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Chapter 1 – Altered Path

Vernon Dursley, a slightly (read, very) overweight man with black hair and a matching mustache, was having a good day. Make that an excellent day. He had been sent on a business trip by Grunning's to some city in America to negotiate a drill supply contract with one of the biggest corporation's there and had managed to not only vastly overcharge the stupid yank but had earned a big enough bonus to buy his own mansion for his family, and gotten a free holiday out of it as well!

And his freak of a nephew he was, forced to bring, was now out of his hair as well! Yep, things were going well.


Or at least that was what he planned. When he came to Gotham City he didn't expect that his hotel room would be so bare, honestly, if he was trying to gain them a very lucrative contract then they should at least pay for decent damn room. Just two double beds a bathroom and a cupboard, it didn't help that winter was just coming in and yet there was a 4 inch layer of snow outside. Of course him and his wife shared a bed and his 'Dudder's' got one all to himself, he was a growing boy after all and needed his space.

Harry, his little freak of a nephew that he'd been stuck with for five years, however was soon locked into the cupboard.

"Just like home, eh?" he sneered as he through the little boy in, not caring about the cracking sound that came from the boy's arm or the quiet sniffling coming from the cupboard after her locked it.

Things went worse after he arrived at Wayne Enterprises. That stuck up bastard Bruce Wayne just wouldn't be persuaded (read, conned) to make a deal and was now forced to have to take his family back home and explain the situation to his boss.

And he could only think of one person to blame.


Despite his so-called family's efforts, Harry Potter was for from stupid. Strange things happened around him, especially when his emotions were running high but he learned how to gain some level of control over the strange happenings (when his relative's weren't around of course), such as being able to call items to him that were out of his grasp and turning water into fruit juice, but the one ability that he gained the most practice and proficiency with was speeding up his healing. Regrettably most of this practice came from having to heal the injuries brought on by his relatives, more injuries than most experience in a lifetime let alone in little over six years.

After focusing the strange power onto his broken arm for most of the day it finally felt that it was well enough for it to heal naturally. It was at that moment that his uncle came bursting through the door of the room ranting and raving about "stuck up, rich bastards that have more money than sense" and how they now had to leave. When the cupboard door was opened and Harry saw his uncles face, he knew that things were going to be very bad for him.

And so the beating began,


Between every other word that Vernon shouted he would throw in a either a hard kick, fierce punch or a whack with the buckle of his belt.


This was the worst beating Harry had ever gone through, with each hit he could feel a bone crack or break, or his skin and flesh get ripped by the heavy belt buckle. He was doing what little he could to protect himself from the onslaught, by curling up into a ball while in a puddle of his own blood. He could feel the energy trying to heal his injuries but the rate was too slow.


Harry's glasses were laying shattered next to his pummeled head, but he was certain that wasn't why his vision was beginning to fade.


Blood was starting to coat the walls of the small cupboard. Vernon then picked Harry up and threw him into the wall on the other side of the room.

Harry could see his aunt looking at him with an completely uncaring look, as if she was just watching some nature documentary. His cousin had a huge grin at seeing his 'freak' of a cousin getting a worse 'beasting' than usual.

Shouting at him from across the room his uncle continued his rant as he slowly began to walk towards Harry,


With those words, Harry's mind came back into focus, sharper than ever. What his uncle had said had awoken something within him. He felt more of that energy trying to heal him until it was like something blocking it had been broken and what was once a trickle came flooding out.

To the Durleys' horror, steam could be seen coming from coming from Harry's injuries and hear his bones snapping sickeningly back into place as Harry healed before their eyes. Slowly Harry stood up, as swirling wind blew around him and looked at his relatives cowering at the other end of the room, able to see the look of horror on their faces as they looked into his green eyes that were burning with rage. In a cold voice that could have made even some of the most experienced of Gotham's police officers quake in fear he calmly spoke,

"What was that about my parents?"

In a stuttering voice Vernon tried to regain control of the situation,

"N...Now s..s..see here you little f..f..freak…"

"No. You will answer my questions. All of you sit down…NOW!"

Not willing to aggravate the situation any further the Dursleys immediately complied with the order.

Harry Looked at his hands and saw that the power was beginning to crackle like lightning around his fingers and could feel the thing restricting the energy steadily wearing away.

"Now does any of you know what this, power, is?"

In a shaky voice it was Petunia that answered him,

"I..it's magic. Just like your mother."

"Magic?" He said it as if tasting the words "Could my father use it?"

"Yes they met each other at a school that taught them how to do it."

"If my mum could do it why can't you?

Petunia's eyes hardened as she answered him, "She was adopted as a baby that's why."

If it was at all possible Harry's tone become colder, "What really happened to them?"

"They were killed, by some other freak."

"Don't call my mum and dad fre…" it was at that moment that Vernon used his belt to hit Harry across the face with his belt buckle in the hopes of knocking him out.

It would be his last mistake

When Harry was hit in the face the rage returned full force and the thing restricting his magic shattered causing it to flood out.


Down in the street below an explosion was heard as it blasted apart one of the rooms of a nearby hotel causing people to panic. After the injured was removed and police arrived on the scene they were able to identify the three burnt out corpses that were found due to the guest records but were less inclined to feel sorry for them when they found the blood stains in the cupboard in the room that they deduced from witness reports must have come from the other child. One of the biggest questions that they wanted answered was where was he?

During the commotion no one notice a small dark haired boy slipping away from the scene with a hard look on his face as he disappeared into the shadows of Gotham City.


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