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Disclaimer: I'm not Stephenie Meyer, therefore, I don't own Twilight or any of the characters. The title of this story is inspired by Lily Holbrook's song 'Running Into Walls', I don't own the song, I'm just borrowing the title. Glad that's all cleared up, let's move on people!

Full summary, if anyone is interested:

Bella is an outsider in high school, she doesn't trust people much because of events that happened in her past. She doesn't have friends and lives in her own world. When Edward meets her, he is determined to break through the walls that she has build. But can he bring some reality into her carefully composed world of fairytales? All Human. BxE. Rated T.

So, here is chapter one. For the first week I can guarantee daily updates, after that it all depends on how much time and inspiration I have. ^^"


Her Life

The cafeteria of Forks High School was a crowded place today, nothing new there. I hated crowded places, but I didn't have much of a choice. Seeing as the rain was pouring down outside like it normally did in Forks, having lunch there really wasn't an option. At least I had a lunch table all to myself, since most of my classmates and other fellow students were avoiding me, as usual. Not that I minded, it was my own choice to be avoided.

Ever since I had moved to Forks to live with my dad, Charlie, some years ago, it was my goal to become invisible. It had worked out well in my years on Forks middle school; maybe also because my boring appearance with brown hair and dull brown eyes was really helping. When I first went to high school this year, I had continued to make myself disappear into the background. It seemed that it was even easier here to disappear, it required some hard work to even be noticed by the other students. Becoming popular almost looked like a full time job to some people. People like Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory.

But not me, being the centre of attention was one of the things that I tried to avoid at all costs. I didn't like to be in the spotlight, I didn't even really like company. The thing with humans was that they were all so predictable, in a way. With every new person you came across there was one thing that you could be absolutely sure of; At some point, he or she was going to disappoint you. That's how I saw it anyway, call me a pessimist, but I liked to call myself a realist when it came to my opinion on people in general. It was a whole different thing, or at least I thought so.

A loud giggle came from the table next to me. I looked up from my salad to see that Jessica and Lauren, who were sitting there with some other girls, were pointing and whispering to the entrance of the cafeteria. Ah, that's right, today was an 'exciting' day at Forks High. There were supposed to be three new students, the children of some rich doctor who had just moved to the small town of Forks. No big deal of course, but in a town where nothing ever happened, people were always desperately looking for something new. Anything at all.

At this exact moment, the new kids were walking into the lunchroom, curiously taking in their surroundings. The first one was a girl, she was very small, and had short, black, spiky hair. She was smiling, seeming almost excited to be here, even though I couldn't imagine why. The next one was a boy with dark, curly hair. He was tall and muscular, almost a little scary because he was so huge. The third one was also a boy, and he could only be described as 'beautiful'. His hair had a color that I would probably call 'bronze', and he was very pale, but it suited him.

It was obvious that these people weren't going to have a hard time, fitting in. They were already a novelty in this boring town, and all three of them looked nice, which was something that assured you of a place in the popular group. Again, humans were predictable, and it bothered me to no end.

I suddenly noticed Angela who was walking past my table, giving me a tentative smile and waving at me. I returned her smile without thinking, Angela was one of those rare 'good persons'. She was in some of my classes and she was a nice girl, respecting my wish for privacy but not completely ignoring me. For some reason, it didn't bother me so much to talk to her every now and then, not like it did when I had to talk to other people. I saw her walking over to a small table on the other side of the cafeteria, where her boyfriend Ben was sitting with his friends.

The new kids were walking over to an empty table, the three of them sitting down while they were quietly talking to each other. They were barely sitting in their chairs, but already the Hale twins were walking towards their table, along with Tanya Denali. Jasper and Rosalie Hale were pretty popular here at Forks High, probably also because they were very good looking. So was Tanya, who was often hanging out with them and the rest of the popular group. All of this was to be expected from the moment that the new kids had set a foot in Forks High, they were bound to become a part of the popular crowd.

Another loud giggle brought me out of my thoughts, and I couldn't help but overhear the conversation that was taking place at the table next to me.

"Oh. My. God. You see the boy with the reddish brown hair? I want to get stuck in an elevator with him." I didn't have to look up from my lunch to know it was Jessica talking.

"Ooh, I would like to do much more with him than that." I recognized Lauren's nasal voice and rolled my eyes.

Was it even possible for people to be this shallow? I doubted it, but Jessica and Lauren were doing an amazingly good job at proving me wrong.

"Forget it you guys, he is mine." A third voice chirped. I think this girl was named Katie, but I wasn't sure.

"I saw him first." Lauren said in a tone that was supposed to make it clear that there was no discussion on this particular subject.

"That's bullshit, I pointed him out to you!" Jessica objected, sounding offended.

"Whatever." Lauren spat back.

"We'll see who gets to him first." Katie said smugly, she sounded like she was convinced that it would be her.

"That would be Tanya Denali." Jessica stated flatly, bursting Katie's bubble.

Again I glanced over at the table where the new kids were sitting, and I noticed that Tanya was already practically sitting in his lap. The guy looked a little uneasy, but maybe I was just imagining that. Every guy that attended Forks High was after Tanya Denali, surely he wouldn't be any different.

"That bitch!" Lauren cursed. I didn't dare to look at her, but I could only imagine the death glare that was most definitely on her face right now.

"Let's make a plan to get to him." Katie suggested.

"I'm in." Jessica replied.

Lauren snorted. "Me too!"

The hostility between the girls was instantly gone, and they started to plot ways to get Tanya away from the 'hot guy', as they called him.

I was almost smiling at their idiotic behavior. Although I didn't like company, I did like to observe people. These girls were unbelievable, fighting over some guy they didn't even know yet. A guy that might as well be a huge jerk or an airhead…

I swallowed the last bite of my salad, and searched my backpack for my notebook and a pen. The one thing that made my life a little more interesting was writing. I loved to write, and I'd already written a lot of stories. Most of them weren't realistic, it were love stories and fairytales that ended with the words 'happily ever after'.

Sure, I believed in the existence of love. In books and movies. Real life was a different thing. Maybe that was why I liked to write, you could create your own world. All the characters in your story were living the life that you had designed for them. They would never disappoint you or let you down, and when they did, it was simply your own fault.

I flipped my notebook open, and started writing. This was a story that I had been working on for some time now, and I was finally getting to the good part. The part where he confessed that he loved her. Also a good thing about writing, after the happily-ever-after-part, all was well. It didn't matter if the prince turned out to be an idiot after the 'I do', or if the marriage didn't work out so well, because you didn't get to see that part.

Oh, how I wished that I could write the whole world around me. Control the characters in the story of my life, making sure that they would be nice, interesting people. Not the shallow girls that were fighting over a guy, or about who was the most popular…

Charlie occasionally expressed his concern about me being a dreamer, and not having enough interaction with kids my age. I didn't want him to worry about me, but also couldn't find the motivation to make friends in order to put up a show for his sake. I was content the way I was, on my own, trying to survive high school and hopefully, one day becoming a great writer.

The bell rang, announcing that lunch break was over. I saw how Jessica, Lauren and Katie were simultaneously jumping up from their chairs, swiftly running in the direction of the new kids. I snorted as I put away my notebook, and picked up my lunch tray and backpack.

When I'd dumped my tray, I followed the stream of students who were leaving the cafeteria, in order to go to my next class, Biology. It so happened that Jessica, Lauren and Katie were walking right in front of me, the guy with the bronze hair walking with them. Lauren was clinging to his arm and all three of them were overwhelming him with questions. From what I could tell, he didn't look very comfortable.

"So what's your name?" Lauren purred, I think she was trying to sound seductive.

It was hilarious how they were attacking the guy like a couple of vultures. Tanya was nowhere to be seen, I guessed that they had already gotten rid of her. I briefly wondered how the three of them had managed to get her away from him, it wouldn't be the first time that someone got locked up in the janitor's closet.

"My name is Edward Cullen." The boy answered. His tone was polite, and his voice sounded rather musical.

"What a beautiful name, it suits you!" Jessica said in a high voice.

"Yes, it's gorgeous, like you." Katie added.

I couldn't keep in another loud snort at their too obvious attempts to seduce the guy. Unfortunately it was a little too loud. The three girls turned around and eyed me with disdainful looks. Lauren was still holding Edward's arm in a firm grip, and he had no choice but to turn around, too.

"Did you just laugh at us, invisible girl?" Lauren asked, raising one of her eyebrows.

"No, you're not that funny." I retorted.

Jessica's jaw dropped in disbelief, and Katie let out a small "Oh!"

The three of them were throwing me deadly glares, but the guy named Edward didn't have a hateful look on his face. His expression was rather amused, and he looked at me as if he were looking at an interesting statue in a museum.

"Are you trying to insult us?" Jessica asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Wow, nothing gets past you." I muttered.

The looks on their arrogant faces were astonished, but it surprised me that the Edward-guy was chuckling. "Okay, let's leave the girl alone." He suggested, giving me an uneven smile.

"I can handle this myself, thank you very much." I snapped at him in a reflex, showing him that this girl wasn't going to fall down at his feet.

He raised his perfect eyebrows but shrugged. "Fine, whatever you want." He muttered, before turning around.

The girls were throwing me some last wary looks, before turning around and following him like a group of loyal Golden Retrievers.

Yep, this was a typical day at Forks High. No need to ask why I wasn't actually excited to spend most of my time here…

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