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A new day meant a new opportunity to play my little game; the note yesterday proved to me that it was working. I pulled on a somewhat skimpy dress with fish net tights and black pumps; I made my way down the stairs and walked out of the door for a morning run.

One of the best things about being a vampire was the running, feeling the air against your face and the thrill of the speed never seemed to ease.

It was convieneint that we lived next to a forest, full of deer and for the runs, what wasn't convienient was running through a forest in a dress and pumps, but it didn't ruin the joy of it.

I settled on a log and looked into the the darkness and the depth of the forest, suddenly a strong scent of human hit my nose. I tried hard to control my senses; luckily I hunted recently so it was easier to control. I decided to ignore it but the smell kept growing, he was obviosly coming this way. I've had enough training with humans over the years to shut down the monstorous side of me.

Soon enough, he amerged through the tree's wearing camo, knee length shorts, a plain green shirt and bulky trainers, he was sweating and panting fiercly, grabing onto the straps of his large rucksack. He looked upwards and acknoledged my presence jumping backwards.

He blinked a couple of times and narrowed his eyes before speaking, "What's a young girl like you doing in these woods? They are dangerous, as I've just seen, run for it!"

He had a gruff voice, and was in his late 40's; he had black, curly hair and a podgy face.

"Huh? What did you just see?" I tilted my head to the side and stood up from my log.

"I don't know, a giant bear I guess, but it's coming in this direction!"

"I'm going to stay around for abit, but I think you should get going," I said in a bored tone, only a bear, and sat back down and turned my head away into the direction he came from.

"Crazy chick," he murmered before speeding off at human pace.

A couple of seconds after he disappeared into the darkness a large figure appeared from the breaking of the tree's, it was huge and resembled a dog or a bear, one of its legs was probably the size of two of my arms. It was a deep russet colour and had a pair of shorts wrapped around its leg. When it was fully in the light and saw me continuos growls rippled from its chest.

I took a defencive stance and growled too, but it quickly snapped out of it and backed up a bit, its jaw hanging open abit. The creature shuffled back into the darkness and barked.

What the hell?

I narrowed my eyes to the spot between the trees and gaped. A familiar boy walked out wearing nothing but the shorts that where wrapped around the giant dogs leg. He had toned skin, short black hair and deep brown eyes.

"Bells?" he questioned walking closer.

I racked my mind and tried to remember who he was, it couldn't have been my human years because all the people I knew back then where either dead or old.

"Do you remember me?" he spoke again, his voice had a husky tone to it.

I simply shook my head; I didn't know vampires could be lost for words…

"Jacob Black?" he questioned again, and I literally heard a ding sound in my head.

Jacob Black, La Push, Billy Black, rusty truck, long black hair, white teeth…

"What the hell? Huh? How? Huh?"

"It's a long story." He chuckled.

"Jacob Black?" I repeated, completely confused.

He took another step forward and grinned.

"Jacob Black," he stated.

"Haven't you grown," I smiled, looking at his well-defined 6-pack, he had grown… so much.

"I could say the same for you; your dress sense has certainely changed." He teased, looking me up and down.

"So, why are you alive?"

"As I said, it's a long story,"

"Long story short please." I sat back on my log and patted the seat next to mine. He jogged over and sat down.

"Well, I'm not the only one who needs to explain, from all me and everyone else knew, you where reported as missing but after time the case was closed and were suspected to be dead but your body was no where to be found and your father died. No one knew how either of you died though."

"You first,"

"OK, well have you ever heard of the Quileute?" I remembered something about it faintly in my head but shook my head, "well it is a legend from my generations, about how we descend from wolves and they are our brothers. Of course, I didn't believe it at first," he snorted, "but it turns out we do morph into giant dogs to protect humans from the cold ones,"

"Me?" I interrupted.

"Yeah, do you not remember this from that time on the beach in La Push? You asked me about the other vampire, coppper hair guy?"

I scanned my mind again and could faintly remember it, it was blurry but I could make it out. It was raining and we were walking along the La Push beach when blondie had asked me out. I had asked Jake about Edward and he told me he was a vampire…

"Oh yeah! So why are you living healthly and haven't aged?"

"Well, we stay the same age until we stop morphing and settle down, which I haven't done yet, simples." He gave a toothy grin.

"Why are you here? I thought you only monitored La Push?"

"Well, there are two reasons. The first was when you 'died' it was pretty hard for me and living it that area reminded me so much of you and secondly I had a… misunderstanding with the other wolves so now I wander, keeping rid of blood struck, rampaging vamps on my own and am watching here at this time, just my luck I guess."

"What were you doing before?"

"I smelled vampire, but it was only you I guess. Now tell me your side of the story!"

"OK, well the night Edward left Victoria came-"

"The red head?" I nodded, "She's long gone." He grinned showing his pearly whites.

"Do you mind not interupting me one sentence into the story?" he made a zipping action over his mouth so I carried on, "Victoria came and changed me into a vampire so I would have to suffer for the whole of eternity depressed about Edward leaving, I'm sure you heard about that?," he nodded,

"But it didn't turn out that way, I didn't miss him. While I was writhing in pain she killed Charlie, I called an ambulance and fled. Now I have a coven here, simples." Imitating him, "Oh and the Cullens are here now too, it's like a reunion!" I said in mock happiness.

He laughed at my sarcasm, "jesus, were so messed up…"

I stood up and rearanged my dress.

"You going?" he said, disappointment washed over his expression.

"Yeah, school," I sighed, "I bet you can't stand the scent of me because I'm hating the smell of you at the moment, like wet dog" I took a dramatic sniff.

"Yeah, no affence but you stink… well, bye then," he gave a weak smile and wrapped me in his arms.

"Bye Jake," I smiled and pulled myself out of his embrace.

"Will I see you soon?" I asked, I had forgotten how much I fun it was with him.

"I pretty much doubt it, I wander, so I'll be moving on soon enough, but I'll miss you."

"Same, bye," I pecked his cheek and ran off towards the house.

Everyone was waiting by the car when I arrived in the drive way.

"Nice run?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah, met an old friend," I smiled.

"Old friend? Were they really old? Or another vampire?"

"What the hell is that smell?" Cole crinkled his nose.

"He's a werewolf," the moment the words came out of my mouth their eyes widened and they started shouting at me at once.

"Do you know how dangerous that is?"

"Stop worrying, Jake would never hurt me; now get in the flipping car."

Everyone was silent and got in the car.

"Werewolf," Cole scoffed silently, I just ignored him

"So Bells, where are you on the 'make Edward jealous so he becomes depressed that he left you,' kind of plan?" Ruby asked, looking in the car mirror checking her hair.

"Well apart from the stroming out in the cafeteria, he left me a note,"

"Ooh, love letter?" Josh mocked. Cole glared at the back of the car seat.

"No you twat."

"What did it say then?"

"Just how I looked gorgeous and he wanted to 'ravish' me." I chuckled.

"Yes! It's working!" Ruby gushed, twisting her arm backwards to give me a hi-five.

I returned it and rubbed Cole's arm.

"Are you still alright about it?" I said comfortingly.

"Yeah, sorry babe." He kissed my hair and pulled me into his arms. "I just can't stand to see you with someone else."

I watched the landscape blur together as the car drove passed.

When we made it to the school, we just stood around the car and talked, I was cuddled into Cole's chest, occasionaly reaching up to leave a light kiss on his neck. After about 10 minutes the Cullens showed up, and Edward and Alice stayed in the lot, while everyone else left.

They were in an intese conversation, too low for even vampires to hear.

Cole began to kiss my hair and I sighed against his touch, he lowered his lips to my ear, continuosely kissing the top. He made it way down to my lobe and started sucking on it; I quietly moaned and reached up for his lips. Our lips connected and I sighed in satisfaction, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Before I knew it, we were having a deep make-out session.

"Cole," I managed to mumble under his lips.

"Bella," he replied.

I kept my lips lightly against his. "We should get to class," I sighed sadly.

I could feel him frown, "No," he argued stubbonly.

"Well, you've convinced me not to go now." I said sarcasticly.

"Please?" he moaned, "let's skip?"

I opened my eyes and looked in Edwards direction, he was facing the opposite way obviosly trying to ignore our conversation.

"Hmm, let me decide, my delicious boyfriend, or school?" I pulled back, a pair of piercing, honey-like eyes met mine; "I think I pick school" I winked and began to walk away from his embrace.

"Bella," he groaned, but followed me anyway.

I hadn't realised that we had gathered a small crowed, pupils had been watching us from across the lot, if I was old Bella I would be blushing right now.

I covered my face with my fringe anyway and walked towards the art department.

I made my way to Biology alone as Matt was away with Swine Flu or something. Edward was already in his seat when I arrived, he looked so depressed. He had a crease between his eyebrows like he was concentrating hard on something, and his face was screwed up like he was trying hard not to cry.

I dragged myself across the room and sat down. The teacher wasn't in yet so we just sat in silence.

"Hi Bella," I must have been imagining the extremely sweet-like-velvet voice; my head shot up and angled towards him.

His deep, golden eyes were staring at me intensely, waiting.

"What? Are you trying to have a civilised conversation with me now?" I said confused.

"Please Bella, I need you in my life, is there any chance we could just be friends?" his eyes were full of sinceirety and honsety.

Could we just be friends? I mean, surely it wouldn't do any harm?

I smiled, "Sure," his whole face brightened up and he smiled his beautiful crooked smile.

I didn't know what I was getting into…

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