It's my second story, yay?


sorry for the punctuation and spelling mistakes.

You were everything, everything
That I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be
But we lost it

All of our memories so close to me
Just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending

I stumbled back into a tree, and grasped at it to stop me from collapsing, as I searched desperately for him, tears running down my cheeks. Edward, my love, my life, everything, had just left me, Lost and lonely. My body slumped downwards against the tree until I collapsed onto the forest floor and curled into a ball, trying to hold myself together. I could feel nothing, completely numb, I couldn't make a sound, although if I could the only thing I could voice would be a scream.

I could never understand how he could love me, but now I understand completely. He never loved me; I was just a pathetic human to him. Ha, he and his 'family' are probably laughing their ass's off at how vulnerable i was. I was just toy he could play with for a while, and then once he got bored, just leave it broken in some wood. Typical.

A new feeling filled my body, which I recognised to be anger and rage. He had lied to me all this time, stringing me along. I hated him. He was a heartless bastard, literally.

I uncurled myself and sat upright, I felt no pain, just the sudden urge to punch a tree.

I twisted around threw a punch into the tree. And again. And again, repeatedly smashing my fist into the bark, letting my anger out. I gradually made my way up into a standing position and punched more heavily.

"Fucking," punch "no life," punch "asshole," punch "he," punch "can," punch "rot," punch "in," punch "hell," punch.

I wiped the sweat that had appeared on my forehead and admired my work, I didn't know I was that strong. There were several dents in the tree and the bark in the area I had been killing had fallen off. It felt good.

I heard someone calling my name and I remembered Charlie, he didn't know where I was.

I whipped my head round towards the direction where the voice came from and started walking towards it. It wasn't a voice I recognised.

After a few minutes of walking I saw a huge dude jogging towards me, he was bigger than Emm- Fuckwards brother.

"Hey, Bella?" He said as he neared me in a deep, masculine voice. I could finally see him better under the small amount of light the trees were letting through. He had dark, cropped hair and brown eyes. His jaw was nicely sculpted and he had extremely white teeth. He was wearing no top, baggy shorts and worn out trainers. Did he have an aversion to clothes or something?

You could call him hot, but love sucks so who cares.

"Yeah, and you are..."

"Sam Uley, you father sent me looking for you, he was very worried. Are you hurt at all?" Charlie sent people looking for me?

I wasn't hurt, just angry.

"No" I replied bluntly.

"We better get going" He said whilst turning around and walking in a different direction. I followed slowly.

He kept looking back at me, as if to check I was still there.

After a time of what seemed like forever, we made it back to the house, I didn't realise I had been that far into the forest.

When Charlie spotted me he walked up to me and grasped me into a tight hug.

"Are you okay, baby?" he asked, concern covering his voice.

"Yeah, just pissed off, but i really do not want to talk about it, can i just go to bed?"

"That would be best" He lead me into the house as if i was incapable of walking.

I made my way up the stair case and into my room. I fell back onto the bed and closed my eyes.

I was nearly into dream land when i heard a raspy knock on the window.

My eyes flashed open and my breathing grew heavier. The only person that came threw my window was him.

I whipped my head round towards the window and nearly fell off the bed and fainted when i saw who it was.

That was 62 years ago. That was when a new Bella was born.

Listen to Avril Lavigne - My happy ending while reading this, it goes well.