E/O Challenge: "Over"

Two this week! One for bhoney, the other for me :) First one is first-season-ish, a happier time...Spoilers for 5.03 in the second one. Standard disclaimers, no warnings.

I. Cover You

Typical hunt, typical blizzard, typical screw-up. He fishes his brother, wet and dripping, out of the frozen lake.

"M'f-f-fine, S-Sam. S'just a little c-c-c-cold in there, s'all."

"Dude, you're shivering enough for five seizure patients. We're going back and getting a roof over your head."

"G-gotta finish hunting the s-sonofa – "

"Shut up. Here, take my jacket."

"When'd you g-get so b-b-bossy?"

"You're kidding right? You get to practically run my life for the past twenty years and now you're calling me bossy? Don't be a jerk."

"B-b-b-b-b-bi-bi - "

"Oh, man, Dean, don't even bother. Let's get you warm."

II. Bury Me

Waves of terror, shock. Flames inside him, his tainted pulse beating mockingly beneath his skin. Pressure all around, he can't speak, can barely even breathe. It takes all his strength to lie back down on the bed.

"It's never over, is it?" To the empty room.

"No, Sam, it isn't."

He imagines the voice. But it's not Jess, not Lucifer either...it's Dean.

There's no ending for him, not even death. Not even Hell.

Tears, burning then instantly cold. He buries his face in the pillow to muffle the sound, as if his brother could hear him from so far away.