Dear my wonderful readers, this is alas the last chapter. I want to thank all of you from the bottom heart for accompanying me on this journey. Whether you have been here from the beginning, left in the middle or returned in the end, I've valued all of you. You have made me want to be a better writer. Have faith; Mulder & Scully, Grissom & Sara, House & Cameron. I have faith and if I ever waver I remember this quote: Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored- Aldous Huxley

Hameron forever! As always, Nic


We know what we are, but know not what we may be-Shakespeare

The sun shines brighter here he is sure.

He is sure that the birdsong is heaven sent.

He is sure that the roses he has laid down are the sweetest he has ever smelt.

His fingers gently trace the letters of her name and he somehow feels closer to her. He leans forward, whispering to her inaudibly, words meant for them and them alone. The breeze gently ruffles the envelope in his hand and he pulls it closer to his chest, reading her name, before placing it under the bunch of roses carefully.

Time does not seem to exist here.

He pulls his phone from his pocket and checks the new messages from Wilson and Chase.

Are we still meeting at 1PM? I have to collect the cake.

Are one year olds scared of clowns? Wilson said yes, what do you think?

He smiles and checks the time, realising that he has been here for nearly two hours.

The realisation of the pain in his leg confirms this.

He touches the pendant around his neck and smiles before turning to his sleeping son, resting beside him in his car seat, pouting in a way so familiar to him. He adjusts the blanket, tucking the edges in softly and rises awkwardly to his feet, rubbing his thigh absentmindedly.

He raises his fingers to his lips and kisses them softly before placing them on her name once more, whispering a soft love you. He leans down and picks up the car seat carefully, then slowly, his heart imperceptibly lighter he starts walking back towards his car.

The falling blossom returning her kiss from heaven.


6 years later.....

The bright afternoon sunshine seeps through the windows, basking the living room in a wonderful afternoon glow that accompanies the beautiful chimes of the piano.

Gregory House sits at his piano. His hair is kept short now, kept just the way she said she liked it, but it is greyer than he cares to remember. He wears his favourite band t-shirt, now ironed, and his shoulders seem broader somehow. He stops playing and turns to his son.

"D, then E and then C, ok?"

His voice is soft, encouraging.

Jude Cameron-House nods determinedly and places his fingers above the keys eagerly. House reaches forward and takes his hand, adjusting his fingers slightly.

"D, then E and then C remember"

Jude rolls his eyes playfully and pulls his hands away, eager to go it alone. House leans back and watches his son begin to play, a warmth spreading from the very core of him.

He repeats the piece perfectly and beams proudly at his dad.

" Smarty pants"

House announces in mock sarcasm.

Jude laughs infectiously and House can not help but join in.

"Ok, once more and we're done"

"But dad........." Jude protests, hands dropping to his side.

"Once more and remember to hold your fingers straight"

Jude nods, giving in and sits up straight, adjusting his posture. He plays the piece once more and when his finishes turns towards House, trying desperately to keep a straight face and conceal his glee.

"Perfect, you are far too clever"

House states, his voice filled with immeasurable pride.

"As clever as mom was?"

House nods, feeling a lump form in his throat.

"Yes, as clever as mom was"

Jude smiles broader than before, revealing the gap in his front teeth.

"Good" He states proudly.

House reached forward, a tucked an errant strand of hair behind Jude's ear. When he spoke his voice was soft, intimate and full of pride.

"When she used to concentrate on something difficult she would pout her lips just like you do"

Jude's deep blue eyes sparkled.


"Yes" House replied softly.

" Like this?"

Jude asked, puffing his cheeks out before sticking his lips out as far as he could. House laughed, a deep hearty laugh that his son had returned to him many years ago.

"Yes, like that"

Jude laughed to, pleased with himself and House pulled him in, kissing him softly on his forehead and ruffling his hair gently.

"Ok, go get your things or we will be late meeting Wilson"

Jude frowned.

"No dad, it's Uncle James"

"No Jude, it's Wilson. I had him first and he's all mine"

House replied in a purposely whiney voice.

Jude shook his head, serious now, but trying to fight the grin desperate to escape.

"Uncle James said I must call him Uncle James and Uncle Robert, Uncle Robert or I'll end up sounding like you" He announced mischievously, proud of his secret knowledge.

House snorted in disbelief.

"Well he also says he can sing and we both know that's not true, don't we?"

House whispered, leaning closer to Jude's ear.

Jude nodded adamantly, grinning widely, pact made.

They were co-conspirators once more.

"That's my boy, now go get your things and make sure you remember your hat and scarf ok"

Jude jumped up and disappeared down the hallway. House smiled, watching him go and stood up slowly, stretching his leg. He turned towards the large picture hanging over the fireplace, a copy of a photo he received not so long ago. He returned her smile affectionately and thanked her silently once more for the gift she had bestowed upon him.

The thundering of Jude's returning footsteps drew his attention.

"Can we make pancakes when we get there?" His voice was excited and breathless.

"Do you want Wilson to kill us, especially after last time?"

A mischievous grin graced both of their faces as the memories flooded back.

"Come on dad, it will be cool"

"Is that how I should explain it Wilson? Sorry James, Jude thought it would be cool"

The face House pulled made Jude laugh and he nodded his head adamantly, convinced of their plan.

"Jump up"

House motioned towards the piano stool and Jude climbed up. Pulling Jude's coat together, he zipped it up, tucking his scarf inside and adjusted his hat before gesturing for him to climb back down. House limped over to the table, grabbing his key and wallet.

"Got everything?"

Jude nodded and ran towards the door before stopping and waiting for House to put his coat on.

"Can I have a pancake birthday cake when I turn seven?

House looked up in surprise.

"Your birthday's not for another 6 months right?"

"It's in two weeks" Jude corrected, smiling broadly, he was too old for this game now.

House laughed.

"Kenny had a Batman cake but I think pancakes would be much cooler"

House smiled, wrapping his scarf around his neck and opening the front door.

"Maybe we should check with the dentist, I don't want all your teeth falling out"

"But I have all of my teeth ... cept these two"

Jude protested, grinning broadly and pointing proudly to the new gaps in his smile.


House could not hide the smile that now found its way so easily to his lips, his eyes, his very heart.

"You're right. A pancake birthday cake it is"


Jude beamed before dipping under House's arm and out of the front door.


House beamed back, following after him and pulling the door shut.

The bright winter sunshine greeting them with the infinite promise of things to come.

The End

Until we meet again my friends, it has been a pleasure x