Ordinary Day……….or is it?

Prologue (girl's bios)

Kimberley Anderson (Eldest)

Age- 19 ½ years old

Height- 5"10

Eye Colour- hazel green/ light blue

Hair Colour- light brown/ brunet with golden natural highlights

Favourite Colour- yellow, blue, light green

Likes- non-horror movies, writing, playing/ composing music, fighting (when necessary), meditation, long walks in gardens/ parks/ forests, music, reading, plays with Violet singing, dancing, playing piano, playing all kinds of guitars and playing violin with Violet, Romeo and Juliet (book), all Shakespeare plays

Hates- The villains that killed her parents/ villains in general, some sports, heights and the dark

Nicknames- Kimmy, Kim, Kimmy-Kins, Fearless, Juliet

Powers- Nature & Earth, empathy (feel others emotions) regular witch powers (telekinesis, read minds/ mind communication with her sisters)

Weapons of choice- Twin Katanas, two large Shuriken (dirks, darts and star-shaped discs/ shurikenjitsu) + gadgets

Kimberley has always wanted to be a teacher from a young age but has changed her dream to being a famous musician and composer or a writer and have a family and a man to love her just as much as she loves him no matter who or what she is. She is always so sporty and positive but also quiet and sensitive; she has fights with her younger sister Riley and is considered the leader and mother figure of the foursome sisters. She is skilled in the twin Katanas and shuriken and always put others before herself and their needs before hers. Kimberley tries her hardest to keep her family safe and make sure their skills are always at their best. Kimberley trains constantly and is very determined, disciplined and responsible, but because of this entire trauma with her parents, she and her sisters are finding it hard to attend college or University or anything because of their "different" lives even her schooling was hard, especially with controlling her powers when angry. In high school, Kimberley was captain of the colourgaurd/ flag wavers and dancers, class representative on the student council, captain of choir, captain of the winning tennis team, captain of Karate, Judo and Tai-Chi classes/teams and continuous 1st place winner of writing and English competitions. Like her sisters, Kimberley has only trusted a hand full of people who only ended up broking her heart, one being the worst ever. She is now doesn't show her true emotions in front of others, especially crying and can't trust people easily. She doesn't want her sisters to turn out like her parents and she will do anything she can to keep them safe and not let anything be their downfall, especially emotions.

Riley Anderson (2nd Eldest)

Age- 19 years old

Height- 5"9

Eye Colour- brown by day & blood red/ maroon when the moonlight shines on them

Hair Colour- black with a natural velvet red streak through the left side

Favourite Colours- red, black, all kinds of green

Likes- machines/ vehicles, fighting, weapons, movies, guitar, some music

Hates- Villains, love movies and love music

Nicknames- Riles, Love, Hell Fire

Powers- Fire, regular witch powers (Telekinesis, read minds/ mind communication with her sisters)

Weapons of choice- Shoge, Manrikigusari, Sais + gadgets

Riley is Kimberley's younger sister and she HATES that fact. She has always wanted to be top sister/ child amongst the four siblings, but hasn't reached that mark yet. Her attitude isn't positive, she's very active and can't stay still and dislikes following orders. She's hot-tempered and loves red and black leather as well as sports and working out. Riley was captain of her high school track team and gold medalist for athletics, track, basketball and swimming. She was always going out with guys for fun and never believed in love, not only that but when her heart finally gave in and fell for a guy who she thought was perfect, he broke her heart because he was playing her and he didn't like her for who she was, no one ever understood her. After that, she considered a life of being the player instead of being played but maybe just maybe she won't be left alone for the rest of her life.

Violet Anderson

Age- 18 ½ years old

Height- 5"8 ½

Eye Colour- light green/ aqua

Hair Colour- golden/ brunet with light brown natural streaks

Favourite Colour- purple, violet, white, silver

Likes- historical movies, documentaries, drawing, playing violin, bass guitar + piano, singing, walks along the beach, Ella Enchanted, plays with Kim

Hates- Villains, loud music (Rock), new people (shy and distrustful), some guys, alleys and the dark

Nicknames- Vi, Vi-Vi (pronounced Ve-Ve), Ella

Powers- Water/ Sea, regular witch powers (telekinesis, read minds/ mind communication with her sisters)

Weapon of choice- Bow and arrows, Naginata + gadgets

Violet is the third youngest out of the four Anderson siblings. She is considered the brain box, shy, overly courteous sweetheart out of them all. She is very shy towards new and sometimes very old friends and loves to read, sometimes write but mostly draw and is very self-conscious. She always doubts herself, her abilities and her love life; not to mention her ability at some instruments. Violet is very passionate about her family and although she isn't much of a fighter compared to her elder sisters, she does go in and fight and defend when she feels it's for the best and for her family to be safe. Violet was captain of her high school debating team, A+ student at everything except gym, captain of the orchestra and captain of the school's annual 1st place winning science club. Violet has always had trouble with love but not as bad as her last relationship, and she is getting doubtful of her dream of being a doctor and band member and her future.

Lila Anderson (youngest)

Age- 18 years old

Height- 5"8

Eye Colour- light/ sky blue

Hair Colour- Golden with a touch of brown

Favourite Colours- orange, yellow, bright pink

Likes- comic books, drawing anime/ cartoons, video games, music, jokes, pranks, all types of movies, dancing, hyper-activeness, skateboarding, dancing, playing drums, riding her bike, fashion, designing fashion for herself and her sisters, although they like buying their own at times

Hates- She loves everything except villains and spiders

Nicknames- Lilly, Tiger-Lilly

Powers- Wind/ Air, regular witch powers (telekinesis, read minds/ mind communication with her sisters)

Weapons of choice- Double large Tantos, nunchucks + gadgets

Lila is the baby of the family, her young, carefree, worry free nature helps her to be very active and easy to love. She loves to make jokes, make people laugh and join in on public affairs along with party long into the night. She can be serious at times and settle down for about 30 minutes studying before going crazy again. Everyone believed her to be the "easy target" for heart breaker boys and bullies but she bounces back, or so it seems, with some help from her sisters when that happens. Lila was captain of the Cheerleading team, was one of the best fashion designers in the whole school and one of the main dancers at her temporary University in New York City. Right now she isn't looking for love but some fun and maybe a good mark on a history test. Maybe someone out there can help Lila settle down her hyperness, help her achieve her dream job, have a family and stop hiding her pain and hurt of past relationships and heart ache from her loved ones.