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Chris's POV

John is driving me crazy! I can't take it anymore!

"Please let me be in your club Please let me be in you club!" UUGGHH!!!

At least none of my friends have gone anywhere. This summer would be unbearable if they were all gone somewhere.

Man, I need a vacation.

Danny's POV

I AM ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!! I try to be nice, but I have my limits, and my annoying cousin Grace pushes me beyond those limits! She's here with her family for a week. How will I live? She's always going on about how she's so perfect, when she's not, at all.

The worst thing is that Caitlyn's gone off to stay with her friends from Sheffield!

I need a vacation. Preferably a Grace-free vacation.

Cathy's POV

I'm so bored! There is nothing interesting going on in Singletown this summer! Nothing!

When I'm at home, the only thing I can think of to do is helping Grandpa with the garden, but that gets boring too!

I need a vacation. An Earth vacation.

Sam's POV

My sister has gone on a holiday with her friends and I'm stuck in Singletown. So far, this summer sucks.

I really need a vacation.

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