Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Sorry, guys – due to FFN's rules, I'm taking down this story and reposting it at Archive of Our Own. I know a lot of you have favorited "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" and hope you'll go check it out on the other site, along with other of my more mature fics.

Sorry again for any inconvenience, but I really don't want to be kicked off of FFN because of someone making a complaint about my stories, and I've had someone complain about two of my stories previously. I am aware that there are people going around and reporting stories that have sexual content, so, rather than get in trouble with the moderators of FFN, I'm taking down my few sexy fics from FFN and reposting at AO3.

You can find Thank Heaven for Little Girls at this address:

http:/ archiveofourown. org / works / 107393

Just remove the spaces (but not the underscores) to get to my part of the site. And yes, Evil_Little_Dog is the name I'm using at AO3. There are a lot of my more adult pieces for FMA posted there and you can find the entire list here: http: / users/ Evil_Little_Dog / pseuds / Evil_Little_Dog

Thanks again, and I hope you'll come check out my stories there.

- S J Smith