Rules to survive Shinra chapter 3:

I do not own ff7 or before crisis.

These rules are suggestions from Shinra employees to other shinra employees; Shinra Electric Company takes no responsibility for consequences of the actions these rules may cause. Post at your own risk, if found to be breaching Shinra company act 778 you will be terminated or fired, feel free to express your opinions freely.-President Shinras Assistant

Anonymous-I wasn't aware there were that many Rules.

Tseng of the Turks- A Turk is required to be able to quote all the rules, I will talk to you later and we'll make sure you can memorise them...Nunchaku

Nunchaku- Not fair its Rafe who posted that!

Anonymous- Thanks Nunchaku now we're both in it.

Tseng of the Turks- See me in my office ASAP

Do not wake Veld or Tseng up at 10 minutes past 4 in the morning

-Tseng of the Turks

Reno- Yeah they get real grouchy

Shotgun- Really what about missions?

Rod- Funny they don't mind waking me at 2 am for a damn mission

Tseng of the Turks- Missions are not optional all who Turks must do their jobs regardless of the hour it is assigned to.

Rod- Except yourself and Veld though

Veld- yes...

Don't reprogram Cait Sith to make rude remarks about Scarlet and Heidegger Cissnei

-Tseng of the Turks

Cissnei- Huh when did i do that?

Tseng- Hmmm seems you didn't...Reno!

Rufus does not need advice on how to get a girlfriend neither does he need an official pass for the honey bee inn!


Rod- oh who did that ha ha oh man that's funny?

Rafe- what can I say he needed the help...wait...

Rod- *hides snickers* busted

Veld- office

Mobiles and Laptops are company property and are meant for doing work

-the IT department

Gun- there's an IT department?

IT department manager- yes there is why does no one respect us!

Knife- because you're on the 5th floor that means your unimportant i mean the infantry are higher up than you...

Cloud- that's not cool Zack said we're strong too

IT department- just watch yourselves Turks

Don't use your company computers to download illegal data or pictures of Scarlet from ...well you where! - Scarlet's assistant

Rod- Oh i knew she did something to get in the job...

Scarlet- would you like to test out our latest robot weapon Turk boy

Rod- Oh look at the to go work

Legend- I saw that photo it was nice...

Gun- I didn't want to know that

Palmer does not need plastic surgery –Palmers bodyguard

Kunsel- really i thought he did

Luxene- i agree everyone thinks he does

Kunsel- hey where are the Turks gone?

Tseng- working

Whoever it was who let a drunk Legend loose with fireworks last night report to Velds office on the Turk floor there's a 45 000 Gil fine for damages to be paid- Veld

Kunsel- who's Legend?

Luxene- oh that overrated Turk with the sunglasses

Kunsel- Rude?

Rude- ...

Legend- that was fun if i could remember it... damn hangover...

The Turks will desist in hacking into and changing the settings in the SOLDIER training room, Genesis did not enjoy fighting a hologram of the hero from Loveless.-Lazard

Rod- Hey don't blame us why'd we do that anyway

Nunchaku- I like Loveless

Gun- it's good for those who appreciate works of Literature

Rod- what's that mean are you implying something Gun!

Don't blame your complete incompetence with computers on us Turk you SOLDIER losers!-Rod

Genesis- incompetence often denies its own blame...

Rod- that made no sense

Genesis- it does to an intelligent mind

Angeal- Genesis...stop confusing the poor Turk

Genesis- true such a waste of time

No fighting amongst the Turks and the SOLDIERS as well as the IT department –Rufus

Reno- they just can't stand to lose

Genesis- my foe you are the one who shalt lose

Angeal- ...why the IT department?

Rod- good question i mean we can beat them easily

Zack- oh can I join can I Angeal can I

Angeal- *sighs* come along puppy

Rod- well that ruined the fun...