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Chapter 5

"Remind me again why I must be here?" Emmet grumbled as he, together with Edward, Naruto and Jasper, sullenly followed after Rosalie and Alice. The six of them were currently in Fork's largest shopping mall - The Central. After apparently deciding that Naruto would be getting a new wardrobe, Alice and Rosalie had dragged the blond boy and all their mates along for the imprompto shopping trip. Edward had gone along as well since Naruto was going.

"To carry the bags, of course. Why else would we want you here?" Alice replied matter-of-factly as she browsed through the selection of clothes on a clothes rack. Rosalie didn't even bother to acknowledge her mate.

"I feel like a pack mule. And why can't you carry your own bags. It's not like they're too heavy for you or anything." The largest vampire whined, prompting Rosalie to spin around and glare at her mate.

"What kind of man are you? How could you even think about making girls carry anything?" Emmet seemed to shrink under the disapproving gaze of his mate as she lectured him about proper gentlemanly behavoir.

"If you know what's good for you, you'd learn to shut up, Emmet." Jasper suggested softly.

"At least you don't have to try on the gazillon different outfits they pick out. Which, by the way, are totally unnecessary, seeing as I have a perfectly functional wardrobe at home." Naruto piped in, pitching the last statement at a slightly higher volume, showing that it was really meant for Rosalie's and Alice's ears.

"Oh hush, you. I've seen what you boys claim to be a wardrobe and I'm far from impressed. A few pairs of jeans and tee shirts do not count." Alice lectured, still not turning away from her perusal of clothing.

"If I ever needed something else, I could always just put up a genjutsu." Naruto grumbled lowly, miffed that Alice had guessed what his 'wardrobe' consisted of. His statement had both girls turning around to gape at him.

"That's... that's... completely UNETHICAL!" Alice exclaimed.

"You can't just weave an illusion in place of getting actual clothes! The whole point of dressing well is to show that you've put in effort to look good. You can't just cheat and take the short-cut. It's a crime against fashion!" Rosalie hissed angrily, marching towards Naruto and poking a finger in his chest. Her tirade, coupled with Alice's glare, had Naruto backing up nervously, hands put up in a placating manner.

"Alright. I get it. No more illusions and I'll get all the clothes you girls think I need." The blond practically squeaked as he eyed the female vampires warily. The three male vampires looked amused at the sight, though Edward had to quash down on his instinct to tear Rosalie apart for threatening his mate. The party of non-humans continued to make their way through the store when their keen ears picked up on a certain conversation.

"Did you hear? Namikaze Minato's last album was just released today! I reckon we'll be able to get our hands on it in two to three weeks time!" A redheaded girl chattered excitedly to her friend.

"Oh my god! Really? I can't wait. His voice is simply awesome. Plus, he is gorgeous." The brunette replied.

As if something just occurred to him, Jasper turned to Naruto. "Wait, you said your full name was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, right? Any relation to Namikaze Minato?" He asked.

Naruto blinked at him. "You guys don't know? Edward didn't tell you?" He asked, turning towards the vampire in question.

Edward merely shrugged. "It never came up." He offered as an explanation.

"Oh. Well then. I tell you all when we get home. That will be incentive for you girls to wrap up this trip faster." The blond said cheekily as he turned towards the two females who rolled their eyes at him.

Alice's eyes blanked out for awhile before she stuck out her tongue at Naruto. "I already know what you're gonna do." She said, prompting Naruto to sulk and mutter about stupid annoying seer vampires.

Edward, on the other hand, felt a warm sensation rush through him when he noticed that the blond had referred to their house as 'home'. Naruto may not realise it yet, but he was starting to accept the fact that he was part of the family.

"So, what's it like knowing the future. Doesn't life get boring after awhile?" Naruto asked, looking at the dimunitive vampire curiously. Their group had split up a while ago, with the other vampires going to grab some groceries for Esme so that she could cook for Naruto. The blond had tried to refuse, or at least pay for the groceries, but the Cullens simply ignored him. Alice had dragged Naruto off to the last clothes store before he could argue his case properly.

"Oh no, I don't know for sure what's going to happen. I only get visions when someone makes a decision to do something and only if the end result concerns me or my family. Though I'm able to focus on a person and get visions of what he or she plans to do." She explained.

"You mean you cannot predict natural events? But how is it that you can predict the weather?" Naruto asked, confused.

"That's because the weather forecast usually comes in the day before, and I can See the weatherman making the forecast for the next day." The pixie-like girl said.

"I see. So that day when I was hiding outside your window... You only knew I was there because I decided to reveal myself?" Naruto said slowly, trying to wrap his mind around the concept.

"Yep." Alice confirmed.

Naruto looked at Alice strangely. "Why are you telling me this? Aren't you afraid that I'd use this against you?"

Alice shook her head with a smile. "I know you wouldn't spy on me without a good reason. And even if you do, you wouldn't use whatever information you gained against me."

"How can you be so sure of that? You've only known me for three days." Naruto demanded. He couldn't understand why the whole Cullen family had accepted him so easily.

"I'm a Seer, Naruto. We know these things." Alice replied with a mysterious smile as she headed towards the cashier, leaving Naruto to stare at her back.

"So, what was it you said you were going to tell us?" Jasper asked as they all plopped themselves down in the living room.

"Oh right! Watch this." Naruto said as he quickly formed a few seals. "Henge no jutsu!" He cried and there were five gasps as the vampires stared at the stranger in their living room.

"Do you mean to tell us that you are Namikaze Minato? Britain's famous pop star? The great singing sensation? And Edward's secret idol?" Emmett demanded. The last bit was added with a cheeky grin as he glanced at his brother.

"I guess you could call me that." Naruto replied before turning to Edward. "Why, I didn't know you held me in such high esteem! I'm flattered." The blond said, fluttering his eyelids exaggeratedly. Edward merely swivelled to glare at his 'older' brother. It wasn't as if he could say that he didn't hold Naruto in high esteem because he did, but to say that Naruto was his idol! Well fine, so Edward did place Naruto on a pedastral sometimes with how he kept thinking the blond was perfect, but still...

"Isn't it great? We have our very own pop star." Alice squealed happily.

"I'm retired, Alice. It doesn't count." Naruto pointed out.

"Yes it does. Your retirement doesn't change your voice, does it? We won't ever need to use a cd player with you around!" Alice exclaimed.

Naruto twitched. "Glad to be of service. Being a substitute for a cd player has always been my lifelong dream." Naruto replied sarcastically.

Alice, predictably, simply ignored the sarcasm. "Really? That's great! It's always nice to know when I help someone achieve their lifelong dream." She chirped happily.

Naruto merely sighed as he palmed his face in his hands. "Why do I even bother? My respect for you has reached a whole new level, Jasper. How do you put up with her?" He asked, addressing the empath, smiling to show that he meant no offense.

"Compared to Edward's broodiness, Emmett's immaturity and Rosalie's vanity, Alice's insanity is actually very manageable." Jasper replied, earning himself three glares and a swat from his mate.

Naruto laughed. The Cullens may be an odd bunch, but they were a great family all the same.

"I call Edward and Alice." Naruto said, grabbing the two said persons' arms. It was another stormy day and as per tradition, the Cullens were out playing baseball.

"Nuh-uh. No can do, shrimp. You got them last time." Emmett said, shaking his head firmly.

"Fine." Naruto sulked. "Then I want Jasper." He said, letting go of the two arms in his grasp and pointing to the empath.

"How about this," Carlisle spoke diplomatically. "Naruto, Jasper, Rosalie and Edward can be on one team and the rest of us will make up the other team." There was a moment of silence as the seven vampires and one human pondered this arrangement.

"Sounds good. Though you guys should know by now that whatever team I'm on will just thrash the other." Naruto boasted, prompting Rosalie to roll her eyes and Emmett to protest angrily.

"We'll just have to play and see, Naruto." Alice said in a sing-song voice.

The two teams got into position. Carlisle's team was batting, which left Naruto's team to field. They played for awhile, during which Emmett and Alice managed to score a homerun apiece. It was Carlisle's turn to bat and Alice was just about to pitch the ball when she froze, her eyes blanking out. Already used to this behaviour, her family merely waited for the vision to be over. However, Edward suddenly froze as well, before his eyes darted to Naruto and he immediately sprinted towards his mate. Edward protectively held onto Naruto's elbow as his eyes darted towards the trees surrounding them.

"Well? We're not all seers and mindreaders here. Mind reviewing for the rest of the class?" Naruto asked, though he made sure to pitch his voice low. He, too, glanced around warily, searching for the threat.

"Three vampires. They're on the way here now. There's no time for us to escape." Alice replied, also running to Naruto's side. At that statement, the vampires all started to surround Naruto, forming a protective circle that blocked him from view.

"Err, guys? You don't have to protect me. I can look after myself, you know." Naruto protested weakly. A part of him was insulted by their behavior, but for the most part, he was touched. After all, Naruto had always been the one doing the protecting. It was... refreshing to be protected for a change. However, before Naruto could ponder further on how he felt about being protected, three vampires broke through the tree line.

"We thought we heard a game going on. Mind if we join in?" The blond haired vampire in the middle asked, grinning at the Cullen family. Naruto, mostly obstructed from view by the veggie vampires shuddered slightly. That grin on the vampire's face reminded him of that slimy pervert, Orochimaru.

"Sure." Carlisle spoke up, easily falling into his role as patriach and leader of the coven. "I am Carlisle Cullen and this is my family. May I know who you are?" He asked politely. "Edward, take Naruto and leave now. We'll distract them and keep them here." Carlise said mentally, knowing that his son would pick up on his stray thought. True to form, Edward nodded almost imperceptibly to Carlisle and his hold on Naruto's elbow tightened.

"I am Laurent." The dark haired and strangely tanned vampire said. "This is James," he introduced, gesturing to the blond vampire before nodding his head at the red-headed female, "and this is Victoria. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Thank you. Two of my sons need to attend to something so two of you may take their places on Jasper's team." Carlisle said, gesturing to said empath.

"I will referee. One of you can take my place on Carlisle's team." Esme spoke up, smiling at the three vampires politely.

As the group broke apart and the vampires quickly split into teams, the Cullen vampires quickly informing the newcomers of their teammates, Edward all but dragged Naruto away. However, before they could get to the car, a gust of wind blew into the clearing and Naruto's scent was clearly broadcasted to the vampires. All of them stiffened, before the three red-eyed vampires immediately focused their sights on Naruto.

"What's this? You've brought us a snack?" James sneered nastily at Naruto, prompting the ex-ninja to roll his eyes.

"Try it, vampy. I guarantee you won't like the consequiences." Naruto shot back, ignoring Edward who was desperately trying to shush him. Edward was panicking, his mind going through countless scenarios where Naruto gets hurt or worse. The vampire couldn't help but glare slightly at his brash and apparently very stupid mate. Really, it was common sense not to antagonise a hostile vampire who can tear you up in seconds.

"Tsk tsk, Carlisle. You know the rules. Don't worry, I'll take care of the little human for you." James said, taking a step forward. Edward immediately pushed Naruto behind him and crouched defensively, snarling at James.

"That's where you're wrong, Jamie." Naruto mocked. "The rules state that no human who knows about the existence of vampires can be allowed to live. The Cullens have not broken that."

"What do you mean? You obviously know about us." James demanded.

"Well, it's simple, isn't it? I'm obviously not human." Naruto said with a decidedly evil grin as he allowed his eyes to flash red and released some killer intent.

James and his two companions took an involuntary step back as they felt the intimidating aura suddenly emitting from the not-so-human boy. "W-What are you?" Victoria practically squeaked, eyeing Naruto warily.

"Hmm. You don't know?" Naruto taunted as he walked around Edward and prowled towards the wary vampires. "I'm a demon." He explained, making sure to flash some fang as he grinned at them.

"You're lying. Demons don't exist. You're just some pathetic human trying to act tough." James accused, trying to make up for being scared by Naruto's killing intent.

"Oh yeah? Can humans do this?" Naruto asked as he quickly condensed a ball of foxfire in his right palm before tossing it at James. Naruto had discovered his ability to wield foxfire after merging with Kyuubi and he quickly mastered complete control over the icy blue flame. The human blood-drinking vampire was so shocked that by the time he thought to dodge, it was too late. He managed to prevent being hit straight in the chest - which was Naruto's target - but his left arm was hit and quickly became encased in flames. Screaming in pain and desperate not to let the flames spread to the rest of his body, the vampire tore off his own arm and tossed it at the ground. To vampires' surprise and horror, the ground around the still burning arm did not catch fire. It fact, it wasn't even charred. However, the desmembered limb didn't fare as well. It was reduced to ashes in a few seconds.

"This is the Cullens' territory. I suggest the three of you leave immediately or I will kill you." Naruto warned. His usual cheerfulness was absent from his face and his eyes were cold. Everyone knew that the blond was completely serious in his threat. The three vampires nodded shakily before quickly vacating the area, James still clutching onto the stump of his arm. The vampire would not be permanently miamed - the arm would grow back within a week - however, Naruto had achieved his objective. Those three vampires would not mess with him again.

There was a long silence in the clearing as the vampires tried to process what had just occurred. Naruto, on the other hand, was starting to feel uncomfortable with the growing silence. He hadn't meant to frighten the Cullens, he had only intended to scare the other vampires off. Had he gone too far? "They probably don't want to associate with me anymore. Now that they know more of what I'm capable off, they're going to want me to leave. To them, I just became a threat."

"You never told us you could do that." Emmett's voice broke the silence. If Naruto had looked up, he would have seen the grin on the bulky vampire's face and understood that Emmett thought his ability to wield foxfire was cool. However, Naruto couldn't bring himself to look at the Cullens' faces, so sure of the hatred and fear he would see there. Naruto was usually very cool-headed (after he grew up and stopped acting like an idiot), and he didn't jump to conclusions often. However, this was his one weakness. Many people who knew Naruto would claim that he had an innate self-confidence. While he wasn't arrogant, Naruto had a calm air about him that spoke of his belief in himself. This wasn't a hundred percent accurate. Sure, the blond trusted his instincts and abilities. Naruto knew his strength, and he wasn't afraid to show it. Naruto only underestimated himself when it came to how much others cared about him. As a child, he'd been beaten often and told that no one would ever love a demon. After awhile, the message had stuck. Despite how hard Naruto fought to gain more friends and precious people, a part of him had already accepted that he was destined to be alone. Itachi's death had only served to strengthen that belief. Naruto wasn't meant to be loved, and anyone who did so would be killed.

"I'm sorry. I should have said so earlier. I will leave Forks today. You don't have to worry about me threatening your family." Naruto spoke lowly, his bangs shadowing his eyes as he turned to go. However, even before he could take a step, a cold hand wrapped itself firmly around his wrist.

"What are you talking about? You are not leaving. I won't allow it." Edward's tone left no room to argue as he forcibly pulled Naruto to face him.

"We don't want you to leave, Naruto." Esme said, smiling at the blond.

"Edward's right, kiddo. You're part of the family now. We aren't letting you off so easy." Emmett added and Rosalie nodded in agreement.

"You're stuck with us forever!" Alice chimed in. Jasper, who was standing by her side, clearly supported his little mate's statement.

"B-But I could kill you! I'm a threat! How could you want me around?" Naruto demanded, his eyes darting from vampire to vampire.

"You could, yes. But would you?" Carlisle asked calmly, and Naruto could only gape at him.

"That's... That's not the point!" Naruto spluttered, trying to wrap his mind around the situation. Don't they get it? He could harm them! Common sense dictated that they should fear him and thus demand his immediate departure.

"We are not like those ignorant humans." Rosalie scoffed. "We won't fear you just because you have the potential to harm us. If you haven't noticed, any member of our family has the capability to harm another member. But we trust each other. We know that we won't harm each other intentionally and that is enough."

"So you still want me to stay?" Naruto asked slowly. His voice was so small that it was a good thing that vampires all had very good hearing or they wouldn't have heard him.

"Of course we do. In fact, you are not allowed to leave. Now come on, I do believe it's time for dinner." Edward said, pulling Naruto towards the car. He had not released his mate's wrist the entire time.

"Oh yes! I have a new recipe I would like to try!" Esme exclaimed happily as she too headed to the cars, chattering away at what she had planned to cook for Naruto. The blond ex-Hokage could do nothing but be pulled along, his mind still processing the vampire's easy acceptance.

"Kit, you should tell them."

Naruto resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Kyuubi's repeated urging. "You've said that at least ten times already Kyuu. I told you I would tell them when the time is right."

"And when, exactly, would that be?" The demon fox pressed, not willing to let his host off this easily.

"Whenever I feel up to it." Naruto replied firmly, clearly indicating that he did not wish to discuss the matter further. Kyuubi sighed and decided to let his host be, for now. His host would see the light. Eventually.

Naruto shook his head slightly as he felt the fox retreat in his mind. Kyuubi wanted Naruto to come clean with the vampires, to reveal his hanyou status. The logical part of Naruto's mind happily pointed out that the Cullens already knew that he wasn't human and that Naruto had already called himself a demon in their presence. Besides, being vampires, they really had no business discriminating against other non-humans. However, the emotional part of Naruto's mind was being petulant and insisting that revealing the truth would only serve in driving away the only friends Naruto would make in several decades.

"Kyuu is right, though." Naruto thought, a determined glint in his eye. "They DO deserve to know. It's only fair since they've done so much for me. Not the mention the amount of trust they have in me. It's settled. I'm telling them tonight." Naruto decided, pointedly ignoring the smirking fox at the back of his mind.

Unknown to the distracted blond ninja, Jasper had been observing him throughout his mental tirade. The feelings of irritation, confusion, hope, despair and finally resignation that emitted from the blond were creating a whirlwind of emotions that would have driven the empath crazy. It was a good thing that vampires had much more mental strength than the average human. Jasper idly wondered what it was that had the newest addition to their family so wound up, but he decided to let the boy confide in them whenever he felt ready. And so Jasper watched as Naruto gulped down his meal of spaghetti bolognese, smiling slightly as his newest little brother got pasta sauce all over his face.

"Hey, Jasper, how about we have that match I promised you now?" Naruto asked. He was stalling and he knew it, but the no-longer-whiskered boy simply couldn't help himself.

"After the game. I will tell them after the game." He vowed as he started to arrange his chess pieces.

"I will be your timer!" Alice piped up, excitedly watching the two begin their game. Sure, she could already See the outcome, but still. The game was fast and brutal. Both players were experts in strategy and it was an intense battle of wits. Jasper came up with intricate plans and multi-layered traps, whereas Naruto was extremely unpredictable. It would seem as if Jasper would win in the next few moves, then Naruto would make an unexpected move and completely change the tide of the game. Jasper played with the calmness and strength of the Earth, whereas Naruto played like the suddeness and unpredictability of Lightning. However, it seemed that eventually, lightning would be absorbed into the ground, as Jasper finally managed to back Naruto into a trap that he couldn't find a way out of.

Despite his loss, Naruto didn't seem very disappointed. Instead, his eyes gleamed at the challenge before another idea popped into his head. Surprising everybody in the room, Naruto turned to Alice and grinned. "How about I play against you next?"

Alice blinked. "I don't mind, but you know of my ability. It would be impossible to win against me when I can See every strategy you plan."

"Don't be so sure of that just yet." Naruto advised, still grinning. And so, the table was set and the game started.

"Kyuu, this game is all yours. Don't tell me your strategy or anything, just tell me what moves to make."

"Sure thing, Kit. Don't worry, we have this game in the bag."

"You had better hope we do. It would be embarrassing and not to mention humiliating to lose to a girl not even one-twentieth your age, Mr-10,000-year-old-demon."

"Shut up and move my pawn to E6."

The whole Cullen family were currently gaping at the chess board. "How? But- What just happened?" Emmett finally managed to make out whilst digesting the fact that Alice just lost at chess. Alice never lost. Not even to Edward. The two usually ended up in a tie, otherwise Edward would lose.

Naruto grinned at all their faces. "So I was right. You can only get visions of humans and vampires. You told me once that your Seeing ability did not work on the LaPush shapeshifters, so I theorized then that your ability only worked with those who were the same species as you at one point of time. This proves my theory right."

"I'm sorry. I'm afraid I don't quite understand, Naruto. Alice has been able to get visions of you before." Carlisle said, and the rest of his coven nodded in agreement to his statement.

Naruto turned serious as he looked at the vampires seated around the living room. "I think everyone should get comfortable. This would take awhile. It's time I reveal what I truly am."

"What do you mean? I thought you said you were a ninja?" Rosalie asked, narrowing her eyes. She did not take kindly to liars.

Naruto seemed to understand the implied threat for he replied quickly. "And I am a ninja. But a ninja is more of an occupation than a specie. The ninjas back in the Elemental nations are mostly humans. They are merely more intuned with their chakra, which is a mix of spiritual and physical energy, than the humans here. That is what allows them to perform jutsus. You know I am not human, but I have never actually told you what I am."

"You told those other vampires that you were a demon. Is that what you are?" Esme asked slowly, not wanting to offend Naruto.

Unfortunately, Naruto misinterpreted the reason for her heisitance. He couldn't help but wince at what he perceived to be the fear and caution in Esme's tone. "Not really. But it's close enough. I am what you would call a hanyou, or half-demon." The blond admitted, before quickly withdrawing into himself. He had done his part, now the Cullens would decide what happened next.

"I don't care." Edward spoke up immediately. "You forget that we aren't exactly humans ourselves. Why should we be bothered by your being a half-demon?"

Naruto's head snapped up at Edward's words. "Really? You don't care? You don't think that demons are bloodthirsty creatures that love manslaughter? You aren't afraid that I would feast on your flesh and blood?"

"Naruto, from what we have observed, I think you would much rather feast on ramen and Esme's cooking. Besides, we are vampires. We are far more likely to feast on your flesh and blood." Edward replied calmly, shaking his head at his mates foolishness.

"You are part of our family, Naruto. No matter who or what you are. What I don't understand, though, is how Alice manage to have visions of you at all. Since Alice has never been a half-demon, her ability should not work on you at all." Carlisle said, furrowing his eyebrows slightly as he thought.

Naruto blinked at the family of vampires. They really seemed not to care at all. The blond couldn't help but let a grin stretch across his face. "Well, you see, I was not always a half-demon. I was born human and remained human until I was 17. That's why Alice can get visions of me. As for why she couldn't see my strategies in the chess game, well, that's because it wasn't me who was playing." Naruto explained. Seeing the befuddled expressions on the Cullen's faces, his grin widened. "Come on, let's relocate to the forest. There's something I want to show you." Without saying any more, Naruto turned and led the way to the clearing in which he and Edward had sparred in. The confused vampires could do nothing else but follow.

When the family of eight finally stood around the clearing, Naruto turned to the dimunitive pixie vampire and smirked. "Didn't you say you wanted to see one of my talking animals, Alice? How about I summon one right now? And not just any one, but the oldest and strongest of my foxes."

"Wait. Kit, surely you don't mean-"

Flashing through seals, Naruto then bit his thumb and smeared his blood onto the ground, grinning reassuringly at Edward when the vampire's eyes widened in alarm at the wound. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Kyuubi no Kitsune!" Immediately, a huge plumb of smoke appeared and when it cleared, a miniature Kyuubi was in the clearing. The demon fox was about the size of a large stallion and its nine tails swished about menacingly causing the vampires to take a step back.

"I can't believe you summoned me, Kit. And for something like this, too. Don't you know that you only summon a Boss when you're stuck in a battle you can't win otherwise?" Kyuubi growled irritatedly as he glared at Naruto. Seeing this, Edward immediately grabbed Naruto and shoved him behind his back, crouching in front of his mate protectively.

"Oh stop sniping already. I know you were itching to get out and have some fresh air. Relax Edward, Kyuu means no harm. Everyone, please meet Kyuubi. He was sealed in me the day I was born and merged with me when I was seventeen. Though he's usually much bigger than this. I couldn't summon him in his true glory as he would tower over the trees and cause everyone to panic. Kyuu is also the one who played that chess game against Alice. So you don't have to feel bad, Alice. Kyuu's at least ten thousand years old. There's no way you could have beaten him." Naruto explained.

"Are you saying that this... Kyuubi is sealed in that pocket dimension of yours?" Jasper asked.

"Oh no. Kyuubi's sealed in me. And he's stuck in me forever now that we've merged. Even though I can summon him, allowing him to come out, Kyuu is still bound to me. He cannot venture more than a mile away from me and if I die, he will die too. When he is not summoned, Kyuu resides, well, within my soul, I guess. We can communicate mentally and all. My other summon animals exist in a separate dimension and only come to this one when I call for them."

The vampires stared at Naruto and Kyuubi for awhile before Alice squealed. With a single leap, she glomped the large fox, hugging him aorund his neck. "It's so nice to meet you, Mr. Kyuubi! I have never met a 10,000-year-old demon fox before! You're so cute! Can you give me a ride? Please? Please? Please?" Blinking slowly at the pixie-like vampire, Kyuubi nodded slowly before allowing one his tails to wrap around Alice's waist and plopping her onto his back.

"Hold on tight, little girl." Kyuubi said before turning to Naruto. "I'll race you to the lake, Kit." With that, the fox bounded off, with Alice squealing happily on his back.

"Hey! No fair!" Naruto cried indignantly. He was about to race after them when Edward stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"You won't be able to beat them like that." Edward said before turning and offering Naruto his back. "Climb on, I'll catch up to them in no time." Grinning, Naruto quickly hopped onto Edwards back and vampire took off. It didn't take long for the blond to start whooping in joy. After all, he had never travelled so quickly before. Hiraishiin didn't count. That was more like teleportation than anything. He couldn't feel the wind in his face the way he was feeling it now. True to his word, Edward managed to catch up to and finally overtake Kyuubi and Alice. Though not without the fox and his rider calling foul. It didn't take long before the Cullens plus Naruto and Kyuubi were all at the lake, laughing and having fun. Everyone was splashing each other and after awhile, even Rosalie didn't care about her appearance as she tackled Emmett into the lake.

With a mischievious grin, Naruto decided to take things up a notch. He reached out to tap Edward on the shoulder. "Tag, you're it!" He announced, before jumping towards the lake. Edward immediately leapt after him, but there was only one splash. As Edward emerged from the water, confused, he spluttered at the sight of his mate standing calmly on the water surface grinning at him.

"You can walk on water?" Emmett exclaimed, pointing at Naruto with his jaw hanging slightly. "That's so uber cool! And freaking unfair! I wanna be a half-demon too." He sulked.

Naruto laughed. "Actually, most ninja are able to walk on water. It's one of the first things we learn after graduating from the Academy. So are you going to catch me or not, Edward. You could always give up and catch someone else."

Edward growled at the challenge and lunged towards Naruto, who merely laughed and jumped out of his reach. Naruto continued taunting the poor vampire and laughing as Edward only succeeded in getting himself soaked. He was having so much fun that he didn't notice Kyuubi walking onto the lake nor did he see the wandering tail until it was too late. The tail swiftly wrapped around Naruto's ankle and dragged him underwater. Seeing this, everyone burst into laughter, and the laughter only doubled when the spluttering blond surfaced and started glaring at Kyuubi.

AN: I would like to apologise for the extremely long delay, but I got sidetracked... Heh. The stuff I wrote about Alice's ability probably isn't all that accurate but, well, that's how it is in this story. By the way, I'm thinking of bringing Gaara in. He'll be the only one besides Naruto from the ninja world. What do you guys think? If I do bring him in, he'll be paired with Jacob. Bella will not be evil in this story, but she will not play a big role either.

AN: Just to clear up something, in this story, the shapeshifters already have the gene in their DNA. So they were never human to begin with. Whether or not they can transform will depend on whether or not the gene becomes active instead of the dormant state it is in when they're born. Thus, Alice's power won't work on them at all. Not even before they transform.