Chapter 33

Too tired, that's one fact that kept coming up in Victor's mind while he processed everything. His baby brother was too tired emotionally to keep fighting him on it. That should have been a good thing, wasn't it? Yet it felt awful, he hated that fact and hated that it felt awful all at the same time. What should he do? What could he do? Did remembering really tire him out that much or was it time? But then if it was time, wouldn't Victor be tired too?

And in truth, Victor was tired, mainly of constantly fighting his brother though. Everything else, he wasn't so tired of especially killing and wars. He'll never be tired of that.

"If that's the case, Jimmy-boy, why did you never contact me? Why did you never try to tell me that before?" Victor asked, to him those were very valid questions that Jimmy needed to answer, it was necessary. He watched his brother's mouth open and close before a slight frustrated growl slipped out of his brother's mouth.

"I don't know… One year turned to two then to six…" Logan answered, it wasn't a good answer and he knew it but it was the best one he could provide at the moment.

He didn't know! He didn't know! That was the most stupid answer Victor's ever heard, and completely unacceptable! Snarling slightly Victor found himself tackling his brother through the window of the kitchen landing roughly on a grassed area. This was something they knew, this was something they were good at. Fighting.

They both tore at each other viciously as children ran inside and out of sight while older students including Rogue and Bobby came close to the situation and watched as their fight continued, shaming real animals in the vicious hits they gave each other.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" Hank asked, worried for the both of them and anyone foolish enough to get in the way. A faint whisper in Hank told him to stop the fight, to get this fight off this property which he considered in some ways as his territory. It was too faint and easy to ignore for Hank, which he knew was different with Logan. He knew with Logan it was a shout rather then a whisper.

"No, they need to get this out of their system. They need to solve things rather then leave it unsolved so it could continue eating away at already raw wounds." Professor Xavier answered calmly while Ororo went about sending the children further into the mansion so they wouldn't have to see this. She did the same with the older students including Rogue and Bobby who didn't want to leave but reluctantly obeying in the end. Even though, Ororo could tell they didn't want to.

Outside inhumane snarls and bickering could be heard from the brothers. And as quick as it started, it finished. Smiling slightly he wheeled himself closer to the window and watched outside as they sat back to back panting and glaring at the ground. Professor Xavier also knew where Logan learnt to glare from obviously, amusing to see. He couldn't hear what they were saying but from what he sensed it wasn't something that wouldn't cause a fight again, they both seemed rather defeated and tired with the situation.

And in the week that passed Xavier was glad to see that their situation with each other was improving, slightly. They fought still just as much as they did before but they were also on talking terms and for the two of them that was a big step forward. The children were now very used to them fighting each other and luckily Logan manages to get the fight downstairs in the Jet's hanger due to the danger room being out of commission still in order to spare Professor Xavier the cost of repairing walls, furniture, televisions and other appliances that they either crashed into or used as a weapon itself. The last thing he remembered being used as a weapon was a television; he entered the room and found Victor's upper body going right through it from Logan hitting him with it most likely.

One thing that did concern him was that Logan was forgetting things here and there. At the start Professor Xavier didn't think it was serious but after Logan couldn't remember his own mother's name it started to concern him greatly and he was thankful that he didn't delete Logan's memories from the computer.

And when the day passed that Logan ended up passing out right in the middle of a fight in the Jet's hanger Professor Xavier knew that Logan's fears passed. Victor was confused as to why his brother just passed out after he barely touched him. He was waiting for an explanation outside of the classroom where Professor Xavier was now using as an office due to its size so he could inform the X-Men of Logan's situation. He has yet to call them in.

Scott stood as far away from the clawed feral as he could, he hated that the man never left yet. In fact, he made himself right at home here and the worse thing was, the Professor let him. Without getting the vicious feral to do anything in return. It wasn't fair! He felt his hand being squeezed by Jean and knew she sensed his turmoil. Sometimes it really was a good thing that your girlfriend had psychic abilities. Rogue he could see was worried, she was pacing in the room constantly and it looked like it was starting to agitate Sabretooth greatly who was glaring at her constantly.

"You may come in now." Came the Professor's voice from the classroom, and automatically Scott entered without question.

"Well?! What happened?" Rogue blurted out first, though no one was going to correct her. They all were wondering.

"I have bad news, about Logan's memory." Professor Xavier stated calmly, he noted that Victor seemed to tense as much as everyone else. It proves to Professor Xavier he was right to let the man stay, the heartless Sabretooth had a heart even if it was only for his brother.

"What is it?" Ororo asked, despite her calmness you could hear her concern.

"It's gone. All…" Professor Xavier started to explain, planning on explaining his failed attempts in fixing it.

"What the fuck do you mean? Gone. How can it be gone, he remembered… Everything for the past week and then some…" Victor snarled, he didn't care if it seemed rude or not. It hurt; far more then he would have liked to admit that it did. It was a slap in the face, his brother remembered his sacrifices and the wars they fought side by side and then according to the foolish pacifist it's all gone. Again!

"His memories just disappeared. Right to the present day, he no longer remembers any of us or what happened since he's met us. Or in Victor's case since they grew up together…" Professor Xavier explained calmly, letting the fact that he was interrupted slide. This wasn't the time for really concerning himself with that fact.

"Di… Didn't you save his memories on a… a computer or something?" Rogue blurted out, she felt tears prickle at the corners of her eyes. How could this happen!? This wasn't supposed to happen, not ever. He promised to look out for her; he was her closes friend aside from her boyfriend Bobby who just looked stunned. Everyone looked stunned except for Sabretooth who looked angry and dare she say hurt.

"I tried… It, it didn't work." Professor Xavier explained, he could sense the turmoil from everyone. And he didn't blame anyone for it.

Nothing. He didn't remember anything! Somehow he knew what things were, but other then that he didn't know! Sitting up he rubbed the back of his head and looked around. He was so confused and anxious. And in that confusion and anxiety came anger at the emotions and his situation. He was alone which was fine, he was glad for it even. But the fact that he was in a laboratory disturbed him.

How did he know that he wasn't here against his will, how did he know that the people who owned this laboratory wasn't going to strap him down and cut him open again. Did it happen before? It felt like he was in that sort of situation. And if that's the case, how did he know? Instinct, that's what it has to be; instinctively he knew it happened before.

Growling aggressively he stood up and headed towards the door and tried to figure out how to open it. It wouldn't open, in fact it told him that it was locked and wouldn't open without clarification. He was trapped! Caged! How dare these fools lock him in, whoever they were? And if they didn't let him out, he'll fight his way out if he had to. Cut them all down if that's what it took.

Sudden pain caught his attention as blades, no claws, sprung from his hands coming out between his knuckles. Three on each hand. It hurt! Crying out in shock he stumbled back and looked at them, they were flawless knives it seemed like. Yet he knew they weren't used for cutting meat. More like cutting through people and things. Things like doors.

Testing it out he slashed at a bed and found they cut right through easily enough. And his wrists and hands didn't hurt anymore which told him they were suppose to be there.

Smiling grimly he lunged at the door creating deep gash's in the metal that soon got through after a few hits. He was free! Though as soon as he got out the hallways looked as clean and meant for scientists or whatever you would call people who worked in such places. He didn't know and a voice that he didn't recognize called out to him,

Was that his name? Did he know her somehow, she looked young. A teenager. How he knew he wasn't too sure but he didn't question his knowing that fact. Looking at her he noted her to have a white strip in her hair. Natural? He didn't know.

"It'll be okay." Another voice, calm and collected. Trustworthy, he didn't know. Turning towards that voice and noticed that the man was in a wheelchair of sorts. Despite his own panic, his instincts told him to trust the man. Trust that he wouldn't harm him or mislead him in any way. He hoped his instincts weren't wrong. There were other people and one that caught his attention the most out of all of them. He had claws at the tips of his fingers.

He knew these people, but he didn't know how he knew.

Authoress Note: First of all, I know this is a bad place to finish the story, but I figured it was the best. Because for one thing, Sabretooth and Logan were no longer being babysat by the X-Men. And two, it leaves it open for a sequel which I will start pretty quick here. No guarantee's it'll be posted soon though. And yes, there will be a sequel.


Sequel is called "The Lost and Forgotten", so check it out if you want.