Anko rifled through the cardboard box, knowing she hit pay dirt. It was a bit small, smaller than hers at least, but she sort of expected that. She knew that Iruka was a bit reserved in comparison to her, ok everyone was reserved in comparison to her, but there was a limit. She gave him a free pass the first time they had sex because supposedly everyone was nervous the first time they have sex with a new person. She gave him another pass because she figured that as a teacher he had to be particularly good at restraint, and it might be hard to change up.

However after having sex ten times (and a half), she expected that he would have loosened up enough to loosen her up.

She did a hand sign to neutralize the genjustu that Iruka put around the box. If he would not tell her what got him going in bed, she would have to find out for herself.

Finally, all of years as a ninja were finally paying off.

Inside of the box was the portal into Iruka Umino's sexual fantasies. There were the standard nudie rags, worn pretty well, but it pretty good condition. They were pretty vanilla, all things considered. There was the oddball odd kink piece of media. However, it was largely untouched, suggesting these were given to him and not something he was particularly into. She tried to look for the thing that looked like he had handled the most.

She finally found a magazine with a page torn out of it. Bingo. All she had to do was find a torn page and she would find the only thing that he singled out. She shuffled around the box for what seemed like an eternity until she finally found the missing page. The page itself was severely faded, but she could still make out what it showed. She grinned to herself. If this was what he liked... she could arrange that.

Iruka clutched the bag of groceries as he groped for his key. After much awkward shifting, he finally got the key in the door, only to find it unlocked. He frowned, even though he was happy that it meant Anko was home from her mission. Anko often left the door unlocked because she didn't think anyone would dare rob her. He felt like she was tempting fate, but grew tired of nagging her about it. He nudged the door open with his foot. He gasped.

The room was filled with these tiny little votive candles and a vanilla fragrance found his senses. But that was nothing compared to what was sitting on his dinning room table.

Normally, Anko wore mesh and a trench coat. He liked that about her. But now, she wore these adorable black shoes with stockings. A white blouse unbuttoned halfway was tucked into a black pencil skirt. On her face were thin horn rimmed glasses and a predatory smirk. Her normally messy hair was pulled into an elegant twist.

By this point, he was openly ogling her. She rapped her ruler on the table.

"Good students need to pay attention. You wouldn't want to be a naughty boy, would you?" she asked.

Iruka shook his head, dumbfounded.

"Good. Now, come over here and call me 'Sensei.'"