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" Jezebel Redfern!" screeched Morgead from outside the mansion.

Jez's head whipped up the moment she heard her own name. She had been writing a note when she was called. She had done something terrible this time and she was terrified at what might happen.

She quickly and quietly crept up from her chair and dashed to the closet, stuffing herself under all of Morgead's clothes.

Ugh when the hell is Morgead going to clean this closet. I thought as I flicked a sock from under my butt. I quietly shut the closet door and leaned against the wall. Listening and staying aware of footsteps.

I gasped when I heard the loud bang of the front door of the mansion. I claped two hands over my mouth and stuffed my head in the pile of t-shirts by the corner. I couldn't let Morgead find me. If he did, I would be dead.

"JEZEBEL!" I heard my name again and I crushed my head further down the mountain of American Eagle t-shirts.

Please don't find me. Please don't find me. Please don't find me- CRAP! I could feel Morgead's presence get stronger and closer. He was close. Very Close.

"JEZBEL REDFERRRRRRRRRN!" I nearly jumped when I heard the voice. It was really loud. Meaning he was closer and closer. His presence alarm of going crazy and I feel beads of sweat dripping down my head.

"HA! I FOUND YOU!" I felt a quick and intense gush of cold air as I removed my face from the bundle of clothes and screamed. Morgead looked REALLY mad. I screamed louder and ran out, shooting out from under his arms.

I ran and ran down the stairs, tripping every three steps. I finally got to the last flight of stairs when something caught my arm. The force made my whole body fly back and I screamed. Then I felt warmth at my waist. I looked up and saw Morgead carrying me like a dog under his arms. His palms pressed against my stomach. I slumped and committed defeat.

" HA! I GOT YOU!" he said, jumping down the stairs and leaping out the door to his motorcycle. He hadn't let me down and I felt the hot sun burn my back. I turned back my head and was now face to face with the stupid thing that got me here in the first place.

He let go of me and I stood on my two feet, still wobbly. He stood next to me pointing at the dent.

" What is this!?" he demanded and I crossed my legs, playing with my hair.

" Its…a…b-" I said but he cut me off

" YES I KNOW BUT HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?!" he screamed and I looked up at him.

Giving him full on cute mode. He looked at me with eyes of fury and I knew it hadn't work.

" I'm sorry..what's my punishment?" I asked him, hoping he would just let me off with a warning.

" Oh you are going to clean the room, make me lunch, give me a foo-" I stopped him with the touch of my lips.

I leaned forward and kissed him. Sweet, long, and irresistible. I pulled back moments later and bit my lip. I looked back at him to see him speechless and wide eyed. He blinked and brushed his hair with his hands.

" that I think about it, it aint so bad right?" He stared back at it and smiled at me. A painfull smile. I gave him a shrug and planted a big kiss on his cheeks.

" Uh..yea..i'm going out. Bye!" He ran off into the mansion, leaving Jez with another victory.

" Jez! How do you do that!" Whined Poppy as she walked towards Jez. Jez smiled and said.

" Well, you know. It takes a lot of bravery, intelligence, courage-"

" In other words she kissed him" said Rashel who coolly walked by them. Poppy ran up to Rashel who disappeared into the garden.

Jez, now alone, looked back at Morgead's shattered, clusteres, crashed and destroyed Motercycle and smiled.

Another victory for me! Jez thought as she placed both hands to the back of her head and walked off.