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Note: The title of this fic is taken from a line from the song "Someone that you're with", by Nickelback. This song has been an incredible source of imagination and inspiration even if it really doesn't have anything to do with this plot... (As I said, a little stupid ^^")

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To Be The Someone That You're With

Chapter 1 – Black sheep

Zoro sat quietly, with his forehead resting in his hands and his elbows on the mahogany desk in front of him. Everything around him it was buzzing with life; a telephone was ringing, one man was talking to another, and yet another man was giving quick orders about going to an address Zoro had never heard of. Through the wall you could hear the sirens. The sign above the green haired teenager said: "Grand Line Police Departemnt".

He breathed deeply and tried to calm himself down. Opposite him sat a young woman with glasses. Her black hair reached just down to her shoulders and constantly came in the way of her sight. With a shaky movement she kept pulling it back behind her ears, only for it to fall back down again. She looked at the teenager with eyes filled with pity and compassion, and wondered if she dared to pick up the pack of tissues she kept in one of her drawers. Her eyes darted from the drawer to his hidden face and back again. She hated situations like this. Kids should never get involved in this, even if they were almost adults. Almost at the age of eighteen, the man who sat opposite her was one of those people where the word "macho" actually did fit in rather well—at least if you went by the looks. The muscles she could catch a glimpse of under the t-shirt were sturdier than the ordinary man's. There were many long workouts behind them. The eyes, which were currently hidden by his hands, were dark— almost black. A hawk's eyes, she thought for herself. He was sunburnt, which showed that he had recently spent a long time under the sun in a warmer climate.

The woman looked out at the foul autumn weather. A strong wind blew through the trees and the clouds bore their ever darker color. She shivered and wished that she also would be able to take a break from the demanding work as a police assistant and leave the town for a few weeks. She definitely didn't want to be here, now. Grand Line was nice and all, but Hawaii or the Bahamas was oh-so tempting. Hell, even going home and lighting up a warm fire; maybe picking an old classic from the book shelf was tempting. Something fitting for the time of the year. "The Call of the Wild", perhaps? She shook her head and returned to the brutal reality. The man in front of her needed to get everything cleared out, and then... then she would wait and see. Pleased with that idea, she carefully reached her hand into her drawer, picked up the box with tissues, and placed them daringly on the desk. They went unnoticed.

"Mr. Roronoa, how are you?" she asked with a straight voice. She hated, hated this part of her work, but sometimes it helped being professional and distant. The sad truth was that a complete stranger had to tell him all of this, and it might only get worse if she tried to show him pity and sympathy.

Zoro shook his head, not answering the question with words. Earlier that day he'd heard some traumatizing news.

"I know that it is hard to understand, but it is our duty to inform children if their parents or guardian commit a crime. And when it comes to a serious offence such as this, we at the police station decided that it was best to let you know immediately."

While the police woman spoke Zoro sat and shook his head, thoughts he could not control circling in his mind. The thoughts echoed inside his head, replaying the shocking news. That horrible, ground shaking information.

"As you can understand, your father won't be home tonight, since he will spend the night, well… more than that, even, in prison."

He wanted her to stop, to be quiet. Something.

"Now, I don't want to speak too much about the trial, but of course there will be indictment and with this strong evidence and the witness..."

Zoro snatched his head up and tears fell from his eyes. He stood up and stared into the young woman's face with his dark eyes filled with tears. He almost shouted, overwrought by all of this.

"For God's sake, woman! Stop hiding it in your pretty phrases and fancy words! My dad raped somebody for fuck's sake! Yes, he deserves life in prison for it! And no, I don't want to see him!"

The police, not only the young woman but also most of the others at the station, stared at him as he wiped away his tears and slowly sat down again. The police woman pulled her hair behind her ear once again and opened her mouth to speak. She couldn't find the words. People reacted differently when she told them about how one of their family members committed a crime. Most of the parents tried to deny it, and when the kid said it was true, they broke down in tears. When kids got the news that one of their parents, or in a really rare case; both, was a criminal they often didn't understand the true meaning behind it. Then again, Zoro was almost an adult in most eyes. She should have understood that he wouldn't take this like a five-year old would. The situation only got worse with the fact that his mother was deceased, and his father was the only guardian he had.

"So, do you need anything else, or can I leave?" Zoro breathed loudly, trying to adopt a straight face.

It took several seconds before the young police woman was able to speak again. She straightened her glasses and looked down on the paper where Zoro's personal information was.

"Do you have anywhere you can go? Since you are under eighteen we can't let you live alone, without the approval of a guardian. If you must, you can sleep here. The station has a special..."

Yet again she was cut of from her stuttering, but this time Zoro wasn't yelling in her face, but talking to her in normal conversation tone, if only a little harsh.

"I can live at my uncle's place. He lives at this address." He took a pen, which lay on the woman's desk, and scribbled down a telephone number and the name of a street which didn't lie far of from the station.

"I think I will stay there a while, at least, if he thinks its okay. Otherwise, I'll figure something out. I have a couple of friends in town." The woman only nodded so Zoro added: "So, can I go now?"

The police woman saw how hard he clenched his teeth and decided that he didn't want any more pity. He only wanted to leave all of this behind him: both literally and figuratively. She rose up from her chair and shook the hand Zoro had offered.

"You can go now. We will contact you about the date of the trial. You can visit your father during the normal visiting hours. If you want anything you can reach me at one of these numbers." She gave him a white card with two phone numbers printed in blue ink: one to the phone on her desk here at her office, and one to her official cell phone.

"As I said, if you need anything – call. My name is Tashigi, Melinda Tashigi."

Zoro simply nodded and put the card in to his jeans pocket. He pushed the chair under the desk and hurried from the room.

Out in the wind at last, he let his tears fall freely. He walked slowly along the dark street and kicked at everything that crossed his path: stones, one or two empty cans of soda, a fence (which luckily made it without any damage) and other thing which laid and littered on the streets of Grand Line. Zoro continued to walk down the street, and he kept going when the row of houses ended and was replaced by a couple of trees that the local government called the city park. He sat down on one of the benches and looked up at the moon and the stars that were beginning to show in the twilight.

He didn't really want to face the truth. His dad, the man he had lived with and looked up to for almost eighteen years, was a rapist. He had raped a person the same age as his own son. And if that wasn't enough… Zoro had been shocked when Tashigi had told him, with a quiet voice, that it had been a man Zoro's age. Zoro shivered at the thought. Some thought that it was horrible imagining their parents having sex, but he would forever have a picture of his father forcing an eighteen year old boy to... to...

Fuck. Zoro angrily pulled his sleeve up to wipe away the new tears. It wasn't right. He had grown up with his father. He couldn't do something like this, could he?


The police had told him that there had been an eyewitness, a friend to the young man, who had contacted the police.

It had to be true. Zoro wasn't going to fight to prove it wrong, even though he wished that it had never been done. Everything on this day was fucked up, but he knew one thing for sure. If his father had done that, then his father had to pay for it as just everybody else. No exceptions.

He clenched his teeth and used the last dry spot on the sleeve of his sweater to wipe off the tears from the corners of his eyes before he started to walk towards his uncle's house. He was sure that the police would call him soon to check if Zoro had arrived safely. And if he knew his uncle right, he would want to know what was happening, and Zoro definitely didn't want him to get the sensitive information by some police over the phone. He had to calm himself down and pass on the news about the black sheep of the family.

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