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When the marriage law was passed he was elated. He was uncertain how his parents would react when he told them who he wanted - but he wasn't certain he cared either.

His father jumped through hoops for him to acquire her, his own contract up against the contract of Ronald Weasley. Normally, they would be able to bribe their way out of a situation like this; but this involved two war heroes ,that no one wanted to upset. So two-hundred galleons, one dose of veritaserum, and his testimony that nor he or anyone in his family had the desire to hurt the witch later, his contract went through. The Wizengamot deciding he was in a better position to provide for the witch- and he most certainly was. He sneered at Weasley that day; telling him not to worry, he would provide for all her needs.

It had been three years since he had spoken to her, he had seen her and was well aware of her natural beauty and grace. She looked so defeated, he had to fight the urge to wrap his arms around and tell her it would be okay. She asked him why? Silly women, obviously he wanted her. She told him that he hated her, so he told her the truth, "Perhaps, I merely hated that you were not mine." Whether or not she knew it, she was the best; and he always got the best of everything.

He remembered going to the ministry one night with his father, they needed to see her to confirm some arrangements. The door to her to her office was closed but they could hear the voice of Ronald Weasley coming from inside, "Run away with me, Hermione. We can still get married and be together." They did not hear her response, but given his reaction it was not what he expected. The next thing they heard was the Weasels shouts, "So that's it then, you're just going to let them sell you off like a common whore!" His father grabbed his arm before he could enter the office and kill the Weasel. His witch was not common and certainly not a whore.

When Weasley stormed out of the office he grabbed him by the throat. He was seeing red, he had no desire to reach for his wand; he wanted to choke the life from his very being.

She came out of her office and saw him, the tears rolling down her cheeks were nearly his undoing. She gently placed her hand on his arm and said, "Please – I did not choose him, he's not worth this."

He released him, only to keep from further upsetting her. When they went back into her office it was his turn to ask why. She responded, "I don't love him like that, I never will." He could have whooped for joy.

When he went to her on their wedding night she was practically trembling with fear and anxiety. The gift of her innocence was more than anything he dared to hope for, she was his, she would only know pleasure by his hand. He did not pledge his love to her, but his loyalty and fidelity. She returned the pledge as she writhed beneath him and he brought her to her first climax.

The day that Weasley called her a traitor he watched her eyes narrow, to an outsider she looked angry. But he knew her, he knew all of her body language by this time, and he could see the hurt deep within her eyes. He half expected her to stop him when he grabbed the idiot. He was shocked when he turned to see her standing haughty and proud flanked by his parents. His heart soared as he offered her is arm and she graced him with one of her beautiful smiles.

When they walk no one stands in their way, he would not allow it. She does not know that he been known to shoot hexes at crowds that do not part for her, but then again she has not asked. She is only to experience the finest of everything the world has to offer. He would do anything necessary to assure her happiness, as the few who have thought to oppose her have learned.

She asked one day if he loved her; love was such a trivial emotion compared to what he felt for her. When he said no, she had asked if it was because she was a mudblood, his heart broke – didn't she know she was not a mudblood she was a Malfoy his Eurydice; and he would travel to Hades for her if needed. Unable to put words to his feeling he proceeded to worship every inch of her body.