"Number VI…"

Zexion looked up from the current book he was reading and stared straight into the yellow irises that stared back into his own cobalt blue eye. "Yes, Superior?" He inquired, using his thumb as a bookmark.

Xemnas gave Zexion a small nod in acknowledgement and continued. "I need for you to go on a mission."

Zexion's face scrunched up into a small scowl. He never did like going on missions. "What would this mission be, sir?" He replied nonetheless.

Xemnas couldn't help but chuckle, finding Zexion's face amusing at the moment, and placed his hands behind his back the way Xaldin would. "Oh, do not worry, VI. It will be simple enough. All I need you to do is go find more information on these beings called shadows."

The younger nobody raised a fine eyebrow. "Do we not have any information on these beings in the Library?" he inquired, trying to recall if he has ever been across book that should be of use. Much to his disappointment, he couldn't recall reading one.

The silver haired man shrugged. "I do not know. It is you who spends most of your time here. You should know if there are any books on the topic." He turned around to leave but before he exited the door, he looked at The Cloaked Schemer and added, "If you can't find a book that is of use, inform me immediately." With that, he left.

Zexion groaned once he was positive the older man was out of hearing range. At the moment, he didn't feel like browsing through all the books in the library. There were hundreds—no, thousands of books in the library.

Letting out an irritated sigh, he left the room he was currently in and went to the library.


"Zexion, are you positive that there is a book like that in our library?" Vexen asked, picking out a book and scanned through it. "I mean, you'd know. You spend all of your time here…" He frowned when the book he picked said nothing of these shadow beings.

Zexion let out a vexed sigh. "As I said, I do not know." Zexion turned a page of his book. "This is why I requested that you and Lexeaus lend me a hand."

"We're doing all the work… You're just sitting on the couch, reading…" Lexeaus said quietly but it goes unnoticed by the two nobodies. He huffed but continued with the search anyway.

"Tch, such an irksome request." replied Vexen, placing the book back in its original place. "All I know about these shadow creatures is that they are very much similar to the heartless…"

Zexion rolled his eyes. "Thank you, captain obvious. The creature's name didn't give ANYTHING away…"

"What was that, Zexion?" the older nobody asked, turning around so now he was facing the young boy. "I didn't quite catch that."

He shook his head. "I just said that you might come a cross a book that will rouse your interest…" the boy replied, turning yet another page of his book and smirking at his superior's reaction.

Vexen's face lit up somewhat and he turned to the books and his pace quickened twofold. "You're quite right, Zexion. Perhaps I'll find something that can help me with my experiments." He replies over his shoulder, smiling at the thought of new information.

"Pft... Nerd…" Lexeaus mumbled and smiled slightly in satisfaction when he heard the young nobody snickering behind his book as Vexen continued his obsessive search.


Xemnas peered at the few papers in his hands, attempting to read the Melodious Nocturne's obscure hand writing. "Roxas and I managed to find the world's key hole and slew severely---several heartless." He read out loud. "Mission accomplished, incognito."

Xemnas nodded, putting the paper down. He was glad he managed to finish reading that. Demyx' hand writing is absolutely horrendous. So horrendous in fact, that the superior got migraine. He clutched the sides of his head in an attempt to massage his aching brain. After a few minutes of doing so, he stood up, deciding that he earned a well deserved break.

He arranged the paper work into a neat stack and placed the papers on the side of his table. Satisfied, he walked to the door and just when he was about to grab the doorknob, there was a knock at the door.

"Superior? May I intrude?" asked the calm voice of Zexion.

Xemnas placed a hand on the doorknob and pulled the door open. "Ah, yes. Number VI. Did you find anything?" He asked, walking out of his office while closing the door behind him. He started walking down the hallway, gesturing for the younger to follow.

Zexion followed with a frown on his face. "Unfortunately, no." he replied as they turned a corner. "Although, Vexen was happy with what he found."

Arriving at the kitchen, Xemnas replied. "If that is so, then can you perhaps search in other worlds?" He walked over to the refrigerator and scanned its contents. He found a slice of chocolate strawberry cheesecake and pulled it out. "Do you want some?" he asked, closing the refrigerator door and walked over to the kitchen counter to look for a fork. He found one a few seconds later and sat down to devour his prize.

Zexion sat across his superior and shook his head. "Please, help yourself…" he replied, rolling his eyes slightly as Xemnas happily chewed on his cake. Sometimes… Zexion though, the superior can be odd…

When Xemnas was done eating, he turned to Zexion who had his nose buried in a cook book that seemed to be about cakes and pastries. "So, VI, when will I expect the information?" he asked, laying his chin upon his palm, elbow placed on the counter.

VI looked up from his book. "I do not know superior but I will find the information that is needed." He answered and left when Xemnas gave him a nod in approval.

.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- (aren't these dividers pretty?)

After the evening meal with the rest of the organization, Zexion immediately excused himself and retreated to his room. He opened a dark portal and walked through it, ending up at his room. The room was dimly lit, just the way he liked it and he plopped down on his bed and sighed.

A few minutes of staring blankly into space, there was a knock at his door. The door flew opened and a bright bubbly blond ran into the room, jumping up and landing on Zexion's bed, right next to the velveteen haired boy.

"Good evening, Demyx." Zexion said calmly as his subordinated jumped up and down on his bed. "What brings you here?" he asked.

The blond smiled and ceased his jumping and sat next to Zexion who was now sitting up. "Look what I got you from the other world!!!" he replied, bringing out of his pocket a small mp3 player and a pair of earphones. He pulled Zexion's hand up so the shorter of the two could receive it.

Zexion accepted it and as he glanced at the item, he felt a wave of nostalgia hit him. Shaking the feeling off, he turned to the blond and gave a small, barely even there, smile. "Thank you, Demyx but why do you insist on buying souvenirs for me, Axel, Roxas… just about everyone in the organization?"

Demyx shrugged, leaning backwards and using his arms for support. "I dunno… it's just whenever I'm in another world and I pass through all those stores, I'd think Ohh! Roxy will like these! Or, hey! Isn't that the book Larlar was looking for?" He said, smiling. "I dunno, really but you guys are like family."


What Demyx said bothered Zexion.

"Family…?" he asked himself quietly as he turned to look out his bedroom window. "Come to think about it, I don't recall all of my memories…"

He sat up and pulled his legs closer to his chest. "All I remember is being an apprentice…" he picked up the mp3 player that Demyx gave him and pulled the earphones on. He closed his eyes as music came pouring into his ears.

Even though the music was playing fairly loud, he heard the flipping of pages and opened his eyes. There, from the table it was resting upon, his lexicon sprung to life and stopped at a random page.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Zexion got out off bed, pocketing his mp3, and walked over to his lexicon. He turned on a lamp and began to read through the mysterious book.

"Tatsumi port Island, Iwatodai…" the boy read out loud and smiled, completely forgetting about his previous thoughts.

Author's notes:

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