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So, if that part didn't bore you to tears and steer you away from this story, enjoy!

She was in the cabin, on her bed, with her hands under her head. She was bored and Paine was reading on the bed next to hers. She sighed. She couldn't bother Paine, especially when her sword was propped up against her bed where she could easily reach it if necessary. Rikku really didn't need another excuse to be threatened by the warrior. So she decided that she would play a prank on one of her friends. She started listing off the members of the Gullwings on her fingers to figure out who would be her prey.

Paine? No, she was not ready to die yet. Yunie? Nope, she was still mad about the last one Rikku tried on her. Tidus? Nah, he'd just get her back. Buddy? Yeah right! He'd just forget her in someplace like the Baaj temple. Ick. Brother? Pfft. He'd just go tell Pops and she was in no mood for one of his hour long lectures.

What to do, what to do?

"I've got it!" She accidentally yelled out loud. Paine looked at her with a raised eyebrow then shook her head before she started reading again. "Eh heh. Sorry. Just a little excited, I guess."

She rolled over and stuffed her face into the pillow.

There was only one other option.

Find someone outside of the Celsius.

"Who can I prank?" She whined to the sky. She had been pacing back and forth, on the deck, for about twenty minutes now. The only response she got was the sound of the wind.

"This is so frustrating!" She yelled as she threw her hands up in the air.

She needed help.

She needed a genius.

"Genius? Hey, wait! Shinra! I can prank Shinra!" She cheered and she punched her fist in the air.

She ran as fast as she could to the the elevator. She rushed in and hit the button for the bridge with so much force that it was surprising that it didn't break.

"Why is this thing so slow?" she whined out loud as she stomped her foot on the ground. As soon as the doors opened, she darted out and went straight to Buddy.

"Buddy! Go to Djose, stat!" she commanded.

"What? Why are you wanting to see Gippal?" Brother asked with frustration hinted in his voice.

"I'm not going to see Gippal and it's not of your business what I'm doing!" She yelled at him.

"You lie! You're going to see Gippal! I'm telling Vydran and you're going to get it!" She glared at him with her hands on her hips. She really didn't want Brother to tell Cid that she was hanging out with Gippal, truth or not. For some unexplained reason, Cid hated Gippal's guts and she got yelled at whenever she was with him.

"I don't care about Gippal. Just shut up and leave me alone!"She yelled as she looked over at Buddy with a pout on her face. Buddy was immune to all their fighting, since he had to deal with it whenever they were in the same room. He chuckled and set the course to Djose.

"Well, off to Djose. No questions asked."

After arguing with Brother the entire ride to Djose, she was relieved when they finally got there. Once she was on the ground, she looked around and saw Gippal standing on the bridge, talking with three of his employees. He was deep in thought and he stood there scratching his chin with a worried look on his face.

"Frana luimt ra ryja kuha yht dygah rec knuib fedruid yhouha hudelehk? Drec sygac hu cahca!" He said as he threw his hands in the air. (Where could he have gone and taken his group without anyone noticing? This makes no sense!)

"Gippal." He looked up and glanced over at her with shock written on his face. He couldn't help but wonder what Rikku was doing in Djose and her cursed in his mind because she just had to come at the worst time possible.

"Hey, Cid's girl. Been awhile, huh?" He said as he walked up to her and ruffled her hair a bit. He was wearing a smile, but she knew it was fake. His eyes always betrayed him.

"Yeah, whatever. Where's Shinra at?" She asked and put her hands behind her head. She looked so cute standing like that, but why was she asking about Shinra? He was suddenly feeling jealous of the kid who had just started working at the faction when Vegnagun was destroyed. But why was he jealous of Shinra? He's just a kid after all.

"Uh, Shinra?" She nodded, urging him to continue. He looked at her, confused, but responded anyway. "He disappeared last night. No one knows where he went off to. He took a wh-"

"Yeah, that's great. See ya!" She interrupted before she ran off. She was too busy running to see the disappointed look on his face. He rubbed the back of his neck before he returned to the conversation with his employees.

When she made it to Mushroom Rock Road, she started walking, lost in thought. Who could she prank now?

"Stupid Gippal, losing his own employees," she muttered to herself. "What a minute! I've got an idea!"

She punched her fist in the air and starting dancing. She was too happy to notice the hover attendant staring at her.

This had to be her best idea yet.

After all, who would be better to prank than Gippal himself...

To be continued...