Sasuke currently stood across the room in his bath towel glaring at the blonde boy standing by his bed. How exactly he had gotten himself into this situation was unknown to him, but he couldn't move. The moment he did, the pillow Naruto had raised in his hand, would be chucked at his head, not that a pillow hurt, but Naruto had a damn good arm. They stood staring coldly at each other angrily, there had been nothing wrong BEFORE Sasuke had gone to take a shower, but he'd been pelted with three of his throw pillows from his own bed the moment he'd stepped outside of the bathroom door.

"Baka! Why'd do ask me to come here anyway!" Naruto shouted holding the pillow up higher, brandishing it as a weapon. Sasuke let out a long hard sigh and turned his face away from his friend.

"I did it because I don't trust that guy Naruto. My bet is that he's looking for you now, your safer here with me." Naruto made a face, scrunching up his nose and sweat dropping and snorted sticking his tongue out. Sasuke covered his mouth trying not to laugh, but that was inevitable, the laughter burst through his fingers filling the room. The pillow made hard contact with his head, sending him back on his heels and falling to the ground. However, it wasn't the initial force of the pillow that had knocked him over, but the weight of a particular person's body pinning him to the floor.

Naruto sat on Sasuke's waist, straddling him, holding his arms above his head and stuck to the floor. It was an odd moment, Sasuke realized that his bath towel was not secured around his skin as it had been when he was standing, that Naruto was resting in a place on his body he'd rather he not be, and that there was a hot blush across his pale cheeks. He took a moment to try and control his face, his hair spread around the floor beneath him, a few strands laying over his eyes, and glanced up at his best friend. Naruto was staring down at him, a look of slight anger in his eyes, but something else that mirrored determination and will. There were also tears brimming at the edge's of his blue crystal eyes, and Sasuke suddenly feared for him. He sat up taking his face in his hands rushing his thumb along the edge of his bottom eyelid.

"Naruto, why are you crying, please don't cry." he whispered. Naruto closed his eyes, tightly, and he tears ran over his fingers holding the tan boy's cheeks.

"Were you telling the truth then? What you said last week?" he asked sniffling, bringing his arm up and wiping his nose on his sleeve. Sasuke sighed looking at his sleeve a bit disgusted, appalled that a boy of fifteen could still not know what the hell a tissue was, but none the less leaned up kissing Naruto's forehead.

His lips were soft, gentle, and were gone just as fast as they'd been there. Naruto froze staring down at Sasuke's pale moonlit skin. He'd thought the boy would be asleep when he'd returned form the shower, so he'd turned the lights off, leaving the window curtains open, but he had been wrong.

"Naruto when have I lied?" he asked sighing. A hard blow struck him in the head, he saw stars, and hit the floor flat on his back.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR DOBE!?" he snapped glaring up at him, his hands in fists on the floor.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHEN HAVE YOU LIED! YOU MAKE A LIVING OFF OF IT UCHIHA!" Naruto shouted down at him fist raised again as if to punch him in the face this time. He instinctively covered his face cringing, Naruto had easily broken his nose before and he wasn't about to let him do it again.

"I mean…I just…" he groaned, remembering the first thousand times he'd lied to all his friends to get away from his stupid brother, away from his life, trying to escape it all. Somehow, in the end, it was Naruto who'd seen through all his bullshitting, Naruto, it was always Naruto.

"You just what?" the ten boy hovered above him sighing loudly, he began to pry the hands off of the prodigy's delicate face. When the obstruction was cleared, he was able to see the angular cut of his jaw, the pale skin over his high cheeks, his dark eyes hidden by heavy circles and wariness. It was hard sometimes for Naruto to admit, and he was bad at it too, but he'd always wanted Sasuke to say what he had a week ago.

"I love you." the words were whispered, almost purely mouthed, like a floating wind carried them up to Naruto's ears. The raven beneath him held his stare, watching for some sign that those blue eyes would waver and finally give in, that Naruto's stupid foolish pride would loose for once.

"Sasuke…I…" but he couldn't hold it back, he leaned forward, catching the back of Naruto's golden hair in a hard grip, pulled him down, and met his lips. He covered them, keeping them set in time with his own, smothering the boy, but he didn't resist. Naruto felt himself push harder down against Sasuke, and when a small anxious muscle ran along the bottom of his lip, they parted. Naruto's hands found their own minds, moving up the Sasuke's hard stomach, winding their way to his tensed chest. The tension was so set, that Naruto couldn't believe how smooth and soft the mouth was over his own. Another hand found itself pulling the blonde's waist down, leaning him over the raven, and a tongue slipped inside his mouth. A small agile moan escaped his throat, tearing through the silence in the room like a piece of glass, and Sasuke felt the heat in his lower stomach tighten at the sound. He groaned pushing himself up against the boy, it was like a crashing wave settling over both of them, tearing them apart, and yet meshing them together. Years and years of bonding, becoming the friends they were, had become engulfed and overturned in the ocean, the ocean of Naruto's eyes Sasuke thought. That ocean was his ocean now, his Naruto, his to call his own.

He pulled away from the boy on top of him, breathing hard for air, amazed that his lungs could hold out as long as they had. He gazed up at the blonde as he curved his neck to the side with his hand, exposing the skin at his throat. Though Naruto didn't stop him, he did seem a bit hesitant, but Sasuke wasn't giving him the chance to stop him either. His teeth sunk into the skin there, pulling over flesh and nerves, his tongue tracing the skin caught between his teeth, sucking gently, smoothly. Naruto's eyes drifted shut, and he went all but lucid against Sasuke's body, a louder moan escaped the teen's throat than before, with no mouth to muffle it. It sent a shiver down the raven's body, and he pulled harder at the flesh, biting harder, sucking harder, until Naruto nearly screamed in pleasure. He chuckled pulling away again, leaving a small trail of residue from the neck to his lips, grinning up at the blonde evilly. For a brief moment he was able to enjoy that look of pure unabashed bliss written all over the boys face, but it was short lived. There was a resonating crack, a thumping noise, and blood running from his nose. He sighed hitting the floor, realizing, that Naruto might have just broken his nose again, and also that the boy was leaning over him growling. Growling? He had a habit of doing that when he was pissed off, like a retarded dog, Sasuke imagined, but that had never stopped Naruto before.

"You SUTPID FACE! EVERYONE can see that on my neck! Who am I gonna say did it huh? You? I'm pretty sure you don't want that image plastered all over the damn school!" Sasuke, hand over nose, bleeding, looked up at Naruto raising an eyebrow. He hadn't thought about that, no, he really did need his father finding out that he was gay…or anyone else for that matter. He blinked realizing the blonde was making a valid argument.

"Just tell them you fell on something, you do that a lot anyway." he waved his other hand in the boy's face above him to get off so he could go check his nose in the bathroom. Before he got the chance to get on his feet, or get Naruto off of him, the door opened. The two boys froze, staring at the door in wide eyed amazement, why hadn't Sasuke thought of locking the door?

"Hey, Naruto, Gaara called on your cell, you might wanna…." Ashi stopped staring down at the floor and then to Naruto. She went pale for a moment in shock, took a step back out of the door, and stared with wider eyes than before. Sasuke couldn't help but notice that without the blood and fear, and the help of a shower, she looked ten times healthier than she had laying on the school basement floor. Her hair was washed, pulled on top of her head in a high ponytail, no make up, just pale skin that resembled his own, and those wide green eyes. It was her eyes, he thought to himself, that made her a pretty young woman, without those, she'd be some plain jane on the street.

"A-ashi I can explain…" Naruto started to get up with an outstretched hand towards her, but she shook her head slamming the door shut and they could both hear her footsteps running down the hall. Sasuke sighed getting up, readjusting the towel around his waist.

"Is she like your girlfriend? Because if she is, I'm pretty sure she's going to break up with you now." he made his way to his dresser, calm as ever, and started pulling out his clothes.

"No." Naruto said running hand through his hair.

"No, she's a really good friend. She ah…know's that I like you." he smiled a bit at Sasuke.

"Then why run off like that? It's really no different than walking in on a girl and a guy." he said shrugging his shirt on.

"No, I think it's that she hadn't gotten a good look at you before she passed out." he sighed sitting on the bed.

"What's that supposed to mean jerk!" Sasuke snapped pulling his pants on glaring at him.

"No, no! I mean you look more like Itachi than you think…" Sasuke was suddenly still, his glare became a death stare at his friend.


A long time ago they had agreed, after Itachi's disappearance, that they wouldn't mention him. It hurt to think about Itachi, he'd been awake the night his brother had gotten into the fight with his father and left. He'd been watching the two through a crack in his father's study door, bent on his knees on the hallway floor, crying as he'd listened.

"Dad, I'm not letting you do this to him!" Itachi had shouted angrily, he'd only been a young man then, barely a teenager.

"Do not raise your voice to me boy." his father shifted, getting up from his red wing backed chair, grabbing the front of Itachi's shirt.

"You won't make him do this! I won't let you treat him like me!" and suddenly Itachi had been on the floor. Sasuke could still remember the gunshot, it had filled the entire mansion, filled his head with that kind of sound that's permanent, and on cold lonely night's still drifts into your head, creeping there searing through your thoughts all over again. He could still see the cold far away stare in Itachi's lifeless body, the way he'd laid limply on the floor, draped over his father's Persian rug. The way his hair flew about him, mixing over the white fluffy tassels and the hardwood floor beneath him. His father bent, kneeling over Itachi's body, pressing the gun to the side of the boys head.

"I'm going to tell you something that you haven't learned yet boy, you don't FUCK with me. You don't oppose me, you don't threaten me, or you end up dead. I could hardly give a damn if you were my son or some rat on the street, I will do what I want with your brother, and you'll sit by and watch me do it." he started to pull the trigger.

"Or I'll splatter your brains right here in front of him." he remembered the way his father had grinned at the crack in the door, the fire form the mantle lighting his pale features, his white hollow teeth gleaming at Sasuke through the night. Something had made Itachi respond then, and he didn't know what, but he curled up, holding his bleeding stomach, moving so his face was hidden from Sasuke.

"Hai father…" he'd said in a weak voice, chattering, shaking, fearful, that was the last time he'd seen his brother…the last night Itachi had ever looked at him, because there had been no goodbye.


Naruto straightened up clearing his throat sighing, and then began picking at his fingernails like a nervous girl. Sasuke watched him, his eyes unclosing from his past, and he tried to stop his face from looking like a picture of his fathers. He ran a hand through his hair, he knew Itachi wasn't dead, but he also knew that he'd never come home, leaving Sasuke to fair for himself with their father. He basically saw that as a betrayal, and therefore let his brother's memory die within him.

"What does he have to do with anything?" he snapped.

"He was her lover." he said simply. "I hadn't gotten around to telling you about her yet, I just met her only a few months ago…"

"Are you telling me you know where to find that asshole?" he growled sadistically clutching fists at his sides. Naruto shook his head.

"She hasn't seen him in months, she said he up and left one morning, didn't call, didn't write, hasn't come back. I met her on the train, she sold their apartment and was moving here, said she just left everything behind, she honestly just tried to forget everything." Sasuke watched him and moved to sit beside him on the bed taking his hand.

"Then maybe the two of us can be friends too." he laughed dryly.

"He did the same thing to me…how long were they together? You said they owned an apartment?" he asked.

"About three years, give and take, she said he was away a lot sometimes, work…."

"Work my ass, what'd she tell you he did?" he sneered.

"Ring leader." he said simply. "Small Tokyo mafia ring leader, off the coast, probably the one you say your dad's having trouble with recently. She said there were groups of them, they worked in pairs, that Itachi worked with some man named Kisame."

"Why'd you bring her here Naruto?"

"So you could finally find him." he said, and that was that. Two strong, slim arms, slid around his shoulders pulling him down into the world he loved, his world, his Sasuke. He was lost in the warmth of his raven.