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Winner Takes All



Kukai trembled furiously as he looked across the table to see a very calm blond, the corner of her lips twisted into somewhat of an amusing smirk.

"Given up already?"


Shit. Kukai never thought that a pop idol would be so good in handling in her caffeine. He, on the other hand, barely drank it since his coach would always nag on about bodily health. Something about coffee giving you bad sleeping habits..

"I've been drinking coffee to keep me going ever since my schedule jammed-up when I became a singer." Utau paused briefly to take a sip from her cup. "Can you stand a chance against me?"

As her words were true. They had already gone through at least fifty cups of heavy caffeinated beverages, the blond singer was still unfazed by it all. The old jack on the other hand, was slightly beginning to get nauseated.

Kukai sighed heavily, his cup still shaking in his hands. It was undoubtedly his loss - no way around it.

"F-fine. You..win." The jock replied reluctantly. His vision blurred a bit as the room suddenly began to whirl around in his mind without warning. What, is there an earthquake or something? He closed his eyes and covered them with a hand to keep himself at ease. "God I feel sick.."

Utau raised a questioning brow before looking towards the abandoned coffee cup on the table. "Are you going to finish that?"

He shook his head. The blond took that as a 'no' and gracefully took the cup in her possession, downing it one gulp.

Kukai didn't even feel like teasing her on how she just indirectly kissed him.

Not like she'd cared, anyways.

Kukai: 1

Utau: 1