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The first thing I could remember was walking down a country road. It was paved with packed gravel and ran along fenced in farmland planted with winter wheat. My feet were bare and I was very, very cold. A few birds squawked from their perches on the fences. Crows, I realized. The air was still and a chill settled in around me. I hugged myself in an attempt to stay warm, it didn't work. By the time I reached the first big curve in the road the sun sat as a thin line on the horizon and the world seemed perfectly quiet. There were birds a few random squirrels; there were no cars, no people. Nothing and no one for miles. Already some of the earliest stars twinkled above me.

As night fell my panic rose. I didn't know where I was, I didn't know where I was going -- I couldn't even think my name but I tried to push that thought away as too troubling to keep close by. Upon further reflection I realized I didn't know the date and as night closed in around my own fear threatened to paralyze the rest of my thoughts . No matter how I tried to calm myself all I could think to do was run. A breeze sprang up from the north chilling my skin. I was cold, my feet were cold and I was only wearing black pants and a white shirt that read ' Merlotte's.' I knew I needed to be somewhere but I didn't know where, I didn't know how to get there -- hell I didn't even know where here or there was, so I just kept on walking through the night. I tried taking slow deep breaths but seeing my own breath hang in the air did nothing to make me feel any better.

As the dirt road curved I passed though a small corpse of trees. Pushed by the wind clouds began to roll in one by one, chasing away the little light to be had. No cars passed me by. I was alone, in perfect silence and nearly perfect darkness.

For all I knew hours past, I felt a wave of calm pass over me, my fear started to fall away. I kept on walking, following the road by the feeling of the gravel under my feet. I was very cold, I could barely see my hand in front of my face. Eventually I heard a car off in the distance, roaring along the road.

The car turned out to be an Escalade. When it turned down "my" road I instantly thought I didn't want to be found and ran off into the only shelter I could see, the small corpse of trees. I started to panic again, my mouth ran dry, I was running but I didn't know where to run. As I ran trees tore at my bare arms, the ground ripped up my feet. I heard the car on the road stop, a door slam and a voice calling out to me. "Stop! Come back!"

Seconds later a wave of calm washed over me as strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me to a broad, muscular chest. I fought back, only to be hit by what I can only describe as perfect serenity, debilitating soothing clam and bliss. It was so strong for that moment I had no emotions of my own. Logically I knew this was wrong. I was a lone in the middle of nowhere with a strong man I did not know and he was holding me against my will. I heard a voice screaming only to realize it was my voice and I was the one yelling "let me go!" I kept on struggling but it didn't do any good, whoever he was he was very strong. Fighting with him only left me tired.

"If I let you go, do you promise not to run?" I couldn't see my attacker in the darkness but he was big, his voice deep. He spun me around in his arms to take a look at me -- I wondered how he could see anything, it was so dark. He pressed cool hands to my already cold face. "You're freezing, your feet are bleeding. I can smell your blood" He sounded worried.

"Yes, I promise not to run." I said and felt his grip on me relax. As soon as he did I darted off toward the road hoping to reach his car before he could. Maybe I could jump in and drive away before he caught me.

I think I heard him laugh because he said, "This is kinda fun, actually. I like chasing you lover. You cannot run from me forever, not like this." Just as I reached the pall of light cast by the headlights of his car he was right in front of me. How the hell did he do that? I shrieked in fear. This time he grabbed me by both shoulders forcing me to face him. As I fought to get away I could see a radiant; blond and blue-eyed, tall and broad shouldered man.

If I could remember meeting more people I might have thought he was one of the biggest (and most beautiful) people I ever met. But standing there in his heavy leather jacket, jeans and a black tee shirt all I could do was be struck by his apparent beauty. At some point I would have to evaluate my priorities. Somehow I was deeply touched this beautiful creature seemed so concerned for my well being. But I still knew I had to get away, I had to run.

I tried to kick and punch him but it was like hitting a wall. Letting go of my shoulders he took both my wrists in one of his large hands and pulled me toward him. When I couldn't get any closer to him his other hand lifted my chin with his fingers, forcing me to look up into his face. He fixed me with the darkest blue eyes imaginable and said "relax, I have you. It is I, Eric, I will protect you." I had the most particular sense of calm and well being. It washed over me like a heavy rain. I felt I should trust this man, I knew deep in my core I should go with him whereever he asked. His hand fell away from my face but I remained looking up at his towering frame and tilted my head slightly to the side. He seemed to hesitate for a moment but said nothing else.

I didn't feel that my will was completely my own but I didn't fight it. When I relaxed and sagged a little against him I saw such a look of surprise on his face that nearly snapped me out of it to ask him what was wrong but just as I opened my mouth to speak I felt more calm and confidence hit me. became aware of the cold road under my feet and waited for what came next. Wordlessly he scooped me up in his arms and carried me the rest of the way to his car.

He planted a kiss into my hair saying, "I have found you, and you will be safe." I didn't say anything, the exhaustion of the cold was hitting me, my feet stung, my toes burned but I knew, or at least believed he was telling the truth. I snuggled up against him as he carried me to the car. Oddly, I couldn't hear his heart beat but I was too tired to care.

The big black Escalade was waiting for us. He'd left the engine running, the lights on and the heater blasting. He opened the passenger's door first and slid me into the car, taking care to protect my head as he maneuvered me inside, then he reached across me to buckle the seat belt. He slipped off his leather jacket and covered me with it like a blanket. I thought it odd that it wasn't warm on the inside after being worn by him, but then faster than my eyes could see he was on the driver's side and in the car. OK, that was weird.

"Do you know where you are?" He asked kindly.

"Who are you?" I thought knowing his name would be important at some point in our evening.

"Why are you out here without your car? And shoes? In the winter?" These were all very logical questions, I too would like to know their answers.

"You know me? Who am I?" Ok, that threw him for a loop. When he didn't say anything I added, "Do I know you?" He didn't answer any of my questions and I had none to give.

Before we started moving he turned to look at me. When he was sure I was looking back at him he said, "I want you to sleep, you are very tired." My eyes drifted shut even as I willed them to remain open. As I felt the SUV pull back onto the road a feeling of complete contentment settled around me and I felt warm and safe in that car bundled under his leather coat. Just as my final bit of consciousness carried me out to sea I heard the sound of a cell phone being opened. "Yes. Find Dr. Ludwig."