt to write a fanfic with these characters.

Chapter 1

The X-Men with the exception of Wolverine and Beast stood in front of the Professor; they just finished explaining their latest mission against The Brotherhood and the problems that rose from their latest fight. Hands folded on his lap the Professor calmly listened; this was something he never expected to happen not in a thousand years. But with the new types of mutants, he shouldn't have been so surprised.

"Are you saying both Logan and Sabretooth are… children?" Professor Xavier clarified, just to see if he heard right. Not that he felt the need; he would have been able to tell if they were lying to him or not easily enough with his abilities.

"Yes. We're not too sure how the mutant was able to do it. All we caught was a wave of white light coming from the mutant's hands and head towards Logan. We figure that Logan was the main target, but Sabretooth was unable to get out of the way thanks to Logan pinning him against a wall for a moment there." Storm explained. Both children where down in the infirmary with Hank McCoy or more commonly known to some as Beast.

Without any thought Xavier simply stated, "I would like to meet the two." With that he headed out of his office with Storm and the others in tow behind him.

"And one more thing, they're brothers. I didn't know Logan had a sibling." Storm decided to add as they headed into the elevator and stood around Xavier's in his wheelchair.

"Really. Now that, I haven't seen coming." Xavier mused lately as the elevator started downward.

It didn't take them long for the elevator to stop and for them to exit the elevator and reach the door leading to the room that contained the two brothers and Beast. As soon as they entered they saw Hank ducking behind a bed. Across the room stood a young boy holding a syringe in his hand as a weapon as well as the claws on his free hand. A snarl was present as he stood there glaring at the newcomers to the room. At this point he considered everyone in the room as a threat to him and his little brother who was ducking behind him and clutching the back of his borrowed shirt.

"Don't come any closer." Young Victor hissed, senses on high alert.

"It's alright. We aren't going to hurt you. I am Professor Charles Xavier. You must be… Victor Creed." Professor Xavier stated calmly, he skimmed their minds faintly and figured that they had no memory of anything that happened beyond there current age.

"Victor…" Young James asked from behind Victor, he wanted to know what his older brother was going to do or decide. After all, Victor was his older brother so he should know what to do in this situation.

"Quiet…" Victor said before turning his attention to the man calling himself Professor Charles Xavier and demanded, "How do you know who I am?!" It truly bothered him that someone he didn't know knew who he was.

"I know plenty about you, Victor. And yes, I read your mind." Professor Xavier explained calmly, after hearing Victor question himself on whether or not his mind was read.

"How?!" James asked, still standing behind Victor and obviously not listening to Victor. Which earned himself a glare that promised some sort of retaliation later.

"I'm a mutant. Much like you two are." Professor Xavier explained calmly as he calmly and cautiously wheeled closer to the overly alert children.

"A mutant? You're nothing like us! You have no claws or teeth like I do. Or claws like James." Victor argued, he didn't quite buy it. But due to his already finely tuned senses he knew that what the man said wasn't a lie.

"No. Not like you, I'm one that can read minds among other things." Professor Xavier explained calmly, he knew he distracted them enough for Beast to sneak up on the two children's right side. Unfortunately he was spotted by the youngest who alerted his brother. From there chaos erupted as Beast was forced to lunge at the two boys without the fear of things being thrown at him like before. Which was the cause of him taking cover thanks to his not wanting to get stabbed by anything sharp that might have been thrown at him. And young Victor already proved to have a strong throwing arm.

Beast managed to restrain Victor and Scott who followed Professor Xavier into the room managed to restrain a struggling James.

"Let me go!" James protested as he squirmed and struggled. He felt it again, in his wrists and his hands. It felt like something was tearing at the insides of his hands and cutting their way out.

Scott noticed the claws too late as he felt his arm get stabbed; thankfully it didn't go in too far. But still, it was going to need stitches.

"Put me down you overgrown rug!" Victor hissed as he clawed at the arms that held him and kicked whatever he could. Even at his age, he felt that urge to maim. And seeing his brother's distress only made that urge harder to ignore.

Beast winced as he felt claws enter his arms and kicks to his legs. The kid sure was strong at his age. He was glad about one thing; he didn't have to hold the boy for long. Professor Xavier finally intervened and knocked the two boys out.

"What do we do?" Scott asked as he lowered the boy in his arms to one of the beds that was still present from when the two were first brought here.

"Jean, Storm. Will you two go investigate the area where this happened and see if there is a chance to locate the mutant who did this. I will check through cerebro." Professor Xavier stated calmly.

Authoress Note: Currently unbeta'ed due to my wanting to test the waters to see if this fic is a good idea or not. And I'm not sure how to go about this further due to my lack of planning XD though truthfully said, I don't like to plan. All my fic's go on their own pace and there's no for sure if they're near the end or far from it XD

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