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I got bored, I came up with some ideas and... well enjoy. And try not to do these unless you have a deathwish. ^^

How to Bother Akatsuki!

1. Join them! ^^

2. Lock them up in a room full of Akatsuki fangirls!

3. Convince Sasori that the others would make awesome puppets.

4. Starve Zetsu for a month, then lock the other members alone in a room with him.

5. Use Kakuzu's money to buy an Akatsuki mobile and make Itachi drive. (Watch "Itachi gets a car" on youtube and see why)

6. Steal the Akatsuki mobile, hide it, then ask "Dude, where's my car?" (I don't know where the line is from so DON'T ASK!)

7. Disguise yourself as another Akatsuki member and make fun of Deidara's speech impediment.

8. Tape record and laugh when Deidara tries to blow everyone up.

9. Make sure they read Akatsuki fanfics.

10. Lock them in a room full of Naruto, Jiraiya, Asuma, Shikamaru, Guy, Kakashi, and Sasuke fangirls and/or a room full of Gaara fangirls. (Enough said)

11. Show them this list.

12. Run for your life after you do all of the above.

Review! ^^

(Just for the record, I would never do #7)