Sorry the last two chapters are out so late. I had other fanfiction to do too...

Without Sora, Nao was nothing. He could wait for Sora forever. He loved him so much.

It had been a very bad day. He needed Sora to end it for him. He didn't mind whether

they were lovers or even friends, either way one was good enough for him than nothing.

But why was he waiting for him? Why couldn't he go to Sora? He was completly lost

without Sora there. But Sora had gone away on a school trip at their old school as he

now worked there. He had left him with Toshizou and the stalker Ran for company.

Sora felt like he was going mad. In this new dorm he thought he could keep hearing

footsteps, Sunao's footsteps. He kept staying awake as if waiting for Nao to return.

But he was the one who was away and not Sunao. Did Sunao miss him? He missed

Sunao so much. He felt lost without Sunao. Why did he have to go? Why couldn't

he have taken Nao with him? He was going crazy.

"I'm so alone tonight." "I'm so afraid." "When will you come home?" "I want to go

home." "I'm lost without you." "I'm lost without you..."