Fight in the Forest

Viridian Forest seemed eerily quiet. The sun shone down from between the branches and leaves and most of the bug Pokemon were resting in the branches of trees. All of a sudden, a ball of fire flew across the grass and crashed into a tree, causing several Pidgey's to fly away in fright.
The source of the fireball was from a small, orange lizard like creature with a white belly and a flame of fire on the tip of their tail. Behind this creature was a boy. His name was Red, a Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town. He was wearing a red jacket over a black short sleeved shirt, a red cap and light blue track pants and had scruffy brown hair and a yellow backpack.
"Charmander, Ember again, now." He cried to the lizard. Charmander opened its mouth wide and a ball of fire formed and shot out towards an oversized green caterpillar. The creature squealed as the fire blasted backwards and it rolled over before lying still. Behind this creature was a small boy in blue shorts, a white singlet and a wide brimmed hat fell to the ground in defeat.
"Caterpie, return." He said, pulling out a white and red metal ball that emitted red energy and turned the Caterpie into red energy and sucked it back in.
"That was a good match." The Bug Catcher said as he stood up and handed over some money. Red smiled.
"Same here. You'll have a Butterfree soon if you keep training it." The Bug Catcher smiled at this and walked away. Red and Charmander wandered further into the forest.
"I hope we get a good battle soon, I hate having to train you guys against wild Pokemon." Red said airily.
"Charmander Char." Charmander said in agreement. Then walked around a tree and saw a girl standing in their way. She had long brown hair and was wearing a white hat, a light blue singlet and a red skirt with a yellow satchel and sagging turquoise socks.
"Hello Leaf." Red said, smiling. The two trainers hadn't seen each other since they had both gotten their starters (Charmander and Squirtle) at Pallet Town but had been unable to battle then due to a strict time limit till the Indigo Plateau
"I heard your loud voice from a mile away and rushed here as fast as I could." She pulled a Pokemon out from her pocket. "Care for a match?"

They found a wide clearing and the two trainers stood at either side, facing each other. Charmander was back it's in ball and Red was clutching a different ball in his hand.
"You choose first." She smiled deviously. Red glared at her as he threw the PokeBall.
"Rattata, I choose you." He cried. A small purple rat like creature came out. Leaf chuckled.
"Show them what you're made of, Pidgey!" A small bird came out of the ball. It was light brown on the back and a creamy colour on front.
"Rattata, Flame Wheel." Red ordered.
"Pidgey, Quick Attack." Leaf cried. Rattata spun around in a circle and turned to flames before rolling towards Pidgey, who moved faster than him and smashed into the wheel, forcing Rattata backwards.
"Pidgey, Steel Wing." Pidgey's left wing glowed and the bird soared towards Rattata.
"Hyper Fang, now!" Rattata leaped up as Pidgey approached and its fangs glowed white as it bit down on the glowing wing. Pidgey cried out and Rattata was flung backwards.
"Tackle now Rattata!"
"Pidgey, Quick Attack again." The Pokemon charged towards each other and collided close to the ground. Pidgey flew onto its back, stunned.
"Take a rest Pidgey." Leaf said softly and pulled out a PokeBall.
"Use this to your advantage Rattata, Pursuit!" Red cried. Leaf gasped as Rattata's eyes glowed black, and then Pidgey's did as it squawked out in pain before going back to Leaf.
"I'll get you for that, Squirtle, go!" Out of the PokeBall came a small turtle. It had a blue body and its shell was red on the back and creamy underneath. It's had a tail that curled at the back.
"Water Gun Squirtle!" Leaf bellowed. Squirtle opened its mouth and sent out a jet of water that blasted Rattata backwards.
"Tackle it Rattata!" Red cried.
"Withdraw Squirtle." Leaf grinned as Rattata charged for Squirtle, who went back inside its shell and glowed blue. When Rattata hit it, Squirtle rolled over and came out.
"Now, hit it with Bite!" Leaf cried.
"Counter that with a Hyper Fang." Red ordered. Squirtle and Rattata ran towards each other, the rat Pokemon's teeth glowing white. Squirtle dodged Rattata's attack and bit down hard on its tail. Rattata cried and fell to the ground.
"Fight back, Tackle him!" Red cried. But Rattata just lay there.
"Squirtle, Water Gun!" Leaf clapped her hands together as Rattata was blasted against a tree and fainted. Red growled as he brought his Pokemon back.
"You should have known that Bite can cause the opponent to flinch." Leaf smiled deviously. Red growled and brought out another PokeBall.
"Charmander, show them what you've got." The lizard Pokemon came out and Leaf laughed.
"A Fire type against a Water type, you have no chance." She chuckled.
"Wait and see." Red smiled.
"Squirtle, Water Gun."
"Charmander, Smokescreen." Charmander opened its mouth wide and a black ball came out and exploded, covering it in black smog. Squirtle was confused and fired into the thickening fog, but it simply shot out the other side.
"Dragon Rage, now!" A ball of fire erupted from the fog and Squirtle was forced backwards. The fog cleared and Charmander stood proudly as Squirtle struggled to get up.
"Tackle!" Leaf cried.
"Try and dodge underneath it and use Scratch." Red ordered. Squirtle and Charmander charged towards each other. Charmander skidded down low and used Scratch on the soft bit of its shell. Squirtle toppled over again.
"Withdraw, quickly."
"Another Dragon Rage would do well." Red grinned. Squirtle's glowing shell was struck by the ball of fire and tipped over. Its head came out and it was panting, close to fainting. Red, Leaf and Charmander stared at it, and then the turtle fell over. Leaf cursed as she brought it back in.
"Pidgey, come on back out!" The small bird fell out and eyed Charmander. "Use Air Slash!"
"Ember!" Pidgey began to spin around in circles and its wingtips glowed. Charmander fired its ball of fire but the spinning bird pushed it away. Pidgey stopped and a white line of energy formed from its tips and struck Charmander and left a mark.
""Now use a Sand Attack." Leaf chuckled.
"Counter with Smokescreen!" Pidgey landed and started digging up the ground and throwing it towards Charmander, who coughed and spluttered before it became covered in black smog again.
"Quick Attack Pidgey, and keep your wings out wide." Leaf ordered.
"Scratch it Charmander." Red cried. Pidgey dived into the smog and the two trainers waited for one of the two to come out. Pidgey soon came out and Charmander rolled out of the smog, unconscious.
"YES!" Leaf smiled. "I thought you would use your Scratch tactic from earlier so I had Pidgey lower Charmander's evasiveness on the off chance it would make him stumble and then have Pidgey's fast moving wing knock him unconscious."
"Crafty." Red said sourly and brought Charmander back in. "Now, try your luck out against Butterfree!" A large purple butterfly with red eyes and white wings came out. "Butterfree, get straight into it with PoisonPowder!" Small purple pollen-like particles came out of Butterfree as it fly over Pidgey, who glowed purple as they touched him.
"Pidgey, Quick Attack." Leaf cried. Pidgey zoomed in to attack but Butterfree dodged.
"Tackle!" Red cried and Butterfree forced Pidgey into a tree.
"Pidgey, use Steel Wing!" Leaf cried and Pidgey's left wing glowed, but the rest of Pidgey glowed purple.
"Butterfree, Confusion!" Butterfree's big eyes glowed purple and Pidgey's outline glowed purple and it squawked and began to spin in circles and whacked itself with its own wing.
"Snap out of your confusion Pidgey and use Air Slash!" Leaf squealed. Pidgey began to spin around frantically and smashed into a tree and fell to the ground. Red whooped and Butterfree circled his head.
"Well, see how you like my Beedrill!" Leaf cried, a PokeBall in each hand. She withdrew Pidgey and threw out another one. Out some a giant bee with four white wings and a long stinger on each arm. Butterfree flew back to the battle field and faced off against the newcomer.
"Butterfree, Gust!"
"Beedrill, Twineedle." Butterfree's wings flapped furiously and started blowing leaves around and Beedrill was caught in it. Its stingers glowed white and two shot from each one. Butterfree dodged but one still hit it in the back and it glowed purple.
"Counter Butterfree with PoisonPowder; use the wind to your advantage." Red ordered. Butterfree released more of the purple pollen, and the wind caused by Gust scattered it around and it managed to hit Beedrill, poisoning each as well.
"Interesting tactic." Leaf said. "But try out my Fury Attack!" Beedrill's stingers glowed red and it started to shoot red beams in the shape of his stingers rapidly from them.
"Tackle and swerve through them!" Red ordered. Butterfree shot forwards and twirled around the beams before slamming into Beedrill.
"Bug Bite, fast!" Leaf shouted. Beedrill bit down on Butterfree's wing before it was pushed backwards and Butterfree let out a squeal in pain.
"Good job, now Harden!" Leaf ordered. Beedrill floated in mid air and its stingers shined in the sunlight.
"That won't save you. Confusion!" Red cried. Beedrill began to fly all over the field as its eyes glowed purple.
"Beedrill, shake out of it and use Twineedle!" Leaf said, shaking with rage. Beedrill managed to control itself long enough to fire more needles, but Butterfree successfully dodged.
"Quick, use another Gust!" Red yelled. Butterfree flapped and Beedrill was blown around.
"Twineedle again!" Leaf shrieked. Butterfree was easily able to dodge the attack, but both Pokemon were glowing purple now.
"Use your Gust directly on Beedrill!" Red cried.
"Try for another Fury Attack!" Leaf shrieked. Butterfree sent the wind towards Beedrill, who stuck it's stingers out of the tornado it was trapped in and fired its Fury Attack. The beams hit Butterfree. The two Pokemon glowed purple again, and then they both collapsed to the ground. Red and Leaf exchanged looks and ran to their respective Pokemon. Both of them were unconscious.
"Wow, looks like it was a draw." Leaf said, stunned.
"Yeah, it must have been the poison." Red added. They turned around as they brought their Pokemon back into their balls.
"Well, I suppose we'll meet again sometime soon." Red said.
"Yep, and I'll kick your butt." Leaf smiled. Red let out a laugh and the two bid each other farewell before they walked in different directions. They both had to train for their upcoming battle at Pewter Gym, but afterwards, they would be training to battle one another again.