'I'm so tired of having the only person I care about think I'm a little kid. I wish that Ai would create that stupid antidote already so I could prove that I really was okay.' Ring. ring. ring. Picking up the phone I say, "Mori Detective agency." With a very bored tone.

"Well you sound very happy, Kudo-kun." A voice said on the other side of the phone. Ai finally calls and she sounded like her usual boring and uninterested self.

"What do you want, Haibara? The detective agency is very slow but I don't want Ran or Kogorou to overhear me talking to you."

"Fine I'll be to the point. I have an antidote that will guarantee you a full week as Kudo Shinichi not just the usual twenty-four hours as the previous attempts." I listen to her and don't believe it. 'A full week in my own body? Is this some kind of sick joke of hers or is she really guaranteeing a week as Shinichi Kudo.

"What do you want in return?" I say very skeptical about how she is able to guarantee such a thing.

"The reason I have been absent for the past week was because I had turned back into my older form of Shiho Mizuno and couldn't go to school. If your still skeptical come over to Agasa's and I'll show you. Good-bye Kudo-kun." BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.

'I full week as myself.' Going on in his head right now, "Hey Ran wait up, I said I'm sorry for missing so much school." Going to the movies and school; With Ran as a man instead of a little kid.

I look at the phone and decide to go for it. Grabbing my coat, I storm out of the room without a second thought without telling Ran or Occhan. Within ten minutes, make it to Professor Agasa's and barge in unannounced. Haibara was at the table sipping tea waiting for me to arrive.

Jumping off the stool, she waves me to follow her to the lab. She picks up a small glass of liquid and a pill which I expect to be the antidote. She grabs the two items out of reach before I could get a hold of them. "Remember Kudo-kun, it won't take long for you to expose yourself to the organization if you accidently solve a case and forget to tell them to not mention your part in the case. Then they won't have a problem figuring out that I am also alive and hiding from them. Remember they won't care about who they have to kill to silence the two of us. You must keep that in mind no matter what this entire week."

I agree with her about that; ever since I became Conan Edogawa I had to keep quiet that I was really Kudo Shinichi and it killed me every time I saw Ran upset because I wasn't with her in the person. I KNEW that if I wanted to keep her safe, I had to keep the fact that I was really Conan from her. "I know that already Haibara. Now may I have the antidote before I decide you're lying about me having my body for a full week!"

"You're too eager, Kudo-kun; don't yell at me if you end up getting into trouble when Ran sees you." Haibara told me as she handed over the pill and water carefully. "I only have that one so don't come asking me for more antidote for a while." I nod my head and swallow the pill and instantly fall asleep from the intense pain. It felt different from the usual heart attack, ripped apart from all sides feeling. It was more of an instant crushing pain one usually feels before they pass out.

I woke up on a bed with a massive headache. I look around and don't recognize anything in the room. 'This doesn't look like the room at the Mouri's.' I gaze around the room when someone knocks on the door. "Come in" I say in an instant expecting Ran to be in her uniform waking me for school. Instead Haibara comes in with a weird device in her hand. "What are you doing here Haibara?" Then I remembered everything that had happened. I instantly look at my hand and see it's somewhat larger so I look into a mirror and find that I'm a teenager again. "Thanks a lot Haibara." I say enthusiastically and then look at her again.

Haibara had something in her hand and it looked like cell phone. "Well it looks like the experiment worked. I will handle the Detective Boys for as long as I can but remember that they are pretty average detectives on their own. It won't take long for them to figure out that you're not on a vacation with your parents. This is a phone that only allows us to stay in contact since it would be bad if they found out that you are in range for the badges to work. Also leave your badge here so they won't be able to try to contact you. With that I must get to school and you need to go to your house and get your uniform or you'll be running late on your first day back to school. Remember keep in contact with me frequently and that you only have this one week. See you later, Kudo-kun." Haibara leaves the room and I just stare at the phone she has given me and laugh when I see the small inscribed D.B. so I don't forget that I'm part of the Detective Boys club.

Walking to my house in a set of clothes that are Agasa's is very weird and I open my house door to get my uniform and it's sparkling clean. 'Ran must've cleaned it a while ago.' Changing into my uniform I sprint off towards the Mouri's to give Ran a huge surprise.