The Demon's Last Gambit

The Asylum holds the Darkest, most monstrous criminals Gotham had ever seen. Some known for their brutality and power. Some known for their Brains and Ruthlessness. This wouldn't be an issue if they didn't always have a trick up their sleeve.

Personnel log: Dr Olivier Emmanuel.

October 23rd 7:16pm

Last three hours spent in the sewers cleaning up after the mess Joker made of this place. While down there I found something very interesting. It seems our old "friend" Croc managed to find his way to Jonathan Crane. I have took this opportunity into my hands. His body might be dead but I'm sure we can keep his brain going, I mean, why let such an amazing Chemical engineer just die. With his "assistance" we may be able to find a cure for the imbalanced nut-jobs in this place.

Olivier stood straight backed along with his other colleagues as Warden Sharp gave his announcement.

"I know we lost of a lot of good men and women during the Joker's attack, but today we are here to commemorate one of our finest Doctors and Chemical Researchers. Dr. Penny Young will indeed be missed and now please, take a moment of silence during this hard day, to remember her in your own ways."

Many members of the staff had layed flowers upon her coffin, Some merely cried however some members of the staff had other ways. Her fellow Doctors layed her tools in her grave. Aaron Cash drank an extra swig of his Bourbon, finishing the bottle he had brought with him that day. However Olivier hadn't kept his composure.

Personnel log: Dr Olivier Emmanuel

August 16th 9:24pm

Three hours I waited for her, three hours at the restaurant I sat embarrassed eating bread and wondering where the hell Penny was. Could I have guessed where she was? Of course. Ever since she started her new experiment she has had hardly any time for me, all she does is work. Today I did something I know I shouldn't have done. I read my sweet Penny's email. However I don't believe she is as sweet as I was meant to believe. I counted 12 emails from a Jack White. Who the hell? I didn't want to think of it at first but I knew she was betraying me...and to think, I actually bothered to love her.

A tear formed in Olivier's eye and a drop of blood dropped into his clenched fist as his nails dug into his palm. He knew it was a stupid idea, but his mind wasn't going to stop him this time.

Before he knew it he was in the air, mid jump about to land on Dr. Young's coffin. His boots splintered the Mahogany as he landed and broke further as he jumped back into an empty part of the grave. The crowd looked down at him in shock as he tore the coffin asunder trying to be with his love once more. The lid flew open. Olivier whimpered in horror at what he saw. The crowd joined him in disbelief. What was only a second felt like hours as they saw what was in the coffin instead of the remains of the former Doctor. All they heard before it happened was screaming and a loud booming Laugh. A laugh that masked the horrible ticking echoing from the coffin.

I guess some criminals have more tricks than even I would have expected...