Note on sources

There has been some complaints that I didn't cite all my sources for this story and I'm going to put my hand up and say it was deliberate.

"American Gods" was cited when the cross over was very deliberate, however when i found my feet in the universe it became more inspirational than dedicated, this doesn't mean you shouldn't read "American Gods" because you should.

However with World Enough and time the two main sources were The Darkness and Silent Hill

The problem there was that Sam made the correlation that he had inherited the darkness, but he actually hadn't as the story revealed. It manifested to him the way that it manifested in the comics (that Dean had referenced clearly in the first story) but it was not the same. In fact in many ways it's not even close. Sam's "darkness" is much more hands on than that of Jackie Estacado but the imps manifest for both. In many ways it manifested more as Jessica than it did in armour, weaponry, or any of the other details that featured in the comic or the game.

I referenced it in the text so I didn't reference it in the notes.

With Silent Hill I didn't reference it in the notes because I didn't want to spoil the surprise, truth be told. When my notes made it clear that Lilith would have tried to subvert Sam I kept getting stuck on the term "boy-king" and then the inevitable realistion that a king needed a queen and Heather was such a perfect candidate. You could like or dislike her on her own terms without her being a Mary Sue or even an original character. If I had have said straight off by the way we're going to spend some time in Silent Hill half of you would have avoided it for not knowing the story, and half of you would have run screaming going "nurses!" (it has that effect on people)

This story was to show Sam's corruption, which manifested as the Darkness because that's how Sam's mind interpreted it, but also how easily it was to seduce him, shown by the creepiest town in North America.

There are lots of hidden references in both texts if you know where to look and they're not always clearly stated. Dean talks about pie in Twin Peaks, for example, Reigert chose his name from the Prophecy films and Lucifer pretends to be superman.

I didn't state them all because Supernatural itself doesn't

I don't claim anything in these works, I have a catch all disclaimer. And if I reference something it's deliberate and if you're unsure, ask. You might find yourself reading a series of comics you've never heard of and enjoying it, which really just makes it all worthwhile.