I'm Your Baby's Daddy: Gibbs

Summary: Gibbs learns the results of the paternity test and talks to Ducky about what it means. Then he talks to Buffy. Part of 'Who's Your Baby's Daddy?' series.

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Chapter 1: Making the Announcement


"Hey, it's Buffy! Just thought I'd let you know that I'm having amniocentesis done. The doctor told me that it can be used to determine paternity. Umm, just wondering if you wanted to have the results sent to you so you can match them against yourself or not."


NCIS, Washington, DC

One week later…

Gibbs stalked down to Abby's lab with Tim following close behind him. They were going to see if Abby had confirmed the amnio results yet or not.

Abby turned around when she heard them enter, a huge smile on her face. She bounced over and handed Gibbs a bubble gum cigar and announced, "Congratulations, Daddy!" Then she wrapped him up in a big hug.

Tim ignored the pang of regret that he felt when he saw the uncharacteristic show of emotion in Gibbs' eyes. He may have been okay – maybe even a little excited – about the idea of having a child, but Gibbs was…He was overwhelmed. And the hesitant smile on his face meant that it was in a good way.

"You're positive?" Gibbs whispered, barely containing his hope.

The exuberant lab tech nodded so hard her head might have snapped off, "Checked it 5 times!"

Then Gibbs grinned – actually grinned! It was somewhat disturbing to see the usually cool agent so human. He gave Abby a sound kiss on the cheek, then surprised Tim with a manly hug.

After he strode from the room with the paper that had the results on them, Tim turned to Abby, a look of wonder/fear on his face. "Does that frighten you too? Even a little?" he asked.

"Nah. Gibbs was made to be a dad. He practically is already for the team. Now he just gets to be there from the start," Abby responded, her voice a little wistful. She only hoped that the mother was smart enough to let him be a part of their lives.


Ducky's morgue

"Ducky! Grab your stuff; we're leaving for the day!" Gibbs called out to his friend as he burst through the morgue doors.

Dr. Mallard looked up from his report in surprise. "A case, Jethro?"

Gibbs shook his head, "Nope, got the results back. I want to talk to you about something."

Intrigued, Ducky quickly gathered his belongings and followed the agent, wondering what could have the man so worked up.


Gibbs' house

Gibbs poured some bourbon for himself and Ducky, then began his story about Shannon and Kelly. By the time he finished, Ducky was nodding sympathetically, and they had each had a couple refills of the amber liquid.

"Now you're concerned that Miss Summers and her child would be in danger from being associated with you?" the gentle medical examiner guessed.

Taking a swig from his tumbler, then refilling it, Gibbs snorted, "Well, I'm not exactly loved."

Ducky gave him a slightly reproving look, then commented, "You are, but I know what you mean. My advice to you is to share your concerns with her. She seemed like a bright woman; surely she knows that a law enforcement officer would have his share of enemies. And from young Timothy's comments about her, it sounds as if she can protect herself."

Gibbs' head snapped up at the announcement. "Really?"

"Yes. She's the brawns to his brains apparently. She even offered to prove it in a sparring match – except her companion, Dr. Giles, wouldn't allow it," Ducky said with a chuckle.

"Good. That's a ridiculous idea: sparring with a pregnant woman!" Gibbs sounded angry at the possibility. Something could happen to her or the baby!

Ducky nodded sagely, "Which was Timothy's response as well. And how did Timothy take the news?" he inquired.

Which caused Gibbs to grimace. "To be honest, I'm not really sure. I just grabbed the sheet and came to get you," he admitted.

"Ah well, at least he'll get to see the child," Ducky replied, not overly concerned about the younger agent. Especially now that he knew Gibbs' background a little more. It was obvious that this child meant a great deal more to him than to Timothy. Besides, Timothy had his eye on young Abigail, and a child with another woman might complicate matters.

"That is if she lets the kid come here," Gibbs muttered despondently.

Ducky slapped his hand on Gibbs' shoulder in an effort to cheer him up. "I don't think that she would keep you from your own child. She appeared to like almost everyone here, and vice-versa."

The older man's opinion seemed to cheer Gibbs up. "She did, didn't she?" he remarked with another grin.

"Call her, Jethro," Ducky advised.

Gibbs stood up to walk him out. "Thanks, Ducky. I'll let you know how it goes."


Later that evening…

Gibbs finally drummed up the courage to call her after dinner. Okay, it took several aborted efforts to dial and wait until she answered, but he did. "Hello, Buffy?" he said as the phone connected.

Even though she knew who it was and why he was calling, Buffy played it cool. "Yes?"

"This is Jethro Gibbs," he introduced himself, trying to keep a grip on his nerves.

She chirped cheerfully to set his mind at ease, "Hey there! I take it you got some news for me. Is it happy or sad?"

Gibbs restrained a sigh. "Well, I'm thrilled about it, but I suppose it would depend on whether you wanted me to be the dad or not," he said cautiously.

"I could think of worse options," she quipped. Then sensing that wasn't what he wanted to hear, Buffy added, "Seriously, I think it's good – at least from what I saw of you before."

"And what did you see?" he wondered, curious what her opinion was from her short visit.

"A guy that's committed to keeping people safe. In the general sense as a cop, and in the personal sense as a Papa Bear to your team. The fact that they look up to you says a lot," she confided.

Deciding to risk everything, Gibbs took a deep breath and began, "You need to know that I have a lot of enemies – people that could use you or our child as a way to get to me. A long time ago, I had a wife and daughter. They were killed because Shannon – my wife – witnessed a crime. I wasn't there to protect them, and they died," his voice cracked.

Buffy heard the grief in his voice and knew from personal experience about the guilt factor. Therefore it was easy to comfort him, "It sounds like they were targets, regardless of who you were. It was just sucky timing and stuff for them. Chances are that if you had been around, there would be three dead people instead of two."

"So you wouldn't be worried about me being a part of our child's life?" he questioned, dreading the answer.

She scoffed, "Sure I would. But I'm going to be a mom; worrying is in the job description. At least that's what my mom tells me. Doesn't mean that we'll keep our distance. In fact, that brings up something I wanted to run by you," she mentioned hesitantly.

Gibbs was so relieved by what she said that he missed the tone in her voice. "What's that?"

"How would you feel if I moved out to the East Coast, possibly even the DC area? I figured that I could transfer schools and get away from the bad memories here. Then there's the added bonus of being closer to you. I don't want to cramp your style--" she quickly babbled to avoid any awkwardness.

"I'd be happy if you moved here," Gibbs fought to interject. This was turning out better than he had hoped. She and the baby would be close to him!

Buffy let out a sigh of relief, "Oh, good. Just a little warning though, Giles and my mom are coming, too. My mom isn't happy here either and wants to stay close to her grandchild…and me, I guess. Giles is my best friend and has helped me through a lot, including this pregnancy."

"He must be a good friend to be willing to move across the country for you," he replied, putting a question on the word 'friend'. What was her relationship with him?

Which she missed entirely, or possibly ignored. "He is. I hope you don't mind if he's the baby's godfather. Or at least one of them," she amended.

Gibbs shook his head in frustration at her lack of an answer. He would have to be blunt about this. "Not at all. I know this isn't any of my business, but are you two involved?"

Fortunately, she didn't take offense, though. "Nah. We're more than friends, just not in a romantic kind of way. It's hard to explain."

Since she was being so forthcoming, he figured she deserved the same warning, "I should probably tell you that the team might try to adopt you and the baby."

Buffy laughed – it was a musical laugh that he really enjoyed, "Wouldn't expect anything less. Umm, some of the other candidates wanted to be a part of this too – as honorary uncles or something like that," she said, biting her lip in nervousness.

His response was expected, "Oh."

She tried to explain, "Don't worry. They'll know that you're the dad. I just think that they might be bummed that it isn't them, and they're nice guys. One even offered to move to California to be a nearby dad. And he had a business and friends that he would have had to give up."

"I see," he said flatly, assuming that she wished this other man was the dad instead of him.

Buffy growled silently at herself for screwing this up. "This isn't-- I'm saying this all wrong. I'm happy that you're the dad, honestly I am. I only wanted to reassure you that these are good men. Ones that you probably would want in our kid's life," she tried again.

He still wasn't entirely convinced, but Gibbs replied anyway, "Okay. I get what you're saying. It's just hard to think that I'll have to share."

"You sound like a little kid with a lollipop," she scolded with another laugh. "It's not as if they'll be around that much. Only Tim and two others even live in the DC area; the other two are FBI agents."

Gibbs got a queasy feeling in his stomach. "One's name isn't Tobias Fornell, is it?" he pleaded for her to answer no.

"Uh, no," she answered before remarking, "What is it about DC and strange names? I thought I was alone in the wacky name department, but of the dads in your town, only Tim has a normal name. Jethro, Seeley, Fox…now this guy, Tobias."

That caused Gibbs to chuckle, "I see your point."

Buffy continued with her little rant, "I think I know why you all go by your last names."

"It's actually more policy than anything else," he pointed out.

She just snorted though, "Probably thought up by somebody with a weird first name. So, just to be sure, you're okay if we move to DC?" she checked, startling him with her abrupt change of topic.

"More than okay. I could even help you look for a place nearby…if you don't mind," he rushed to add. He didn't want to appear too pushy.

"Sounds cool to me. I'll check with my mom and Giles. We'll probably need someplace that has like four or five bedrooms," she explained.

"Oh, Giles would live with you?" That surprised him.

"We've heard a little about the housing there. It would just make sense for him to live with us. Maybe in a duplex set-up," she tried to bluff.

But it didn't work entirely, because the next thing Gibbs asked was, "Is there something else? Some other reason why he would need to live with you?"

"Like what?" she hedged, smacking her hand to her forehead repeatedly.

Gibbs wouldn't let her off the hook though. "I don't know. That's why I asked."

Buffy sighed in resignation. "Umm, I can't say right now. Maybe after we've gotten to know each other a little bit better, and I know I can trust you," she offered, hoping that he would accept it.

Grinding his teeth in frustration, he agreed, "Alright. I'll let it go for now. Just promise me that it isn't illegal."

"It isn't," she promised easily. At least she didn't think it was.

"And you'll tell me eventually? Like before our kid graduates?" he pressed.

Buffy laughed, "Probably before he or she starts school."

"Good. So, when do you think that you'll be coming?" Gibbs inquired, determined to get back to a better subject. Plus, the sooner they got out there, the sooner she learn to trust him with the truth.

"Maybe a month, month and a half. We just need to get packed up," she estimated. "Speaking of which…" she trailed off, seeing that it was almost time for Chloe to get there.

"Let me know about the house search, 'k?" Gibbs said, unwilling to end the conversation, even though he could tell she needed to get going.


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