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June 14th

Edward (12 years old)

"Eddie, catch!" Emmett yelled from across the field. We were playing basketball while Mom and Dad were setting up the food for our picnic in the meadow. Jasper was right across the field while Emmett was a little closer to me.

"Emmett!" I yelled back after the ball hit me on my forehead.

"Dude," my brother replied. "You're such a girl! I'm like a few meters from you and you can't even catch the ball." I took the ball and threw it back to him. "Jasper! Catch this, since Eddie's too weak," he said as he tossed it to Jasper.

"I'm not Eddie."

"Edward still doesn't suit you," Emmett stuck out his tongue. "It sounds so old-fashioned. Everybody gets nicknames, take me for example—E-man is what all the guys call me at school," He replied proudly.

"That's not true," Jasper said. "You only make me call you that when we're in school."

"Nuh-uh!" Emmett argued.

"Uh-huh," Jasper replied.

"Whatever," Emmett crossed his arms. "E-man is so much better than Eddie since he can play basketball ten times cooler. And what can Eddie play?" he turned to me. "My fart!"

"Mozart, Emmett," I corrected him. Emmett completely ignored me and I watched him sniff loudly.

"Pie!" he shouted while running up to where mom was setting up. We followed behind him; Jasper wouldn't stop snorting about Emmett's 'my fart' statement.

"Mom," Emmett said as I watched him dig through the picnic basket. "Where's my maple syrup?"

"I'm sorry honey but I accidentally forgot it back home," mom said while she looked at Emmett's crestfallen expression.

Emmett's face brightened and he took a container from the basket. "There's gravy though. Gravy is my new pie sauce," my brother cheered. Jasper and I sat down next to Emmett who was already pouring gravy on his slice of pie.

"I am so freakin' full!" Emmett began to sing while he rubbed his stomach contentedly. "I just had lunch that was…" he paused to think. "kwel!" he blurted out instead of saying it as 'cool'.

"Okay," Jasper quickly said. "How about we play a game instead?"

"What game?" I looked at him. Anything but Emmett's singing would do.

"Hide and seek? The meadow's pretty huge anyway."

"Girl game," Emmett groaned as he rubbed his bulging stomach.

"How about a consequence for the worst hiding place?" I suggested

"Okay!" Emmett's face lit up. "I'll seek. If Eddie loses, he'll have to start giving me half his lunch once we get back to school."

"And Jasper?"

"I dunno," Emmett shrugged. "I'll figure something out later."

"Won't you give him the same consequence with me?"

"Nah. Too easy," he huffed.

"Rules," Jasper interjected. "No one goes beyond the houses down there," he pointed at the bottom most part of from where we are. "Or inside the houses."

"One, two," Emmett suddenly said. "Three, four…"

I saw Jasper run towards a tree and start climbing it. I decided to run down; Emmett didn't say that we could hide near the houses. I hid behind a large tree, just behind a white house.

A truck came and parked in the driveway. My eyes grew once I saw who was driving, Chief Swan. This is his house.

"Ready or not, here I come!" I heard Emmett.

I walked quickly towards an open window. A brown-haired girl was walking into the kitchen. Her mom, probably the one cooking, passed her a ramekin.

"Show her how to use it, Charlie," the woman told Chief Swan.

The girl looked at her father with her brown eyes. He was holding a torch just like what my mom uses when she's cooking crème brulee.

Chief Swan held her hand and I watched them use the torch.

"Where the heck are you guys?" I heard Emmett. I walked backwards, round the tree.

I heard barking after I realized that something hit my feet. I turned to see a small white dog with thick fur. It kept barking while I tried backing away. I wasn't terrified or something since it was just a baby, hardly reached by knees. It's bark was high and pitchy. I continued backing away and the dog started to growl.

"Ah!" I heard after I bumped something again. I turned to see the brown-eyed girl crutching a ramekin, but losing her balance. I caught her from behind but the ramekin fell along with the spoon.

"Sorry," I told her while picking the ramekin and spoon up, the crème brulee was all over the ground.

"No worries," she grinned. "uh?"

"I'm Edward," I added.

"Hi," she smiled again. "I'm Isabella but everyone just calls me Bella." I kept looking at her beautiful brown eyes and dark brown hair. "What are you doing here?"

"Hiding, but I don't think my brothers are going to find me," I almost forgot about the dog until it ran towards me and kept bumping its head to my skin.

"Sit, Gingersnap," Bella said sternly. The dog started to eat the crème brulee on the ground.

"Don't worry about him. He's just like that with new people."

"I found you!" I heard Emmett's loud voice. "What the heck were you doing in a tree?""Do you wanna come inside?" Bella sked. "There's more crème brulees in the kitchen.

"No, it's okay," I shook my head. "Rules say that I can't go inside houses."

"Well, you're not going to hide, just eat," she smiled. She thought for a while then said, "I'll just go get some. Wait here." She walked to her house.

After a while, she came back with two ramekins and spoons.

"Here," she said after handing me a ramekin and a spoon.

"Thanks," I replied. I followed beside her after she sat under the tree.

"So…" she started to say "How old are you?"

"I'm twelve," I replied.

"You're a year older that I am."

"Eddie!"Emmett came running towards our direction after I poked my head out. "Dude!" he came close. "Where have you been—ooh," he said after he saw I was eating.

"What is that!?" Emmett gasped.

"Hi to you, too," I replied

"Crème brulee," Jasper said when he got here. "Who's she?" Jasper asked.

"Hi," Bella smiled and waved. "I'm Bella"

"Hey," Emmett squeezed her into a hug. "I'm the E-man." I heard Bella start to gasp for air.

"Emmett," I shook my head. "She's being strangled."

"I'm sorry," he apologized after letting her stand on her feet.

"It's okay," she said.

"Oh," Emmett remembered, "This is our brother, Jasper."

"Hi, Jasper"

"Hey, Bella"

"Where may I get some of what Eddie's eating?" Emmett said while trying to be polite.

"Emmett!" Jasper and I said in unison.

"What? You got one, too. It's only fair," my brother stuck his tongue out.

"Emmett clapped his hands as we followed Bella inside her house.

"By the way, Eddie," Emmett leaned towards me. "You lose this game no matter how tasty your new girlfriend's food is. "He stuck his tongue out.


June 20th

"Happy Birthday, Eddie," Emmett boomed as he walked into the living room. "It's been a year since we first met and today is Edward's thirteenth birthday. Mrs. Cullen planned a sort of formal-ish party. Guys were dressed in tuxedos and most of the guests were acting all… proper and fancy. Did I mention me wearing a dress in included in this occasion? Mom made me wear this light pink dress that had a huge ribbon around my stomach and an enormous bow behind me. She did give me the privilege of wearing strappy sandals that were less than an inch high; she obviously knew how much of a klutz I am.

"Stop calling me that," Edward said as he ran a hand through his hair. My best friend looked very different in a tux. Edward usually wore a plain shirt and a pair of pants, with his favorite white jacket.

"I will when you start calling me E-man," Emmett replied while sticking his tongue out. He still couldn't let go of that name Edward just rolled his eyes and sighed.

I'm standing beside the dessert table and away from the people since I don't really know what corporate deals or stockholders are. I've been in the same spot for around half an hour, or that's how it felt like. I decided to look for my best friend who abandoned his party earlier. I spotted him pass a few trees; he was sitting on the grass.

"Too much people?" I said as I walked towards him. I slowly sat beside him and bought my knees to my chest.

"Hmm," he said and a smile spread across his face. "Nice dress by the way."

I rolled my eyes and he chuckled while freely falling backwards with his hands behind his head.

"Really?" I replied sarcastically. He chuckled a little and paused to sigh. "I brought you something as a present by the way. But I left it… back in… you house." I grinned. "Sorry."

"Don't sweat it"

"I mean I know you don't really need a present from me. I just thought that…" I stopped talking when I felt something hold my hand. It was Edward's.

"It's okay, Bella," he looked at me sincerely. "You're here, aren't you?" That's good enough got me." I felt my cheeks turn hot.

"Your face," his serious face broke to a smile. "Are you," he raised his head. "Are you blushing?"

I sat silent and surprised with what he said. Is that pretty obvious? I honestly don't know why I'm blushing in the first place.

"I'm joking," he turned his head to me and smirked. But it's true; I admit. I am probably blushing. I think I've been doing that for the past few months. Even Edward notices it.

August 5th


I jumped from my chair after someone rang the doorbell downstairs. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen invited me to the fair with them. I ran down the stairs and raced to the door.

"Hey," Edward smiled after I opened the door.

I smiled at him and quickly looked up at Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." They greeted me after that; Emmett came up to the porch and squeezed me into a hug.

"We're going to the fair!" He said, almost squealing. "Caramel apples, here we come!"

"Don't forget the corndogs," Jasper added.

"And the rides of course," Edward said, making me nod involuntarily.

We got to the fair after about fifteen minutes; Emmett quickly opened the door and got out so fast that he would have tripped if Jasper didn't catch him. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen left us with some moen and told us to meet outside the car after three hours.

"Bella?" Emmett called

"Yes?" I asked while trying to finish my bug bucket of popcorm.

"Are you," he paused, "going to eat all that?"

"You can have it," I smiled and passed it to him,

"Thanks, Bella!" he grinned. "You know I'm going to miss hanging out…" he trailed on.

"What?" I said, looking very confused.

"It's nothing," Edward quickly put one arm around me, "Forget him," it worked, too. I just felt my face go beet red.

Jasper nudged me and raised his eyebrows.

After an hour, we, Edward and I, had no idea where Emmett and Jasper ran off to. We thought they were with us on the roller coaster. He and I were just walking around when Mike arrived. I never knew why Edward hated him.

"Hey, Bella." Mike turned to Edward and said. "Cullen."

"Newton," Edward hissed.

Mike ignored him and turned to me. "So, Bella, do you wanna ride the roller coaster with me?"

"We've already done that," Edward said as he gripped my hand tightly. He pulled me away and slowed down one we passed another ride.


"Don't talk to him, okay?" he turned to me. "Promise?"

"What's wrong with talking to Mike?"

"Promise me," he said forcefully.

"Okay, okay," I replied. "Just calm down and talk slowly."

He started walking and I followed behind.

"So…" I started to say. I plan on asking him Mike.

"Ask any unrelated question," he said sternly.

"Okay," I said and nodded. "Will you tell me what Emmett meant by 'I'm going to miss hanging out'?"


"Why not?"

"Not yet"

"Why not yet?"

"It'll ruin the day. But I will tell you soon."

I let it go after that. He did plan to tell me anyway. I wonder what it could be. But, it must be sad since Edward did point out that it would ruin the day.

Half an hour passed and I couldn't be any more patient.

"Will you tell me now?" I nudged Edward's arm "The day's just about over, anyway."

I followed behind him as he sat on a bench.

"Bella," he sighed but his eyes were looking distant.

"Just say it Edward." I encouraged.

"Bella, I," he heaved a sigh. His face was so serious and depressed. He looked at me with his green eyes. "I'm moving."

"Oh," I shrugged. "What's wrong with moving to a new house? It can't be too far from mine, right?"

"No, Bella," he shook his head; I realized what he meant.

"Wait," I shook my head, afraid to say it. "You're moving away, aren't you?" I felt tears start to well up. My best friend nodded his head.

"My dad got reassigned to another hospital. He said that people there need him." He shook his head this time. "That's what Emmett meant. Bella, I wish I didn't have to leave."

I stopped sobbing. "When are you moving?"

"We're not sure, but the closest date would be three days from now. I know it's too early but I just found out about it yesterday and I didn't know how to tell you."

"I guess the only thing we can do us make the best of it?" I gave a fake smile.

"I'm going to miss that sarcasm," he laughed.

"Eddie! Bella!" Emmett yelled. "Let's head back to the car," he came running to us with three caramel apples in his hands.

August 10th


Mom's been knocking on my door for about twenty minutes now and I'm sitting by the window. Edward's leaving today and I really don't fell like saying goodbye.

"Edward would be wondering why you're not there to wish his goodbye." I heard keys and then the door opened. "Come on, Bella. There's still time."

I got out of the car and quickly ran past the guards. I kept running and searching until I finally spotted a very familiar white jacket. I ran up to him and hugged his from behind.

"Bella!" Emmett greeted and hugged us both.

"I'm a victim," Edward croaked out.

"Oops," Emmett let go and Jasper laughed.

"I thought you forgot," Edward smiled at me.

"'Course not," I replied. I hugged his tight.

"Kids, we have to go," Mrs. Cullen called out.

"Bye, Bella," Jasper said, giving me a hug.

"See you, Bella." Emmett carefully hugged me. "I'm going to miss you."

Edward hugged me tight. "I left you something in your drawer. I felt him grin, "early birthday present," he added. He pulled away and started to remove his jacket. He put it on me. "Here," he smiled softly. "Don't lose it, okay?"

I sniffed and nodded. Edward put his hat on and waved before he went through the door. "Bye, Edward." I sighed while I gripped the white jacket.

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