A series of vignettes based on personal experiences with a friend.
Rios in Bold
Salem in Italic

Two sentries stood lookout over the entrance to the compound. Little did they know about how their lives would end.

"Okay, coop snipe. Take the one on the left."
"Three. Two. One. Fi…fuck!"
"Whathe?! You shot my guy!"
"No, idiot. The guy shouting and shooting at us. That's the one on the left!"
"Eat me. I thought your target was way out in the right. I didn't even see that guy."

"C'mon, bro. Coop snipe. Let's do this."
"There's two of them, you got your glasses on?"
"Yeah, yeah. I got left side."
"Just making sure you don't fuck us over."
"I'll fuck you over. Three. Two. One. Fire!"
"Do you know how hard it is to find specialized ammunition just lying around?"
"You coulda fucking checked!"
"Shut up and get your ass out there. This isn't anything new."

"We got two guys."
"Sleepy on the right. Yakety yak on the left."
"We both have ammo"
"I got seven rounds, you have two. Now, why is that?"
"You're an ammo hog. Let's get it right this time. Three. Two…"
"…and what the fuck are you doing!?"
"I shot at one. Your slow ass is the problem."
"It's one and then FIRE, numskull. Pull the trigger at FIRE!"

"Two guys. Mcbeard and Sunglasses."
"Loaded and ready sniper rifles."
"Checked and reloaded."
"On the same page on when to ventilate some skulls."
"I didn't have the problem of premature shooting, but yeah, check."
"Asshole partner."
"Double check, let's go."
"Three. Two. One. Fire! FuckSHITDAMN!"
"How the hell did you miss?"
"I was aiming for his head, he moved at the last second."
"That's what body shots are for."
"No, body shots are for fun at bars."

"Two guys, loaded rifles, yadda yadda yadda."
"Bro, what's up with that dinky piece of shit you got there?"
"I ran out of bullets and I doubt I'm going to find any high-end military stock in a random bag."
"You know that the scope is held on by duct tape, right?"
"Already tried it out, I know how these bullets are gonna fly."
"If you say so. I'm going to enjoy the comfort and range of my little baby. I can see their cavities from here."
"Still going for headshots? You have one bullet."
"You know it."
"This isn't going to end well. Three. Two. One. Fire!"
"Oh, oh, he's getting up and he's gone. Ha HA! Man, you suck!"
"Goddamn it. No perforation. Fuck this rifle."
"That's what head shots are for."
*SMACK* "No, that is."

"I swear, man, last time. We always end up in a big firefight anyway."
"Oh, I'm ready this time. This baby I found won't have any problems reaching her mark."
"I can't see you from here. What is it?"
"You'll see soon enough. You got your mark?"
"Got it. Ready? Three. Two. One. Fire! Hey, where's your…fuck!"
"It's a bit slower, but it gets the job done."
"A FUCKIN' ROCKET LAUNCHER?! Isn't coop sniping about stealth, moron?"
"Yep, I knew the whole place would hear that blast. Here they come."
"You don't even care anymore. We're going to get overwhelmed here."
"I'll save your ass if you get hit too hard. Now get out your machine gun and mow these fuckers down."