Title: Judging innocence (1/8)

Author: Fabs G.

Summary: After an unpredictable twist of fate, Sirius finally gets a trial… and everyone is called to testify….

Rating: PG-13 (for some swearing)

Disclaimer: Everything is JK Rowling's! All I own here is the plot and Daily prophet reporter Methilda Shotclear, Matilde Pettigrew, Normal Lathren and Questioner Andrae

A/N: I swear I tried not to make it a Remus and Sirius slash. I did. I think I succeeded. It took a lot of swearing from my part, but I think I did. Enjoy. Review!


Chapter 1: Unpredictable

July 24th, 1995

"Are you sure it's this way, Harry? I would go right…" Remus looked to the muggle street that ran to his right. The way the sunlight was hitting on it seemed to be the way to Privet Drive.

"As if I could forget my way to that house" snorted Harry, not changing direction.

"Remus, you're a pureblood" Sirius expertly faked Snape's voice "Harry and I are half, we're somewhat immune to the Privet Drive spells. You're not"

Harry turned around and faced Sirius "You're half?"

"Mum was a witch, dad a muggle"

Harry, Sirius and Remus finally reached number 4, Privet Drive. Petunia Dursley was outside, and much to Harry's surprise, she wasn't gossiping with the next door neighbor, but working on the garden. It actually was the ideal day to do so, it was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining bright, the birds were chirping, and the sky was as blue it could ever be.

In Sirius' words, the day was disgustingly perfect.

As soon as she saw Harry, she stood up, throwing the shovel aside, ready to start yelling at Harry. But no sooner had she yelled for her husband, that she notice the two adults behind her nephew. One of them, tall and well built, quite handsome, with jet-black hair and a pair of blue eyes that were looking fiercely at her, had his hand over one of Harry's shoulders. After some seconds of thinking and squinting at the man, she recognized him as the one who had appeared in the news cast two years ago. The other man, she recognized as the one who had picked Harry up 10 days ago. Upon seeing Remus' robes, he knew he was no primary school teacher, and that he had blatantly lied to them.

She would have taken on the men herself for the pleasure of yelling at Harry, but facing two grown wizards with their wands out was something she considered suicidal. She stumbled back and turned around to enter to her house, only to run into her husband and son. Dudley, however, as soon as he saw two grownups wearing robes, run upstairs as quick as his thick legs let him.

Vernon Dursley, however, let his wife enter the house and remained under the doorframe, looking at Harry almost as furious as Sirius was looking at him.

"Uncle Vernon" said Harry, with obvious sarcasm in his voice "How nice to see you again"

Vernon looked like he could have strangled Harry in the spot but restrained himself from doing so because of his strong suspicion that the man on Harry's left was his godfather. Harry raised his right hand and pointed at Remus "May I have the pleasure of introducing you Remus Lupin," Harry looked at Remus, who was torn between laughing at Harry's irony and killing Vernon with his bare hands. "A very dear friend of my parents. And this is Sirius Black, another friend of my parents, and also my godfather. I believe you have heard about him" Harry flashed uncle Vernon his widest grin.

Vernon saw his worst fears confirmed and made an attempt to close the door behind him, but Sirius stretched one of his muscular arms, and easily pushed the door wide open.

Sirius spoke with such and uncharacteristic calmness that made Harry and Remus nervous. "We've just come to pick up Harry's things." He entered the house, shoving Vernon aside, and took his wand out of the pockets of his cloak. "Accio trunk!" Two frightened shrieks were heard upstairs and some seconds later, Harry's trunk floated downstairs and fell down at Sirius' feet, who shrank it enough to make it fit into his pocket. He looked at Harry, who was now under the doorframe, with Remus close behind him, keeping an eye at Vernon. He looked so mad at Harry that Remus felt the impulse of placing a protective arm across Harry's chest. "What else Harry?"

Harry thought hard if he had anything left upstairs, besides Hedwig's cage. Ten days ago, when Remus had picked him up, Harry had left everything he owned inside his trunk.

"Just Hedwig's cage"

Sirius repeated the process with Hedwig's empty cage and faced Vernon again, coming so close to the man, his noses nearly met. Or rather, Sirius' nose and Vernon's forehead nearly met, because Sirius was much taller than Vernon. None of them had lost the fierce look in his eyes.

"What I'm about to tell you is as good news for you as it is for me" For the first time, Vernon looked intrigued "Look at Harry now…" Vernon didn't "because that's the last time you'll see him. You'll never come across his path again. I've made sure of that."

With that, he turned around and left the house with his friend and godson, leaving behind Vernon Dursley hoping that he had talked the truth…

July 14th, 1995. Ten days earlier.

Remus Lupin woke up in his house and, very groggily, thought why he had that killer headache that seemed to be splitting his head in two. Suddenly, a very familiar yell reminded him of the present situation.


Sirius, of course. They had stayed late last night, and the night before (a little too late perhaps) remembering old times, catching up, but mostly enjoying each other's company after 12 years of being apart. (Plus, one year of Sirius being on the run) And, somewhere in between, someone had conjured up some beer and couple of bottles of wine.

It had been a wonderful night but…


…but the hangover was about to finish him off.

There was a mild note of desperation in Sirius' voice "Yes, I'm up Sirius" he yelled downstairs while sitting up in his bed and squinting his eyes at the open window. The sun was so bright and so up into the sky, it must be noon, deduced Remus. He dressed with some muggle clothes and, after a not so quick stop at the bathroom, found Sirius in the kitchen, who looked as he also had a killer hangover. His hair looked like if an extremely angry Quintaped had stomped on his head. When he got closer to his friend, he saw his surprise at some article in the Daily Prophet he was holding. In front of him, a broken cup that Sirius had probably dropped had spilled coffee all over the floor.

"Sirius, what is it? Another Rita Skeeter article about Harry?" Remus yawned. He took his wand and repaired the broken cup.

Sirius shook his head and handed the newspaper to his friend. When he saw the headline of the Daily Prophet, the recently repaired cup was dropped once again to the floor and cracked to pieces.

The Daily Prophet, July 14th, 1995




~~~~~~~~~~ || TO BE CONTINUED || ~~~~~~~~~~