J.K. Rowling's characters

Based in sixth year. Horcruxes don't exist and Snape is potions master.


The night kept a veiled darkness over the Hogwarts grounds. Clouds covered the moon and stars leaving only shadows in its wake. A soft breeze tickled over the long grass, making it bristle together and whisper through the night. The only sound to join the grass was the odd rustle of footsteps touching the ground.

Severus Snape carefully walked down the grounds towards the forbidden forest. His cloak billowed behind his and his hair was swept from his face, revealing its aristocratic feature. The man's head was held high and his brisk walk proved he had a purpose. The potions master stopped at the edge of the Forbidden Forest, before checking his surroundings he took a step down onto the path.

Ten minutes passed by and the man did not let up his stride as he moved deeper into the darkness. He came to a halt in a clearing, where tree roots sprung from the ground giving the land a newly textured feeling on the professor's feet. Another analysis of the area finally allowed the man to relax. He took a deep breath, before he focused on his heart's animal. Slowly, he felt his bones reshape and skin stretch.

With the change completed, Snape chuffed out a breath of cold air through his nostrils, that left a cloud of mist to spread out. He scraped his hooves through the dirt, relishing in the feel of soft earth rather then the cold slabs of the potions room. He shook his head, allowing his mane to flop down his neck, before taking off. He galloped through the woods, trees brushing past him. The heavy thump of his hooves echoed through the forest but softened through the trees, this was where he was supposed to be. There was a freedom, in the ability to run like this. It was similar to the feeling of escaping, leaving all the problems behind you and having nature take you in with open arms.

No longer was the man locked away in the dungeons. There was no chattering of foolish students, interrupting his free thoughts. There was no other man giving him orders and leading his life by the reigns. Severus Snape was no gelding, no. He wasn't tied down and had no owner, no one who could tame him. He was a Mustang. A free horse. Wild. To do as he pleased and unable to be tamed. But of course, this Severus Snape only exists in the dead of night. During the day he is a mere potions professor, held at the reigns by two masters. But there is no time to dwell on such thoughts now; now we have the liberty to run and enjoy private time, without the hassle of others.


Slowly, Severus came to a trot, before halting next to a tree in the clearing he had started at. Bending his knees, he came to rest on them, taking in deep puffs of air and filling his lungs.

There was a crackle from beyond the trees as twigs snapped, and leaves were ruthlessly parted. Severus snapped his head to find the disruption. He watched with narrowed eyes, as a boy tripped out through the bushes. The boy took a few more steps forward before he noticed the Mustang straight in front of him. The boy stood stock still, his eyes wide and breathing rushed. He took a step back, weary of the beast. The horse jumped onto his legs and trotted forward.

Harry Potter took a few more hasty steps back. He raised his arms out at Severus, whether in act of defence, defiance or surrender, Severus did not know. Thoughts crossed his mind as he looked at the scrawny teenagers.

The boy was clearly breaking the rules again: being out after curfew and entering the forbidden forest. He would drag the boy straight to the headmasters office and have him expelled if it weren't for the fact that it would mean having to reveal his animagus form. Instead he settled for an attempt to scare the boy off.

The horse rose on his hind legs and came back down straight in front of Harry. The sight of the large beast raising his hooves against him had Harry rush back in an attempt to get away. He tripped over a root and was sent tumbling backwards onto his back. The horse scraped his hooves on the ground and lowered his head as a warning. Instead of running like any sane person would do, Harry raised his wand and cast a shield. The horse raised his legs again but this time came sharply down on the shield.

"I'm not here to hurt you. I'm just going to sit here, this is as much my forest as it is yours." Harry calmly said, raising his hands again.

The horse whinnied and jumped at the boy again, only to be halted by the shield. He turned his back, giving up on his plan and sat back down next to the tree.

"Blast it." Severus thought. "Where did he learn a trick like that?" His anger at the boy merely increased as he watched Potter settle himself in the grooves of the roots. The boy's back was leaning against a tree and his eyes looked up into the sky. Potter will definitely be receiving detention if tomorrow's potion class. The way the boy was so relaxed whilst he had unknowingly disturbed Severus' only free time, led to thoughts of revenge whirring through his mind.

It was ten minutes of silence before the sixteen year old finally got up.

"If I can't get any sleep I might as well do something." He muttered to no one in particular.

Severus watched in curiosity whilst Potter moved into a slightly more open space. The boy took out his wand and started going through a seemingly random list of spells. The spells varied in difficulty and ability; from the levitation charm to the patronus charm. Multi-coloured lights flashed out of the wand one after the other without pause, enhancing the clearings magical aura.

After completing at least twenty spells, Potter started over, only this time not a sound escaped the boys lips. If a horse could show any expression it would be one of surprise as Severus watched the-boy-who-lived cast wordless spells with practiced ease. It was common for wizards to be able to produce wordless spells, but it was most certainly above a sixteen year olds level.

Finally the boy put his wand away, but it was clear he had not finished yet. Instead the boy carried on but this time he cast wandless spells rather then wordless. When he came to a spell that he couldn't do, he practiced over and over. Severus almost fainted when he watched a Stag patronus escape Harry's hand; to be able to cast a charm of that difficulty without a wand would mean you had to have power that competed with even Dumbledore's.

When the list was complete, Harry went over the easiest wordlessly and wandlessly. After two hours of practice, Harry flopped down panting. Throughout the practice, Severus had unconsciously allowed a feeling of respect well up inside of him. The boy had clearly spent many nights practicing over and over and the power that was held in that body was incredible.

Severus watched as Harry Potter's eyes lids fluttered over the emerald eyes. Potter was tired and had used up a lot of energy. Alarmed by the problems that could occur if Potter fell asleep in the middle of the forest, Severus shot up and moved over to the boy. The shield that Potter had originally cast was now down and Severus was able to nudge the limp body with his nose.

Harry's eyes opened again and he looked up at the black mustang. Reaching up he carefully placed a hand on the horses muzzle. He felt the creature tense at the touch but merely carried on, stroking down the horses pure black face.

"Hey, see I'm not so bad." Harry whispered to the horse, moving his hand around to stroke the creatures neck.

Harry looked at the horse, it towered over him, making Harry's head only reach up to his shoulder when standing. Pitch black fur covered the whole body with only the whites of its eyes showing any other colour. The muscles of the beast were well defined, showing of its strength proudly.

"You're beautiful." Harry whispered.

Severus snapped out of the his trance endorsed by the soothing touch. He pulled his head back and moved around Harry, nudging the boy to his feet.

"Alright, alright. I'm up. Jeez, someone's in a hurry." Harry laughed.

Severus frowned at the teenager's antics, but trotted forward, hoping Harry would follow. The boy did, grabbing hold of Severus' mane and walking silently through the forest with him. By the time they came to the edge of the forest, a small hint of light crept over the edge of the landscape.

"Shit, I didn't realize I was out for so long." Harry turned to the large mustang. "I've got to go. Thank you for keeping me company." was all he said before turning and running back up to the castle.

Severus watched the retreating form, a feeling of doubt washed over him at his previous judgement of the chosen one.