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Severus stood in animagus form, pacing circles around the clearing. His mane fluttered with every clip of his hooves and the dirt growled and rumbled under the pressure. The bushes rustled as they were irritated by movement, the sound causing Severus sharply turned his head. To his utmost surprise Harry Potter stumbled from the bushes. They stood for a second. Eyes delved into the others, trying to find out what was running through the others mind.

Harry took a step forward so he was only a few feet away from Snape.

"Change back." He said.

Severus paused, watching the boy and wandering what he was thinking. He trotted forward so he was directly in front of Harry and then he changed. It was quick. There was no sound except for the flicker of robes as the rustled along the ground. In the end Severus stood inches away from Harry; he looked down, a head taller then the boy.

Harry turned and sat down with his back against the tree they always used.

"I've told you my secrets, I think it's only fair that you tell me yours."

Severus hovered, unsure of what to do. Slowly he walked over and sat next to Harry, their shoulders almost touching. He pinched his lips for a minute in awkward silence, unwilling to release the information that he had never told others. He opened his mouth and started. He told Harry of his childhood, of his parents fights. Later he spoke of his time at Hogwarts even speaking of Harry's father, knowing it was necessary to tell him everything. Lastly he told Harry of where his loyalties lie.

And Harry believed him. Every single word that came from Severus mouth was strung in truth, not twisted or with anything purposefully ignored; everything was an experience that Severus had endured and bottled up as memories. When it was all over, Harry felt a slight sense of honour at Severus' trust in him to keep the secrets as well as admiration for the man and his life.

Severus on the other hand, felt relieved. He had believed that in telling the secrets would make him weak and emotional. Instead he felt the freedom, which he had unconsciously longed: the ability to drop his façade and forget the world of spies, lies and politics.

Harry turned to face Severus who's eyes were distant and stared into the forest's darkness.

"Thank you. I won't tell a soul."

And with that, Harry got up and left. Severus watched the boy walk through the leaves. A small smile pulled at his lips as he knew the boy would be back here in two days time.

The meetings carried on and the two spent time together in human forms. They practiced magic and discussed secrets. Harry drew pictures for Severus, which the man kept locked away in a notebook dedicated to them. Harry's potions improved from the extra tutelage the professor was giving him. Trust was regained and deepened so that each could even hold conversations through the day from simple gestures which the other understood of their underlying meaning.

It was a Friday night when Harry arrived to find Severus waiting in the middle of the clearing, rather then sat down as it had become habit.

"Harry, have you been on a horse before?"

Harry frowned, wandering what today's topic would be.


Severus gave a lopsided smile.

"Well here's your chance." Severus said as he quickly changed into his animagus form. The mustang trotted over to Harry's side before kneeling down in front of him. Harry just stared for a minute, unmoving from where he was.

Severus was getting tired of waiting and whinnied so thrusting his head in the direction of his back, indicating for Harry to get on.

Tentatively, Harry stepped forward and crawled onto the horse, he gripped the mane and neck and yelped when Severus stood. Without warning Severus took off at a full gallop. Harry held on tight, with his eyes squeezed shut and fingers furrowed in the mane. The wind flew through his hair, brushing it from his face assuring him he was safe with Severus.

Carefully, Harry reopened his eyes. He looked straight into the midnight black hair that covered Severus. Short hairs bristled whilst the mane flapped in large waves. Raising his head slightly, Harry watched the streams of greens, browns, red and yellows as the forest flew past him. The clattering of hooves and dancing of leaves led Harry forwards. Severus jumped over a fence and Harry leaned forward holding on tighter.

A field came into their direction and Severus ran straight through it. The long grass tickled Harry's leg and the feeling of a flat gallop made Harry braver. Sitting up slightly, Harry looked up to the night sky. It ran over him and delved into the rest of the field. The view of the hills and surrounding forest embraced the two and encouraged the forward. Harry couldn't help but cheer at the feeling of absolute freedom. He gave long whoops that carried on through the tree.

Severus turned and jumped back over the fence. Harry fell forwards again, cutting off one of his shouts. The boy laughed, unable to withhold his happiness. When they finally came back to the clearing, Severus kneeled down allowing Harry to get off. The boy stumbled at the feeling of flat ground and the sudden use of his leg and an already human form of Severus was able to catch him mid tumble.

Harry looked up at Severus. His cheeks were a fierce red from the wind's harsh breath and his hair was swept back from his face. The green eyes shone with happiness and white teeth were revealed from a broad grin.

"That was…I mean…wow…" Harry panted out, breathing heavily.

Without warning, Severus leaned down and captured Harry's lips before another word could escape them. It was gentle. The two sets of lips moulded together for a minute, a feeling of perfection as they joined. Harry's head spun, partly from still getting over the exhilarating experience as well as over the face that Severus was kissing him. He couldn't move. Daren't breathe for fear of messing the kiss up. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he had to admit it felt good.

Severus wasn't sure what had happened in his head, but the sight of Harry so relaxed and alight, led him to find his lips against the boys. The thoughts to pull away were immediate, but the feeling of the soft pink lips pulled him closer. His hand moved up into Harry's hair and clung onto the black mess. Suddenly the lips against his moved. They sucked slightly on his bottom lip and he felt cold hands meet around his neck. Startled Severus froze.

Harry pulled back from the frozen professor. The moment Severus had placed his hand in his hair, was all the encouragement he needed that the kiss was alright. He looked up at Severus, hurt by the sudden change in the man. He wasn't that bad, surely.

"I…er… sorry. I shouldn't have." Harry muttered, not quite meeting Severus eyes.

Severus frowned at the hurt look on Harry's face. He couldn't figure what was going on in that boys head.

"Why did you kiss me back Harry?"

A blush crept over Harry's face. "Well… I, um. I wanted to."

Severus chortled at the reaction.

"You wanted to kiss, or you wanted to kiss me?"

"I wanted to kiss you, Severus." Harry put emphasis on Severus' name, sending shivers down his back.

The two looked at each other, before in one sweeping motion, they were rejoined, the lips tugging at each other fervently. The feelings cleared and the two knew exactly what was happening. Both felt the same way for each other and they ignored all outside problems and difficulties that could tear the relationship apart. All that mattered now was their absolute trust and dependence on each other.

The rest of the year carried on with Severus and Harry continuing their relationship in private. At the end of the year, Severus brought Harry to Voldemort whilst the death eaters attacked the school. Unguarded by his followers and with all the horcruxes destroyed by Dumbledore, it simply took Harry to use the spell he had spent weeks practicing and focus all the Oxygen levels in the area to the manor Voldemort resided in. Severus did the final orders by lighting is wand and throwing a fireball into the manor. All that was left was a large gaping hole.

With Voldemort dead, both Harry and Severus turned their backs on the order. They had no masters and no responsibilities. They were released from their chains and together they shared their freedom.