PART 1 - Mascot Swap

The Mysterious Star. It's a peaceful star with seven countries inside. Not too long ago, something strange was happening to the "Blessing of the Sun," which provides light to the people, and allows their world to stay alive. Whatever crisis was happening was averted by the efforts of the Princesses of Sunny Kingdom, Fine and Rein.

The Kingdom of Magic. It's a normally peaceful kingdom, run by a Mechanist monarch, and where every person has an identical counterpart on Earth. The current crown princess, Erika, recently had a crisis to deal with - which a good friend of hers, known as Himeko Nonohara (who is also Erika's duplicate) managed to fix.

Speaking of Himeko Nonohara, she dwells in Kazetachi in Japan, on Planet Earth. Although she was forbidden to use magic, she is still technically a witch. She currently has a Disguise Ribbon (that doesn't work) and a Diary that she uses to keep in touch with Erika.

Normally, the three worlds are separate. However, someone in the Kingdom of Magic was experimenting with a Transportation Mirror when things went...

well, things went wrong.

It wasn't too bad at first - since it only connected his laboratory to Himeko's room. Imagine her surprise, when Sei Arei (the first person she had ever dated) was looking at her through her mirror. While she was changing. When Erika found out, she wasn't very happy - since for everyone involved except for Sei, it looked like he was peeping. He was banished to the Human World for a month as a result. Himeko wasn't happy with this decision, but didn't argue against it.

Only, nobody managed to end the spell connecting the mirrors. Himeko suggested that the mirror be moved to where Erika slept at night, and was surprised when Erika told her that nobody else had thought of that.

It was when the mirror was moved that things started to get weird. Poomo, assistant to Fine and Rein, managed to get switched for Pokota, Himeko's talking stuffed lion. Nobody could figure out why this had happened, since there had been no prior contact between the Mysterious Star and the Kingdom of Magic (or the Planet Earth, for that matter...)

It was Fine and Rein who noticed the switch first. Instead of Poomo's Box in its usual place, there was a stuffed lion. They grabbed it, looked at it, poked it... but nothing they did was of any use. This was because Pokota could only move around and talk when Himeko was wearing the ribbon.