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Valentines Day.

A holiday most closely associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "valentines". Modern Valentine symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid.

More like complete nonsense.

Sharkboy couldn't comprehend the reason for having a holiday about mushy-gushy love. Humans must have nothing better to do with their lives, he thought, than make up holidays for themselves. Why would you need to waste money on overly expensive chocolates that won't last more than a day? Or cards that will just collect dust in a box somewhere? Or flowers that will simply wilt in a week? He will never understand human logic. He was above humans, after all.

The young cartilaginous(1) contemplated over these thoughts while hovering over a large selection of inflorescence. The floral scent, though weak to a human nose, stung his nerves violently. He let out a low growl and wiped his gloved hand across his irritated nose. Onlookers stared questioningly in his direction, their faces mixed with confusion and fear, for it wasn't everyday that you saw a young boy with claws, fangs, and a dorsal fin protruding from his back standing on the sidewalk. But Sharkboy was oblivious to their fixation, and continued to mull over the thoughts in his head while glaring down the delicate flowers.


"Where is Sharkboy?"

Max looked up from his essay at the fuming, pink haired girl. "I haven't seen him since this morning," he said, feeling as though he'd repeated himself several times already. "He mumbled something about going out for awhile and left."

"Going out where?"

The young boy simply shrugged his shoulders and went back to writing his school paper.

"Well," Lavagirl huffed, placing her hands on her hips. "It's very rude to just leave when visiting a friend from another world."

"What else do you expect from Sharkboy?"

"True," Lavagirl agreed. "But still rude. I won't stand for it."

Max chuckled at his creation's strict attitude. Always the voice of reason and how to do things the right way. But he knew there was a deeper meaning for her to feel anger at Sharkboy today. He could tell from the way her cheeks gave off a slight blush, the way her brows knitted together, the way her presence was blazing, and the obvious way she's been questioning his absence for the past two hours. It was Valentines Day, and Lavagirl wasn't pleased with the stubborn shark's decision of leaving. He couldn't really blame her. Sharkboy clearly had a crush on the girl, and she clearly returned his feelings, yet he continued to be an idiot about it.

"You might as well try making the first move. Otherwise, this relationship won't be going anywhere."

Max's sudden statement made Lavagirl uneasy. "What? What relationship?"

The boy just stared at her with a look that basically translates to 'You-know-what-I'm-talking-about'. Lavagirl shook her head and frowned. She held her hands up in defense before saying "No, no, no," and then blushing, totally killing her response.

"Listen, Lavagirl, I'm not stupid. I created you guys, what… three or four years ago? I know the both of you inside and out," Max stretched his arms above his head casually. "And, to put it simply, you guys have the hots for each other."

"Do not!" was the retort. Then came the explanation, "How could you say that, Max? Sharkboy and I cannot like each other! How can Sharkboy possibly like anything that's not covered in scales or is missing a ph level? That boy is too stubborn to fathom liking anything. Especially me."

Max raised an eyebrow. "Why's that?"

"Well," Lavagirl let a sigh slip threw her teeth. "My element, I guess you could say, is fire. His is water. The two don't really mix very well."

"True, but not in your case."

It was Lavagirl's turn to raise a questioning eyebrow. "Care to explain?"

Max set down his pencil and turned his body sideways to face her. "Okay… on Earth, lava that flows from volcanoes will spill into the ocean if one borders it. But, it doesn't really harm the ocean," He waited for Lavagirl to nod in understanding. "The ocean cools the lava, calms it, and lets it settle at the bottom. The cooled lava will sometimes rise out of the ocean and create islands. That's how the Hawaiian islands were formed."

"So, you're saying… ?"

"Even though the two elements are opposites, they are constantly working together," he paused to smile at her. "Like you and Sharkboy, the two need each other. Opposites attract."

Lavagirl stared at him for a few moments, taking everything he said in and going over it. "Wow," she said, truly amazed. "You really pay attention in school."

Max hung his head. "Thanks for ruining what could have been a nice moment," he then chuckled before picking his head up and saying, "But do you understand?"

"Yeah," a flushed hue settled over her cheeks.

A sudden knock came from the bedroom door, making both pre-teens jump. Lavagirl strode over to the interruption, and opened the wooden entrance.

Her soft brown orbs eyes connected with fierce blue ones.

She frowned, crossing her arms as the anger she held minutes ago came crawling back into her nerves when seeing the guest's face. "And just where have you been?"

Sharkboy ignored her question and tilted his head to look at Max. The boy couldn't help but shudder under his piercing stare.


Max immediately jumped out of his chair at the simple command and shuffled out of the room without question. He learned to never go against anything the carnivorous boy demanded. He didn't recommend attempting it.

Lavagirl gaped at him. "Out? You command Max to leave the room after ignoring spending time with him all day? What could you possibly be thinking by telling our creator to leave? I swear, Sharkboy, you must think so highly of yourself sometimes to-"

Her rant was cut short to a muffle when a bundle was shoved into her face. She was about to yell at the boy before realizing just what was shoved in her face.

"What… What is this?"

Sharkboy crossed his arms in defensiveness and answered, "Flowers."

Lavagirl looked down at the arrangement of flowers in her arms with shock.

"Don't girls like this kind of stuff?" he said with a scowl, seriously wanting to rip the little things to shreds for making his nose sting with their awful stench. He even bore his teeth at them in instinct.

Lavagirl nodded, utterly speechless. Sharkboy was giving her flowers? Sharkboy, King of the ocean and everything that has to do with being impossibly stubborn, was giving her something so fragile? She just couldn't believe it.

"Well…" Sharkboy seemed flustered at her silence and ran a shaky, clawed hand through his hair. "Happy Valentines day... I guess."

Lavagirl smiled up at him. "Oh, Sharky…"

Sharkboy hissed at the sudden rush of heat to his face and jerked away, covering it with his gloved hands and wishing he could rip it off without taking a trip to the emergency room in the process.

"There! You got your stupid present!" he said, before striding down the hallway in a rush. "I'm going home! I've had enough of this ridiculous planet!"

Lavagirl giggled at his obvious embarrassment. She held the bundle up to her face, careful to keep her body temperature low, and took in the invigorating fragrance.

"I guess that's what he was out getting this whole time." Max said, approaching the girl when he was sure Sharkboy was out of sight.

Lavagirl imagined the silly boy standing in front of the flower stand for hours in discomfort, working up the courage to purchase them… or possibly steal them?

"I guess he really came through, huh?" Max chuckled, entering his room to finish his report.

Lavagirl's eyes lit up with delight.

Opposites attract.


A/N: 1. Cartilaginous - jawed fish with paired fins, paired nares, scales, two-chambered hearts, and skeletons made of cartilage rather than bone.

Truthfully, sharks scare the crap out of me, and just seeing a picture of one makes me want to curl up into a ball of fear. I downright hate them. But Sharkboy is an exception since he's cute… and because Taylor Lautner plays him in the movie.

I think that Lavagirl would learn to control her body heat as she practiced using her powers. How would their relationship advance without a fact like that? D: