Casting Continued!?—(Of course! Who said it's finished? Casting Series Part XXI)

Rating: T

Genre: Humor

Pairing: Marco x Luffy ^^;; and Ace x Luffy

Disclaimer: Odachi owns One Piece as always...

Word-count: 415

Warning: Uh... massive stupidity and oOC-ness (god, I hate to say that over and over again), err... unusual pairing (shounen ai)—feel free to freak out (yes, you read that RIGHT. It's Marco x Luffy. Don't ask me why. It just popped on my head, so deal with it), and yep, spoiler up to chapter 575 ^__^

A/N: So... I figured I have to make a contribution to this chapter and this pairing... it seems appropriate after the recent event anyway. So... please try and enjoy this chapter of this stupid bizarre series XP

Casting Continued!?

At last... the war reached its climax as Ace lost his life. Luffy blacked out right in the middle of the war!

"AAAAAAACEEE!!" Everyone screamed Ace's name in grief, agony and utter disbelief.

"Mugiwara boy!" Ivan shouted worriedly as Luffy didn't move from his spot with his miserable expression.

Jinbei noticed the danger as Akainu moved slightly in front of Luffy.

"That's Akainu!? Squardo shouted in alert.

"The next to go down is you!" Akainu was ready to strike Luffy, when Marco suddenly cut his path.

"As if I'd let you take his life!!" The phoenix jumped and grabbed Luffy on his hold, bringing him away from him, surprising Akainu.

"First Commander Marco!?" Everyone then froze at the sudden act. They stared at Marco in 'Huh?' look.

"Huh?" Luffy blinked at that, loosening his expression, slightly confused.

"Huh?" Jinbei who was behind Marco was also confused.

"Am I a supposed to be taken away by you again?" Luffy asked, tilting his head aside.

"Marco, that's my job," Jinbei said, deadpanned.

"Ah... sorry, forgot," Marco realized his error, scratching behind his neck sheepishly, and everyone fell down, sweat dropping. "But, you're surprisingly light and slender, Luffy." But then Marco felt up the boy and Luffy squirmed at Marco's rather intimate touch. "No wonder Ace's so into you," he continued with wonder.

"Marco~!" Ace suddenly woke up from his spot, glaring ominously at the blond man in front of him while grabbing Marco's shoulder.

"Ah...," Marco couldn't help releasing Luffy while turning slightly at Ace. "Uh... you're supposed to be dead, Ace...," he reasoned, sweat dropping as well.

"How dare you touching my Luffy in front of me of all people... Want me to haunt you for the rest of your life?" Ace spoke threateningly with a darkening gaze.

"Ugh... please spare my life outside this work...!" Marco said with an apologetic look. "And seriously, Ace... you're already dead. So don't come up, or we'll get in trouble..."

"Ace! You come back to life!?" Luffy cheered in sparkling eyes, effectively drowning Marco's suggestion that was officially ignored by Ace who gave full attention to Luffy now.

"For you Luffy, I'll live forever!" Ace said while holding Luffy's hand passionately.

"Want me to really send all of you to the other world?" Nami cracked her knuckles behind them and the actors paled visibly at the realization of her presence.

"This filming will never cease to amuse me," Robin giggled as she scratched yet another paper on her board.

The End

A/N: Hnn... not as funny as I thought it would be. Well, what about your opinion?