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Until you find me


The course of true love never did run smooth-Shakespeare

The annual Christmas gala was the bane of Gregory House's year. He despised them all, an innate reflex, but the Christmas gala was the top of his list. Nothing like fake Christmas cheer and enforced good deeds to get everyone acting like idiots on copious amounts of Prozac.

He picked his bow tie up from the dresser and tried to decipher the instructions once more. A knock on the door broke his current feeble attempt.

"The key is not an ornament" He shouted without taking his gaze off the mirror. Wilson's calm voice replied.

"I know longer have a key. You took it off me when I beat you at poker last week. Come on it's minus ten out her. Let me in"

Abandoning all hope of success House threw the bow tie back onto the dresser and slowly made his way towards the door without his cane the persistent knocking grating his nerves. He reached the door and opened it impatiently, not bothering to greet his friend.

Wilson entered, closing the door behind him and rubbing his hands together dramatically.

"It's not that cold" House protested.

"It's freezing. Real nice to leave your best friend to the mercy of the elements"

House turned towards him and rolled his eyes before returning his attention to the mirror.

"You look different ..." Wilson announced.

"Wait a minute, have you had a hair cut?"

House studied himself in the mirror and adjusted his hair under Wilson's scrutiny. He couldn't remember the last time it looked so tidy. Short back and sides and longer on the top, which he had spiked forward. He had to admit that it looked better.

"Relax Jimmy, you're not my type"

Wilson laughed.

"Yeah, I only cost $100 an hour"

The glare that House shot him made Wilson laugh even more. Annoyed by the attention House limped over to the sideboard, picked up the keys Wilson had placed there and threw them at him. He caught them, just.

"Just go and get the car started and I'll be out. Oh, and take the spare off the side on your way out you baby"

Wilson obliged and when House heard the door close he limped over to the mirror, checked his appearance once more and, retrieving his bow tie from the counter and cane from the sofa, followed after Wilson.


"Do you want me to help you with your bow tie?"

Wilson asked as they approached the entrance of the Grand Marriot Hotel.

"No mother, I'm fine. Stop fussing, If they throw me out then I'll just go to the bar"

Wilson laughed as House made a show of sighing deeply and looking wistfully towards the bar next door.

They entered and were immediately accosted by Cuddy. House, making his excuses, made his way to the restroom. The music resonated through the building and each room seemed to hum with the excitement of party goers. House checked his watch and began to calculate the minimum amount of time he could spend there before escaping. He removed his bow tie from his pocket and tried loop it around his neck without releasing his cane.

"I like your hair"

The sound of her voice made his head jolt up and the bow tie fall to the floor. She bent down to retrieve it and he took to opportunity to study her. She looked perfect. Beautiful blonde long curls softly falling over her bare shoulders. Her black dress fell into a deep V and he could see a soft dimple at the base of her spine. His gaze lingered there until she stood up, bow tie in hand. The dress clung to her every curve and the shallow V that exposed her neck and collar bone enticed him even more. A silver locket was nestled perfectly on her chest and he had to fight the urge not to take it in his fingers. When he caught her gaze once more she repeated her previous statement and he mumbled a shy thanks. She smiled and handed him the bow tie which he managed to loop around his neck successfully. Then, to his deepest surprise, she boldly stepped forward, took the two ends and began to tie it. He watched her, frozen; he could feel the warmth of her body teasing his own. His gaze lowered to her lips and he felt the unsettling urge to be closer to them. He leaned closer involuntary and could smell the sweet scent of wine on her warm breath. She was intoxicating. He felt her fingers brush his throat and their eyes immediately locked and time stood still for what seemed like eternity. Then she lowered her hands, bow tie perfect, and began to step backwards. The music began to filter through the haze once more and House released a breath that he hadn't realized he was holding. An enticing smile graced her red lips.

"You look....your hair looks good" She said in a low sultry tone before turning slowly and disappearing amongst the crowd.


He watched her dance trying without success to ignore the uncomfortable churning in the pit of his stomach. He reached for his glass and was disappointed to find it empty.

"Your round" He announced, bringing his glass down in front of Wilson.

"I brought the last round" Wilson protested. "It's your round"

House leant back in his chair and searched the floor for Cameron once more. Failing to locate her he turned his attention back to Wilson.

"I forgot my wallet"

Wilson shook his head and took a sip of his drink.

"No, you have your wallet. You checked into your room"

"I paid in advance" House countered.

Foreman stood up unsteadily, a half full glass in his hand.

"I'm buying. What does everybody want?"

Chase raised his glass, ordering himself another beer, followed by Wilson who ordered for himself and Cuddy. House's mind wandered back to Cameron and his eyes sort her on the dance floor once more. Finally giving up, he turned his attention back to the drinks order.

Cameron's voice startled him.

"I'll have a red wine if you're buying. Do you want a hand?"

"Shouldn't you be entertaining your whale?" House snapped spitefully.

Everyone's eyes shot towards him. He could see the line but was powerless to stop himself from going over it.

"His name is John and he's not a whale" Cameron answered calmly.

"Tell that to all the people who expected Ahab to come running in any minute" House retorted holding her gaze boldly.

He expected her back down, look away shyly, brush off his remarks .But she didn't.

"If you're jealous then you should have asked me to dance? You're damaged. Just my type, right?"

Silence descended upon the table and Foreman sat down in disbelief. House's gruff voice broke the silence.

"Yes, but I'm not dying, so I'm only half there"

The line was 200 miles behind him.

He saw her heart drop and hurt descend upon her features. He saw the glow evaporate from her and the tears beginning to glisten in her eyes.

It was moments like these that Gregory House despised himself.

She turned and hurried into the crowd. House hung his head and felt their eyes boring into him. He stood and raised his hand, silencing the onslaught of comments he knew would come.

He turned and made his way after her as fast as his leg would allow.



He shouted after her, his heart pounding. She ignored him. He continued after her, pushing his way through several disgruntled party goers.


His attempts were fruitless and her form continuing to disappear into the distance before him.

"That's it. Run away from cripple. Real fair"

She stopped by the elevator, beautiful hair bouncing playfully across her shoulders. e He increased his pace until he reached her, leg throbbing from his increased effort.

He finally reached her, pain shooting through his thigh.

"Please leave me alone"

Her tone was low and punctuated by the tapping of the elevator button. He moved closer to her, resting his free hand against the wall to ease the pain in his throbbing thigh.

"I'm sorry. I crossed the line...."

"Please go" she pleaded.

The whirl of the elevator drew closer and she pressed the button faster.

"Cameron" He pleaded softly.

The force of her palm met his face. He stood shocked but he could not deny that he deserved it. Slowly he raised his gaze to meet hers. He expected to see sorrow. But he was greeted with anger.

The raising of their voices turned several heads who observed them momentarily.

When she spoke her voice dripped with anger.

"Just because you don't want me it doesn't mean that you can tear me apart"

The elevator doors opened and she disappeared inside. He followed, surprised by how much he wanted to make this right. She turned to him, sadness enveloping her anger once more.

"What do you want House?"

But he had no words. The door closed softly and they were alone, no more hungry eyes watching them from behind a smile.


But his only answer was the force of his lips upon her own.