Meeting and Passing: the Sound of Trees

Fangirls Meet Naruto

By 88-x-NekoNinja-x-88 and Yumetaka Kourui

Joanna's View:

We didn't belong here, on this world.

We had to go back. We started here, we ended here, and yet we knew we didn't belong.

We combined my knowledge and her power in hopes of getting back. Everything was right, well, as much as it can be with something that's never been done before.

We had both drawn our parts of the circle; I mine and Nicole hers. We checked it over before laying our hands on the edge, causing the complex mathematical transmutation circle to glow blue. However, something felt different from last time.

I could feel my body being pulled into the circle along with my soul, yet there was something out of place. It wasn't the same as before.

'Not good.'

Nicole's View:

I'll admit it; I know when I'm not wanted. Sure, nine out of ten times I'll ignore it, but I'll still know.

This just wasn't the place for me, I wanted, no, needed to go back. To feel wanted… like I belonged… not to mention to glomp the numerous hot guys!

However, that's a different story for another time.

Anyways, we worked our asses off to come back here, but wouldn't you know it, it wasn't what I remembered… what I wanted to come back to.

So here we are, double-checking for any errors on the transmutation circle. I knew Joanna was already done with her side, but I wanted to make sure this guaranteed we go back to the Fullmetal Alchemist world, the place where we belonged.

As we laid our hands down on it though, it was not the same. I can tell you though; this pain was like going through my own little merry patch of hell…twice.