Chapter Two

When Kaitou and Heiji finally sit down alongside Hakuba and Shinichi grabbed a bottle of water they sit down to figure out why the two detectives are with the thief they all hate. Kaitou was fidgeting more than anyone else, trying to find some escape from the three detectives even though they were there to help him. Heiji was walking around Shinichi taking a good look at his rival and best friend who finally has his body back and Hakuba just stayed where he was looking at everyone as if there was no reason for him to be there.

"So why are you three here at my house in the middle of the night?" Shinichi asks pushing Heiji away from him at the same time. They were all looking away from Shinichi and he starts to get pissed off at the people who are currently keeping him from his sleep.

Hattori was the one who started to speak but Kid shook his head and started to talk instead. "Tantei-kun we are here cause I have been wrongly accused and I need your help in solving the case against me. The reason we are here in the middle of the night is because I'm kinda on the run and I needed a place to crash and think. Hakuba is here cause he followed me from the scene of the crime while tantei-han is here since he heard about the case and figured I would come here to you." Shinichi is looking at the three he has come to know so well since he became Conan that he was proud to call them his friends/rivals.

"Well that's only part of the reason we are here, Kudo-kun, because he isn't telling you the whole truth. The crime that is against Kuroba," Kid flinches at the name being used, "is a murder but not just any type of murder." Kid and Heiji look away as Shinichi glares at them. "The murder was a closed room type murder that had a single window that was unlocked but the only way to get inside the room would be by flying."

When he finally understood the entirety of the case in front of him Shinichi looks at Kid. "And how pray tell do you expect me to help you?" Kid looks at his favorite detective and gives Shinichi his trademark smile.

"Why that is simple my dear friend, you are the king the pro at these kinds of murders. These are the cases that make your reputation so well known. You are the only one who can help me and yet you are also the one who will take much convincing at taking the case." Shinichi glares and then contemplates the choices Kid has in front of him. "What do I need to do Kid?" He asks and Kaitou beams at the young detective.

"All you have to do is solve the murder and prove my innocence. Really easy actually since afterall this is the great Meitantei behind Sleeping Kogorou and Deduction Queen Sonoko." Shinichi just glares at his rival as he hears the two names that could bring him down forever due to his secret identity as Conan Edogawa. Meanwhile Hattori was glaring daggers at Hakuba for just being in the same room as them. When the two look-a-likes notice that a huge argument or fist fight was about to commence they decide to take their respective rivals to different rooms to try and calm them down.

With Shinichi and Heiji

Shinichi dragged Heiji to the couch in his family's library and locked the door behind them. Heiji glared at Shinichi until he realized whom it was he was glaring at. Heiji quickly looked away before he started to offend his best friend who just regained some semblance of a real life once more. Shinichi sits next to Heiji for a moment before breaking the silence.

"Why the hell are you always so irritated around Hakuba? Kaitou is one thing but Hakuba? He has helped on several of our cases and you treat him like he is a monster." Heiji gets really pissed as Shinichi talked about the idiot teenage detective.

"Why do I hate that pompous, arrogant, bastard? He has upstaged me on every single case that we have worked on. When it's you who upstages me, I at least know that it's because I missed something but when it's him, he just likes to hold it over my head like he's so much better than I am." Heiji practically yells at Shinichi while Shinichi sweat-drops at his ranting.

"Just try to get along with him until we are done with this case because since it deals with KID he will be there even if we don't want him there."

"Fine" Heiji grumbles under his breath.

With Kaitou and Hakuba

Kaitou threw Hakuba in a vacant room and locked the door behind them. Hakuba found a chair to sit in while Kaitou runs his hand through his already messy hair. "Why are you so hard on tantei-han?" Hakuba just rolls his eyes at Kaitou and remains silent causing Kaitou to freak out and throw his hat at his nemesis. Hakuba got irritated from that and glared at the teenage thief.

"Why does it even matter if I get into arguments with that buffoon? He just gets in the way during the entire investigation. So I kindly tell him what it is that he does wrong. It's not my fault that he goes overboard and starts arguing with me about it." Kaitou gapes at his annoying companion and shakes his head.

"Try to be more subtle about it and just avoid him if necessary. You know that if Shin-chan is going then Hattori will be at the investigation as well." Hakuba just nods his head in agreement.