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~May 24, 2010- I would like to explain this chapter a little bit. One, I never meant for this story to be taken too seriously. It seriously started out because I had read "Take It Or Leave It" by Fallacy and I decided that I wanted to write something equally stupid, so there you go. But more about this chapter, I wanted to convey how abruptly life can change. I know there was a lot of people who did and still do consider this chapter out of place or incomplete and all I have to say to that is that it is what it is. I actually like it because life ends up like this so often. Just another WTF moment in a string of WTF moments, and really I don't think anybody can argue with that. And besides when life gives you lemons you just suck it up and deal with it because otherwise you'd be dead lol. So just chill and laugh and enjoy this final WTF moment, because if you think about it I really did give you a happy ending. :D I still love you guys!

Where were they? One minute she's talking to Hidan and eating a bagel and now they were both in the woods. Something was definitely wrong here. She hadn't sensed anything, hadn't heard, seen or smelt anything. And here they were. Unconsciously she reached out and took Hidan's hand, she was afraid. Even if her opponent was much stronger than she was she could usually sense something, something. There was always a tell, except this time. Eyes wide and with a slight tremble in her hands she spun her head around trying to see.

She didn't recognize this wood, she didn't see anything that could be a land mark and she still couldn't sense anything. It was like they were utterly alone. She was so scared.

"Well this is fucked, I didn't even get to finish my breakfast."

She took a deep breath, Hidan was still here, she wasn't alone. She gripped his hand tighter.

"Well whatever the fuck you want you should at least show yourself you douche!"

"Hidan!" She whispered at him frantically, that is not what they needed. What they needed was to run or at least have some semblance of a plan. Desperately pulling on his hand she tried to run but he wouldn't budge. Now was not the time for heroics or whatever bullshit he was trying to prove. She felt angry tears sting her eyes. She did not want to die.

"I can accommodate that."

Fuck! It was that voice from the roof. Fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK! They were so not ready for him of all people. She would almost prefer to fight Sasuke then this illusive, powerful manipulator person.

"You know it surprised me when I found you two on the roof of all people, it seemed odd to me how two people so completely different would end up lovers but then to find out about this conspiracy. It was certainly interesting, but what I would really like to know is who put you up to it. I don't think a religious fanatic and a kid with a big head could come up with this on their own. So tell me were you paid? Is this some kind of joke? I'm a busy man and I don't have time for little pranks."

She had stopped breathing, he had known about them the whole time? What did he mean? What was he going to do? When was he going to show himself? With a conscious effort she sucked in a hurried breath.

"Who the fuck are you calling a 'religious fanatic'? Jashin-sama isn't just some fantasy I have! Ask her!"

"Hidan! No! What are you doing?"

Not good, not good. This was not good.

"Hmm, Sakura? Don't tell me little miss reason and ego is a convert. How funny is that? Perhaps I misjudged you. Though I always expected as much seeing as how obsessive you are about things. Sasuke right? Apparently sex is a powerful motivator." And he laughed, that psycho laughed at her!

She seethed and all fear was forgotten, how dare he bring up Sasuke and then insinuate that the only reason she loved Hidan was because of sex. How dare he? With a surge of pure anger and chakra she slammed her foot into the ground and sent a tidal wave of earth out from around her. Standing in the middle of her freshly formed crater she spun around. Where was he? She wanted to tear him apart. Nobody brought up Sasuke lightly and nobody put her Hidan down. Nobody.

"Tsk, temper, temper. That's no way for a shinobi to behave. Whatever did Tsunade teach you? Certainly not manners, that much is clear."

Now Tsunade-sama? When she got her hands on him he was toast. If she could, he still hadn't come out of the shadows.

"And you got on my case Sakura." She looked at his face, he was smiling. He really was psycho. It was a good match, she smiled back at him. She couldn't not smile at that face no, matter what was happening.

"Who are you?"

"And now we come to it. Are you sure you want to know? Some nightmares are better left in your head."

"I'll decide what I'm afraid of or not."

"Now would that be bravery or a bluff?"

She grit her teeth, how could he see through her so easily? She needed to at least know where he was, but his voice seemed to come from all around him. Clones? Substitutions could not speak so it must be clones. Close your eyes, listen, listen, listen. There!

She threw one of the few kunai she always had strapped to her leg.

"Impatient are we? Now why would I come out when you are just being so hostile? Aren't we all friends here?"

Calm down Sakura, he's mocking us. He wants us to throw the rest of our kunai. Not going to happen, they were lucky that Hidan never went anywhere without his scythe. He had said that the scythe and his rosary were part and parcel, so thank god. Or rather Jashin, she was sure it was foresight on his part at least.

"Hidan can you tell where he is?"

"No, but it's getting old. I don't like being fucking played with."

No he didn't, his eyes were narrowed and his jaw hard. They were still holding hands, her fingers were becoming slippery, but she didn't want to let go.

"Well here I am."

It was Tobi! There he was standing on the rim of her crater. She had to crane her neck up to look at him. The trees's shadows were making it hard to make out any clear detail, but his one visible eye was glinting in the grey morning light. He wasn't wearing his cloak, did that signify something? Was he trying to say something by binging them out here on his own?

"You know, I'm being a good sport and you still haven't answered my question. Who put you up to this? And don't tell me it's your babe of a Hokage."

"Leave Tsunade-sama out of this, it has nothing to do with her!" She watched in disbelief as he sat down on the rim, legs dangling, just like they weren't about to rip each other's throats out. She was seriously pissed now, who the hell did he think he was? Didn't he have any respect?

"Oh, doesn't it now. Then why are you here?"

There was something wrong with his eye, it looked reddish from here, but that was only because of his mask right? She had a bad feeling about this.

"We're here because you brought us here fucker. But I guess it works out because Jashin-sama told us to seriously kick your ass!"

She glanced at Hidan again, this wasn't good, he was getting too worked up. This wasn't the type of enemy you could take face on. She was getting very bad feelings, there was something under the surface. She prayed that Hidan wouldn't do anything stupid. Please god... Jashin, please.

"Really now? And what would your god," he drawled god, "want me dead for?"

"I don't think you have a right to know, dirt bags like you don't deserve to hear god."

"I don't like your tone, Hidan, respect your betters."

She didn't even see him move, one moment he was sitting there like the insolent brat he was and the next he had his hand around Hidan's throat. She tried to pull him away but Tobi's grip was too tight and she didn't want to hurt Hidan whether he was immortal or not. She needed him, preferably in one piece. She turned toward Tobi and let go of Hidan's hand in pure shock. That was a Sharingan swirling in his mask.

She gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. "Hidan don't look at his face! His eyes! Don't look at them!"

She was frantic, who was he? Why did he have a Sharingan? Was it really Itachi after all this? How the hell would they defeat him? Itachi was a genius! Had Tobi been a clone this whole time? How was that possible?

Shut up Sakura, just shut up and kick his ass to kingdom come already! Jashin is on your side, what does this punk have?

Breathe, breathe, ok look at his chin, his hands, just not his eyes. Slowly she opened her eyes and corrected her stance, one kunai gripped in her shaky hands. She would not let him kill Hidan.

"Let him go Itachi, I can't believe it's you after all I did for you."

"Itachi? You think I'm Itachi? Oh no, I'm afraid it gets worse from here on out, at least for you little Sakura. I'm far older than Itachi but you all took me for dead."

"Mistaken? The only Uchihas alive are Itachi and Sasuke. Who are you?"

"I'm Madara."

Madara? That name sounded familiar. Quickly she went back to her academy days. Hot summer afternoons listening to Iruka-sensei go over history. History... FUCK!

"You? But that's impossible!"

"Impossible? Then how do you explain Hidan here? Or Kakuzu? Impossible? No. Very, very possible." He squeezed Hidan's throat in emphasis, and Hidan let out a strangled cough. She had to get him back somehow.

She rushed forward and spinning into a kick, aimed at his legs and then jumped into the air at the last second and threw her fist at Madara's head. Her hand passed through his face. Then her body. Desperately trying to right herself midair, she overcompensated her balance and skidded across the ground. Thrusting her kunai into the ground she dragged herself to a stop twenty feet away from Hidan.

"Aren't you going to wait for me to explain? You might as well because I don't believe you have what it takes to defeat me."

She grit her teeth and stared resolutely at Madara's feet, hadn't Lee once told her that was how Gai-san fought Kakashi? By reading the feet, she would have to try. She wrenched her kunai out of the dirt and rushed forward again. This time she twisted around him and tried to hit his back, but passed through again and as she fell forward she was able to grab Hidan and her momentum pulled him out of Madara's grasp and they were safe.

"A feint eh? Maybe you aren't a complete loss but I'm afraid I must insist you take a breather and listen."

Suddenly the world went blank, how had he? She hadn't looked into his eyes... don't tell her from the very begging they were in a genjutsu? Quietly she tried to jolt chakra through her system, but nothing happened, it was still black. Hidan was still coughing in her arms and was shaking slightly. Even though he was immortal he wasn't infallible. She let out a sound of frustration and worry, if anything happened to Hidan would she be able to do it alone?

"Bastard is strong, like Kakuzu."

"Shh, don't talk, I don't know where we are."

"Well, it depends Sakura. Do you want to know where you are physically or emotionally?"

The voice didn't sound real, it sounded like an echo, a muted sort of vibration. She hadn't gotten anywhere, and if he really was Madara she had no idea how to fight him. He was older than anyone she knew, he had powers she probably wouldn't be able to understand without weeks of study. She was screwed if something didn't happen.

"Now where was I? I'm Madara, yes. Now you are here for some god? That's interesting, I wouldn't have believed that this Jashin was real, unless you are completely deluded Sakura?" She glared into the darkness and kneeling let Hidan lean against her chest while he regained his breath. "No? Well then, that might throw a hitch into my plan, but not by you two I think. My plan, since you are so curious, is peace actually. These eyes have seen many things over the years, but what I've seen the most," his tone had darkened significantly, "is stupidity and hatred and frankly I'm tired of all you little shinobi and politicians and civilians bickering and trying to murder each other. Sure in the past I was a bit of a glory hound, you could say old age has mellowed me out a bit," he laughed and the harsh sound sent shivers down her spine, "in any case I'm tired of it."

"So what your just going to fuck over the world in a new way."

"Perhaps, though when it happens I doubt anyone will care."

"What are you going to do? You're just one person."

"One person with the Sharingan, haven't you wondered why I need all the beasts by perigee? I guess not, I'm going to cast my Sharingan on the moon and when all of humanity is ensnared in my genjutsu I won't allow anyone to overstep their bounds."

"That's crazy! How can you even call that living? I would just prefer Pein to kill me then to not even have my own mind."

"But Sakura, what will it matter? You can't do anything." Slowly the blackness faded and she could see the woods again. Hidan sat up and looked around, he had been oddly quiet, choking notwithstanding.

"Now that I have your attention I'm going to ask you once to stop being idiots and to go back to the base. I will not tolerate another rebellion, god or not. I suggest you take this opportunity to keep breathing."

"Never you bastard! I'll never disobey Jashin-sama!" With shocking speed Hidan was on his feet and rushing towards the trees and for a moment all was silent, she was alone. Standing rigid with her Kunai she faced the direction Hidan had run off. Think Sakura! What can you do? She heard a shout, it was Hidan! Without thinking she took off into the woods.

She ran on blindly until with a snap there was an arm around her neck.

"Now where do you think you're off to?"

She thrashed in panic and tried to drive her kunai into his gut, but like the last two times it just seemed to pass right through. She almost screamed and biting back tears tried to get away, even biting him. That's when she felt searing pain in her arm, looking down in horror she did not see blood like she though, instead her wrist was emitting a blue-white light. She gasped, what was he doing to her arm? She clenched her fist and was about to cut off her hand when she heard a grunt behind her and she was free.

Quickly she turned and lunged at Madara, her wrist no longer burning. She felt strange, light and watery. She felt strong and fearless. She felt like killing and dancing out in the night. With a primordial scream of delight she set upon Madara with nothing but her kunai, nails and teeth. Laughing all the time she tore into his prone body.

Only to have it explode into a plume of white smoke. Growling she spun around, sensing him behind her. She could hear his pulse, quickening. She could feel his breath, hot and damp. She could see his skin pulse from the hot blood flowing within. She wanted that blood, she wanted to see it pool in the dirt. With another scream she lunged into the air. And passed through. She kept running for him, the sound of his heart taunting her with it's protests of life. She snarled, she would not be mocked.

Twirling and lunging in a sort of dance she finally managed to grasp his shirt in her hand and without hesitation she simultaneously plunged the kunai into his heart and pulled on his shirt. The force of her thrust knocked them both over and she felt her kunai hit the earth instead of his throbbing pulsing heart. She growled but did not remove her hand, some primitive instinct forced her to leave her hand. Searching, she looked into his eye unafraid. She could see the Sharingan whirling ever faster and faster, but the only thing she felt was the pain from her wrist slowly creeping up her arm into her chest. She felt so alive, her very skin burned with it.

"What are you? There was nothing about this in your file."

She had no words to say, she could only feel. His words passed hazily into her mind but made no impression on her.

"No answer? Let me go."

She sneered and twisted the kunai further into the dirt. She pressed her body against him so that he couldn't move. She anchored herself by twisting her ankles about his thighs and growling she tried to claw the mask from his face with her free hand.

"What a little beast you are."

He began to thrash under her, she felt herself loosing her purchase on his legs, but she would not let go. Releasing her tentative grasp on his mask, she instead wrapped her free arm around his neck and squeezed. She did not know why but she knew that she should not let go at all costs. Slipping her kunai holding fist she managed to somehow grasp his back through his chest and she bit the front of his shirt and hung on for dear life. His thrashing quickened and she heard the first gasp of pain from him.

She felt wetness slick her arm and she grasped the kunai tighter not wanting to let it slip from her hand. He grappled a hand into her hair and pulled viciously but she would not let go. It was important for some reason that she not let go. The burn crawled under her skin, pervading her chest and neck and slid down her legs. She was alive, so ALIVE. She laughed and screamed into the cloth in her mouth.

Somewhere behind her the bushes rustled but she ignored it and clung ever tighter to her prey. The burn reached her brain and her toes, she was on fire. Her laughing reached a new pitch as she began to try and suffocate him through the arm on his neck. She didn't even feel attached to her body anymore, she was burning and laughing and alive.

"Fuck Sakura, leave it to you. Bet there isn't even anything left for me."

The voice seemed familiar, but she paid it no heed, she needed to kill her prey. It was still thrashing, she bit down again harder on it's chest. She could taste the blood on her tongue. Her vision went red, she needed to kill it. She needed to kill it. She needed to kill it.

"Sakura, can you hear me? Hell, Sakura let go! Look at me. Sakura!"

She hissed as the voice tried to pry her away from her prey, she would not let go! The burn intensified until she could feel every nerve and then it felt like she exploded. Tears streamed down her face but she did not let go.

"Holy fuck! I knew those things did something!"

She ignored the familiar voice and channeled the burn into tearing into her prey, she could hear it grunt under her nails. And then it disappeared leaving only a stream of brackish water behind. She howled her fury to the treetops and tried to run into the woods to find her prey again but the voice held her back.

"Sakura stop! Fuck it, look at yourself!"

The red haze faded from her eyes and she could see clearly again. The voice was Hidan she noted, and Hidan was holding her arms. She didn't want him to touch her, she needed to find her prey. She tried to shake him off, tried to listen to the burn in her skin telling her to run. Run until she killed it. The prey that wanted to kill hers. She would not let the prey, she would listen to the burn.

"Sakura stop! He's not here, look at yourself for fuck's sake! And calm down while your at it, I'd like to keep my skin."

The burn remained in her skin, deliciously scalding her nerves and making her hyper aware, but she felt heavier and her face was wet. She took in these facts with a modicum of calm. They weren't important, what was important was that Hidan let her go so she could hunt. Reaching a hand to her cheek she wiped a rivulet of wetness with her finger, it was red. She twisted her neck around to see what was weighing her down, wings. She did not have wings before she noted. They were black and dripping blood, the feathers were torn and messy, but she did not care. Instead she tried to pull away from Hidan once more, he would not let go. She growled at him.

"Fucking hell Sakura! What are you doing? It's a sad freakin day when I'm the voice of reason!"

She merely snarled again in reply.

"Listen Sakura we need to AURghmmmph!"

Her eyes widened, there was the pulse again, it had hurt her familiar Hidan. With a scream she lunged blindly after the heartbeat and writhed with it into the ground. This time though the prey burned her, she let out a grunt of pain. This burn was not pleasant. She stared into it's eye, the red was spinning even quicker then before and she felt lulled somewhat. Her eyelids drooped but then her skin throbbed with the nerve crackling burn and she snapped her eyes wide again. She clawed at it's face, she needed to tear it's eyes out. She needed to feel it's last breath eke out it's body.

"Sakura! Are you ok? That is so freakin bizarre... Fuck now I got 'em too! But mine are brok... Fuck Sakura!"

She felt a weight descend on her back, she almost had it's face clear, so close. There! Both eyes were swirling, but she wouldn't fall asleep again, she could hear it mumble and gurgle under it's breath. Fire! She felt her face crackle under the force of it's fire and she whimpered in pain. She could feel her grip loosening, no! No, she couldn't lose to it.

The burn under her skin vibrated and she could feel it fluctuate and swirl under her skin. She needed to get up, her face, up, pain, UP.

As she gingerly scrabbled her fingers over her peeling and oozing skin she heard another grunt, it was familiar Hidan. She forced her eyes open to see him draw his scythe to it's neck as it blew more fire. Panic and anger flooded her mind as she saw familiar Hidan fall on top of it holding his hands to his blistered chest. She surged onward and instantly observed that familiar Hidan was still breathing and so was the prey. She fell to it's face and ripped her nails through it's eyes as she felt the fiery pain scorch her face once more. She fell.

"No! Have you any idea what you've done? These eyes were everything!"

Her vision was fading but she reached out her hand, she stretched crying quietly her pain. Hidan, where was Hidan? She brushed her fingers against something, it was him! She weakly, tenderly held his hand as hot tears seared down her ruined face. She smiled weakly as her vision went white.

At the end she was not alone, she sent up a prayer and squeezing Hidan's hand one last time, succumbed. The anger and burn fell from her body, she felt weak and tired, but content. She was swallowed by a blessed whiteness and quiet.