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He Doesn't Love Me-

When she married it was not for love, the marriage law was passed- and she was essentially bought by the highest bidder. When she asked him why, he laughed and said, "Obviously, I wanted you." When she reminded him that he hated her, he said, "Perhaps, I merely hated that you were not mine."

On her wedding night she was so scared. She had never been intimate with anyone, and to breach this uncharted territory with someone who openly admitted he did not love her was devastating. But when he came to her, he was so gentle and understanding. He did not pledge his love, but he did pledge his undying loyalty and fidelity in return of her own- she remembered how the magic swirled around as they both made their vow and consummated their marriage.

She was surprised on her honey moon when he gave her free rein to decorate their quarters. She had joked that she was going to choose the colors red and gold. He smiled roguishly and told her, "if that is what you wish then so-be-it, as long as it keeps you in my bed," she almost swooned- and later settled on blue and cream.

She remembered the first time her training lessons with her mother-in-law came into play. Ron had yelled at her and calling her a traitor. Ron ended up pinned against the wall with her husband's wand being jammed into his throat. She could hear her mother-in-law in the back of her mind, never oppose your husband in public- you must always provide a united front. Oddly enough, she had no desire to oppose her husband. She stood with her in-laws- back straight, shoulders back, chin up- and waited for the return of her husband's arm.

He lavishes her with gifts, jewels, and books, really anything he thinks she may enjoy. She is only to wear the finest robes, even her clothes for lounging are of the highest quality. She has unlimited access to the family vaults, and has actually been told to spend more money on herself.

She does not work, but she does have her hobbies. Re-writing some of the wizarding worlds archaic laws being one of them. Those who have been dumb enough to oppose her have dealt with her husband, and on the rare occasion her father-in-law. She has never bothered to ask how they handle these situations - her mother-in-law suggested it was better that way. She only knows that she hardly ever receives opposition from the same person twice, and for that she is grateful.

Occasionally he would tell her he did not love. She asked him once if it was because she was a mudblood. When she said this, his eyes softened, and he told her she was not a mudblood – she was his wife. He proceeded to ease her concerns by paying tribute to every inch of her body.

However today she was home, having her afternoon tea with her mother-in-law- as was their custom. They ran their household together, and they were meticulous in its operation. They used the time together to discuss and issues they may be having, and her heart was just not into the conversation. She was feeling quite morose today, she had realized that while her husband did not love her she was very much in love with him- and she expressed as much to her mother-in-law when she asked her what was wrong.

Her mother-in-law let out a soft laugh, it was not an amused laughed but more of a patronizing sound. Narcissa remembered having a similar conversation with her own mother-in-law, and took pity on her. With wink to her daughter-in-law she told her, "Malfoy men do nothing by halves, dear, of course he doesn't love you- he worships you."