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This whole story starts in the manga after the whole fight between Naruto and nagato aka pain.


'Today was defiantly one of the biggest days of his life' Naruto thought to himself.

After the battle with Nagato, Naruto stumbled out of the cave. As he was about to collapse Kakashi had sped to his location after jumping and zipping through the forest as fast as he could and caught Naruto right before he fell over.

Naruto(tired and confused as he spoke): …Ka..Kakashi-sensei??

Kakashi(spoke happily): Naruto, you did good today. Let's go back to where the village used to be, many of the villagers are happy to see you.

As Kakashi carried Naruto back into the village he was beginning to lose himself in his thoughts….

'I can't believe how strong Naruto has become, He will surely make a great Hokage someday and lead Konoha and other surrounding countries to peace. The stories of this battle between the savoir of the village by a very talented and determined ninja will be spread throughout the countries. He is very much like his father with his passion and determination to change the world for the better.'

Kakashi was brought back to the world as Naruto began to speak.

Naruto was very drained from his fight with Nagato, and was having a hard time speaking.

Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, what will happen with the village now? Nagato destroyed much of the village and the villagers will have nowhere to go. If only I could have completed my sage training faster….

Before Naruto could finish speaking, Kakashi had cut him off and spoke with a happy and yet stern voice

Kakashi: Naruto, do not beat yourself up over the remains of the village, after you defeated Nagato he brought back all the people to life that were killed. And don't worry about the villagers, what matters is that YOU did complete the sage training and saved everyone from being annihilated. YOU are a true hero, Naruto. Don't forget, Yamato has wood element jutsu remember? He will help rebuild the village!

Naruto had thought about what his sensei had said to him. It was true that Naruto had become quite powerful. He single handedly defeated one of the most powerful leaders of Akatsuki. Although Nagato was the controlling leader of Akatsuki, there still were 4 members left of what remained of the organization that once was composed of many S-Class missing Nins.

Naruto was silent and rested on the back of his sensei as he carried him back to the village while jumping off of tree branches, after all it was always the best way to travel to another area. After a few short minutes of being carried back to the villagers and the remains of the village, Kakashi had to wake up Naruto before he set him down.

Kakashi moved his shoulder rapidly and turned his head to speak to Naruto

Kakashi: Hey…HEY!!Naruto, wake up! We have returned back to the village

Naruto woke up and Kakashi had set him down. Since Naruto was weak and tired from his battle, he very slowly stood up and opened his eyes. Naruto was about to see something that he could have never been prepared for. ALL of the villagers were happy to see him! The crowd could be heard from miles around. Some of the crowd cheered "WELCOME BACK! Other people from the crowd cheered "WERE SO GLAD YOU'RE ALIVE!"

Naruto was dumbfounded and in shock! He just couldn't believe what was before him. A huge grin came across his face as many of the shinobi and fellow villagers ran to be next to him and hug him with joy. Naruto was in pain from the overjoyed villagers squeezing him to death.

Naruto( spoke in pain): Ow! Ow! Hey! Be careful I'm very sore and tired from my fight!


Sakura first person view

Sakura saw Kakashi carry Naruto out of the forest. She was concerned for his well being and wasn't sure if he was going to come back alive. She was standing in the middle of the closest group of shinobi that were near Naruto. All of a sudden there were screams of happiness and joy all around her. The crowd had a very intense volume but she didn't care because she saw Naruto come out of the forest alive. Once the villagers had started to run towards Naruto she felt an overwhelming sensation come over her that she had never experienced before….

She knew she had been concerned about Naruto in the recent months especially after his determination to become stronger than ever to defeat his enemies. But she was concerned about Naruto as more than a fellow shinobi. There had been several incidents in the past where she had been crying for Naruto because she was afraid of losing him. However there a couple times she recalled as she was about to openly admit her concern for him..but had been cut off by him several times telling her not to worry. This didn't change that way she felt. She was still worried about him and wasn't sure when or how to talk to him.

'I just want to get a chance to talk to him about how I feel.' Sakura thought

While in her deep thoughts she began to feel large amounts of anger manifest inside her until she couldn't control them.

"YOU BIG DUMMY!!" she yelled out of nowhere

The villagers had all stopped cheering and become silent all with shocked faces and turned towards Sakura. She had begun walking toward Naruto. As she advanced with ever step she took the villagers cleared a path for her.

As she approached Naruto her feelings began to well up and tears has started forming in her eyes.


Naruto first person view

The villagers that were all holding Naruto up had set him down and stopped cheering when they all heard SOMEONE yell. They all turned in the direction of the scream as well as Naruto.

'What is going on? Who was that screaming' he thought as he looked in the general direction.

He saw Sakura walking towards him and as he gazed at her she kept walking towards him



She wacked Naruto in the head and he held his head and lost his balance. As he was just about to fall forward, Sakura had caught him.

Naruto was confused as to what just happened because he wasn't sure why she had hit him..

Sakura slowly helped Naruto stand upright and embraced him in a very tender and loving hug.

Sakura whispered into his ear "Thank you.."

Naruto was shocked…. He was not sure why, but he was getting a hug from Sakura and though he wouldn't admit it out loud, he greatly enjoyed the moment and the warmth he felt coming from Sakura.

After several seconds had gone by Sakura whispered into his hear again

"I was so worried about you; I thought I'd lost you. Please don't ever scare me like that again.."

Naruto whispered back

"Didn't I tell you not to worry about me Sakura? It's my way of the ninja to not go back on a promise and to protect my friends……"

Before he could finish speaking Sakura cut him off and she had begun speaking again.

"You idiot…you don't have to tell me that…But there is something I need to tell you Naruto. We need to have a serious discussion about our feelings….and how I FEEL about you"

Sakura tightened her hug on Naruto after she finished speaking.

Naruto was somewhat shocked and confused at the same time. He finally decided to respond.

"Feelings? Ours? Me?" he said

Sakura finally let go of Naruto. She was was relieved he was still alive and needed physical contact with him to make her feel better.

Sakura: Yes… (as she nodded) Naruto… meet up with me later okay? The villagers are happy you have returned. This is your moment!

When they stopped talking the villagers began cheering once more and celebrated for the NEW HERO! NARUTO!

She walked back into the crowd of people to assist helping other medical Nins to help heal injuries on other villagers and shinobi.


After the celebrations were complete the rebuilding of Konoha began. Thanks to Yamato and his wood element jutsu he was able to create enough large buildings that would help house the villagers that had lost their homes.

Yamato was very exhausted but at least everyone had a place to say until the village was rebuilt.

It was time for all the villagers to relax and turn in for the night that had been built for their shelter. Later that night Kakashi, Yamato, and Naruto had a small campfire setup and were asking Naruto questions about the fight, and his sage training.

Kakashi: Nagato was a very powerful ninja being able to control so many bodies and the use of his Rinnegan… It's no wonder that he destroyed the village so easily…

Yamato joked and made his scarey face as he spoke.

"It's a good thing Naruto showed up when he did or we would be all dead! "

Naruto: I really hate it when you make that face Yamato….

Kakashi laughed and collected himself. He had wanted to know what Sakura said to Naruto so he spoke up and asked.

"Naruto, what did Sakura say to you when she held you in her arms?"

Naruto immediately got up and remembered that he was supposed to go and meet her. He hurried to put his footwear back on and left the two at the campfire without saying a word.

Kakashi wasn't sure to make of what just happened but was sure that it had to be…

Yamato interrupted his thought and spoke

"It must be between those TWO. Kakashi, when I was on the team with them to capture an Akatsuki spy, Sakura was hurt by Naruto after he had formed 4 tails of the fox cloak. After I contained Naruto, Sakura was very concerned while healing him. I could tell just by looking at her that she loves him."

Kakashi: OH?

Yamato: After you carried Naruto back into the village, Sakura was happy to see he was still alive.


Naruto was walking near some of the buildings trying to find Sakura. He noticed another campfire off into the woods but still close to one of the shelters. He moved in closer to see who He saw Sakura sitting next to the fire was there….

Naruto: HEY! SAKURA!

Sakura had jumped because it was getting late and she didn't think HE would show up. She watched Naruto come out of the clearing by the fire.

Sakura: Naruto! You finally showed up!


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