Epilogue: What Happened

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In the future (maybe shortly after Anne's first brush with the supernatural)…

As he folded the quilt Buffy never finished making for her daughter (Joyce had to after Buffy's death), Andy asked the aging – but still not old – Watcher, "Are you ready to tell Anne the truth about her birth? You know she's been asking again."

Giles sighed. It was a day that he knew would come, but never wanted to face. "Do you think she's old enough?" he inquired semi-rhetorically; he would never feel Anne was old enough for this.

Understanding the man's pain, Andy remarked, "Is anyone ever old enough to learn somebody deliberately tried to kill them, but got their mother instead? I just would have liked to have been able to save Buffy. What's the point of having healing powers if you can't use them?" he ranted, just like every other time he thought about Buffy's senseless death all those years ago.

"Perhaps we should word it differently," Giles suggested wryly. "Maybe something about how her mother and the Slayer essence inside her sacrificed themselves to keep the mystical poison away from Anne."

"Now, are the Elders certain Anne won't be Called? The important thing was that Anne was saved; at least the important thing to Buffy," he reminded his granddaughter's whitelighter.

Andy smiled indulgently, sympathetic to the concern that prompted the oft-posed question. "She's not even a Potential…just like the first thousand times you asked me that."

"I'm sorry. It's just, after Buffy…" Giles trailed off.

"I understand. Buffy wouldn't be happy if her daughter had to go through the same things she did. Thousands of years ago, it might have passed through family lines – for those Slayers old enough to have children of their own. But since the population has grown enough, it doesn't happen that way anymore," Andy posed logically. Actually, since it was mystical, there wasn't any real rhyme or reason to how the Powers picked their Champions.

"Unfortunately, that didn't stop Anne from learning about the supernatural," Giles commented, remembering the first time Anne faced a vampire. "But at least she hasn't had as dangerous of a childhood as her mother."

Andy was worried that Giles didn't understand those days were soon to be behind the young lady. "You know that I can't say the same thing for her adulthood, right? Have you decided what you'll tell Anne?"

"I know she deserves to know, but it still seems surreal to me – even after all these years. For Buffy to have survived so many demonic dangers, and been given early retirement by the Powers, only to fall at the hands of humans who should have been allies," Giles growled in angry betrayal.

The lines in his face and the gray in his hair did nothing to diminish the menace that poured off the man who was once referred to as Ripper. Only the fact that Buffy's killers were human saved their lives. His Slayer wouldn't want Giles to become a murderer to avenge her; something Joyce used as often as she had to in order to stop him from going after the men responsible.

"At least you can reassure Anne that those men can't hurt her anymore." Andy's expression turned thoughtful, then he asked, "Speaking of which, have any of them survived this long in the Pylean dimension?"

"Not a single one," Giles replied with grim satisfaction. "Travers and Wesley's father, Roger Wyndam-Pryce, were killed within a month of us banishing them there. Collins and Hampton managed to last just over a year. No big surprise, but the pillock who actually poisoned Buffy at the baby shower survived the longest. He was killed in a civil war about five years ago."

"And there's no hints that anyone knows about your and Wes' involvement in their disappearance? Nobody will come after you or Anne?" Andy needed to know that his charge wasn't in danger from non-supernatural threats. The darklighters were bad enough to deal with; he didn't want to worry about humans too.

"As far as anyone at the Council is concerned, they died in a tragic automobile accident." The former Watcher shrugged his shoulders as he continued, "There may be speculations of something more, but since they were declared rogue after Buffy's Cruciamentum, nobody who really matters cares. That they died so soon after Buffy's death is just considered an odd coincidence. It worked in our favor that they were fairly universally despised by everyone, both personally and professionally."

He stood up and moved to the door, "Well, I guess it's about that time, wouldn't you say, Andy?" Giles prayed that he would find the words that told the story without making Anne feel responsible for her mother's death.

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